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Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C1


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Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C1 - 2

Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C1 Kevlwlures AtagUnce Powerful - redudng cyde h mes MtA optimum mot ton Eccnornkat- reducingeosts Min easy configuration educing cycle limes is a requirement ail cifitomers. There aie fimils, towever. io what is possible based on, for exampte, the mechanical System, [hetravet distances or the maximum brces acting on a wrtptae. rhechalLengeisto bequkkandatthe me protect ihe medwnical m, The multi-axis contrler [Ml offer s the folkmng featu res; » Motion path smoothing ■ fcimpshapes for acclration * existant pathspeed Reducingcostsrsarrraysan important issue. The...

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Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C1 - 3

Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C1 «HhnM M a gtance Convendent - qukfc and easy corrfigu raticr - t ׯ -- 1 ■ Ihe main requirements for produd configuration software arespeed. rdiabillty and user-friendliness. The muftiaws crjntrotler C WR. likeother productsfrom rVsto. isconfigured via the Festo Configuration fcol (FOX Ekxtrkal variables (e.fcinputs and xrtpuls)as wHI asmechanical wiables (e>g, choicecrf the Miwnatic System) are defined in trie configurעt on. The sophistkated user pjidancesvsem guaranteesquick and easy configuration of IhecompleK Transparent - programming in pUin Via teach...

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Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C1 - 4

Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C1 Key features Everything from a single source - perfectly co-ordinated Modular PLC controller CECX-X-C1 Multi-axis controller CMXR Teach pendant CDSA P P Servo motor controller CMMP-AS, CMMS-AS Stepper motor controller CMMS-ST Motor unit MTR-DCI Servo motor Stepper motor EMMS-ST EMMS- AS □ P P □ Toothed beltaxis EGC-TB, DGE-ZR Spindle axis EGC-BS, DGE-SP Cantilever axis EGSA, DGEA Positioningaxis DMES Electric cylinder DNCE Rotary module ERMB 4 Internet: Subject to change-2011/02

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Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C1 - 5

Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C1 Key features Application examples Removingand palletisingworkpieces Handlingand picking carrier trays Feedingworkpieces with simultaneous quality inspection via a vision system 2011/02 - Subject to change Internet: 5

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Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C1 - 6

Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C1 rWphvabOMtrview Accessores >yp* Bref description -fr Pag*i'lntemet < Rrtainei CAFM Walt Ikluft *>r the teach pendant CDSA with cable suspension 77 teidﯯ pendant CDSA Foc operairg, rronilo'ir>g and programming the multi-axis cortiollerCWWK 1 10 [il Interface tousng CM Mtptff Jor COrmecbng Iheleath pendant CDSA outsidea conUoI Cd binet wfth the conltoJler CMXK insWe a control cabinet il Mutiaxis cwitrolief on Enables simple axb movements. from pont to point to rompe* pat" G^^l r A V;.if..'.:.ir1r;- rf OUL fvcontroling stepperor servo motors trorn testa via a CAH...

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Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C1 - 8

Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C1 Peripherals overview Controller CMXR-C1 with peripheral modules Eu 11 il pi P s s s fa JR 00 m Peripheral modules Type Brief description Page/Internet Input/output module, digital CECX-D-8E8A-NP-2 ˕ 8 digital inputs 8 digital outputs 12 Input module, digital CECX-D-16E Օ