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Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C2


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Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C2 - 2

New Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C2 Kevtalures AtagUnce Bmfts fhe comfort of a muHi-axis controller «th the n^ibilip/of a PIC on ont ptetform: the multi-atfs cont roller CMXRC2 istbetop performerclass in the CWR sries. The applications ran-je from simple 1o compta handling of rovingobrectson several conveyor Systems* The multi-axis controller CMXR-C2 is especlalh/suitablefor iracking applications; vision se n se* s (e.g. camra, eitcan be connected lor detecting parts. In addition to motion control, the multi-aws controller CHXR-C? also ofters an Integrated PLC toCcOeV «.3. Povwrful -...

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Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C2 - 3

o New Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C2 IGH fealures M a glana Cc*ivendent - qukfc and easy configurt! or };◗ a^ ^■ ■ ■ 1 |--1--1--1 Ihe main requirements for producl configuration scflware are speed. reiiabillty and userfriendliness. The muhi-aj׻s contrler C WR. Iikeother ppoductsfrom Festo. isconfigured via the Festo Configuration fool (FOX Elettrkal variables (e.tinpus and 3utputs)as well as mechankal vari䮭ables (e.g, cholceof the tnematic syv :em) are defined in theconfigu ration. thesophisticated user guidante System guarantees qukk and easyconﭭjura tien ofthe corn pie* multi-axis...

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Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C2 - 4

O New Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C2 Keylealures EwrythingiToma single source - peiectry co-odinated Wodular PIC controller CKX-X-O Mukt'axis corH'oltK rath pendant ;rr$A . V>.F ; : 1 5*fW»otOf commuer :MMP AS, CMMS-AS.CMttf>AS Steppef molorcontmler CMMS-ST wolor un yjr-dci iervo mole* HUE as Slepper motor EMMS5T □  □ □ tbothedbrt axis EGC1B. WX-V Spindle axis EGC'BS. DGE-SP [antilever axis EG5A. ogea ^ositcming axis Electric cylind dnce Rotary module ermb 4 Internetrwwwlesto com/autoit.1 Sa biect lo change-3011/06

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Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C2 - 5

Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C2 Handling and pickingca/rker plates Fe^^ AfVy«eswithsirnij!!ane繻tjs(]ualtrv inspection via awK.oi System ^ntt6-Sckdtodiaitt lnirf«et:vAvwfest6o»rn/caia1og/

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Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C2 - 6

ONew Multi-axiscontrollers CMXR-C2 6 Internetrwow.festo com/aUtoit.1 Su biect 10 change-1011/06

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Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C2 - 7

-o- New Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C2 Peripherals overview Type Brief description Page/Internet 11 Retainer CAFM Wall fixture for the teach pendant CDSA with cable support 27 12 Teach pendant CDSA For operating, monitoring and programmingthe multi-axis controller CMXR-C1 28 131 Interface housing CAMI Adapter for connecting the teach pendant CDSAoutside a control cabinet with the controller CMXR inside a control cabinet 30 141 Multi-axis controller CMXR-C2 Enables simple axis movements, from point to point to complex path control 9 5 Motor controller CMM... For controlling stepper or servo...

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Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C2 - 8

-o- New Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C2 Peripherals overviewand type codes Controller CMXR-C2 with peripheral modules Type Brief description Page/Internet Input/output module, digital CECX-D-6E8A-PN-2,CECX-D-8E8A-NP-2 6 or 8 digital inputs Օ 8 digital outputs 12 Input module, digital CECX-D-16E 16 digital inputs 14 Output module, digital CECX-D-14A-2 Օ 14 digital outputs 15 Input/output module, analogue CECX-A-4E4A-V 4 analogue voltage inputs Օ 4 analogue voltage outputs 16 Input/output module, analogue CECX-A-4E4A-A 4 analogue current inputs Օ 4 analogue current outputs 16 Input module,...

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Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C2 - 9

-o- New Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C2 Technical data Controller CMXR-C2 General technical data Operating voltage range [VDC] 19.2 ...30 Nominal operating voltage [VDC] 24 Power consumption at 24 V [W] 32 Max. power consumption [W] 99 Max. protection [A] 10 Type of mounting On H-rail (TS 35x7.5) Controller operating mode Manual Automatic Operating elements CTRLbutton Status display 7-segment display LED green = power Supported kinematic systems 2-axis gantries 3-axis gantries H-gantries T-gantries Any interpolation Tripod Total numberofaxes 9 Breakdown of the axes 3 basic axes 3manualaxes 3...

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Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C2 - 10

-o- New Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C2 Technical data General technical data Materials Note on materials Contains PWIS (paint-wettingimpairment substances) RoHS-compliant Technical data - Interfaces Ethernet Connector plug RJ45 socket, 8-pin Transmission speed [Mbps] 10/100 Supported protocols TCP/IP Fieldbus interface Type CAN bus Number 2x CANopen masters Connection technology Sub-D plug, 9-pin Max. fieldbus transmission rate [Mbps] 1 Can be set via software Electrical isolation No Operating and environmental conditions Ambienttemperature [°C] 5... 55 Storage temperature [°C] -40 ... +70...

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Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C2 - 11

-o- New Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C2 festd Technical data Controller Part No. Type 567869 CMXR-C2 Ordering data - Manuals1' Language Part No. Type Part No. Type System manual Hardware manual DE 571687 GDCP-CMXR-C2-SY-DE 571693 GDCP-CMXR-C2-HW-DE EN 571688 GDCP-CMXR-C2-SY-EN 571694 GDCP-CMXR-C2-HW-EN ES 571689 GDCP-CMXR-C2-SY-ES 571695 GDCP-CMXR-C2-HW-ES FR 571690 GDCP-CMXR-C2-SY-FR 571696 GDCP-CMXR-C2-HW-FR IT 571691 GDCP-CMXR-C2-SY-IT 571697 GDCP-CMXR-C2-HW-IT SV 571692 GDCP-CMXR-C2-SY-SV 571698 GDCP-CMXR-C2-HW-SV Basic FTL programmingmanual Tracking programming manual DE 560315...

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Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C2 - 12

New Mutti-axis controtlers CMXR-C2 inpiit/outpul module» CEOE-D-6E8A PN 2. a D-8E8AHR2 GentraltechnicaLdata [VDC| 19.2... 30 yrjf] [24~ ■learlcal connection technob&for I/O Sod*t str̯p, ptd s.08 mm Power consomption al 5 V M 0.4 Powe* consomption al 24 V M 1.9 Etectrcal protection class III [si US F renais Yoteon materai 1 Contins PWIS (paint*wetng i m parment substances) RoHS compilant Technkal data Twe |CEOt-fr6E8frPN-2 |CKXfr8ESfrNP2 D ?il il i Numbef !* Fa^tkK* puise inputs 2. interruptible, responsetime 50 ps nput voilage [VDC1 Nominal value for FALSf iVDC! Nominalvalije for TRUE rvw]...

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Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C2 - 13

Multi-axis contrliez CMXR-C2 >;.hrl.Hjl 1-1 t,i Operating and enviionmenUl conditions AmbierUeripefaUre StO'ase lerrptfatLr R䧩sistance to shock EN 60068 2-2/ EA l$g,llm$ (hall sine) EH 60068-2 t^K 5.9H* 3.5mm 9 ^ 150 H/1k Prote<t>on cbss IP20 Certification tULus Iisted-X)t) ěrderng data Input/otfput module, digital Manual1' Pan Ko, *pe . . .y Pan No. 6 lnputs/3 oolpurs ■ 6 mpus/8 ootputs 553972 CEa-D4E8-PH-2 8 lnputs/8 oulputs 8 inpuK/8 outputS 552099 CECX-D-8E8A-NP-2 DE 560585 GDCGCECX-D-8E8A-N P*D E EH 560586 GDCC-CEa.D-8ffiA-NP.EN B 560587 GDCC CECX 0 8E8ANP-ES 1* 560588...

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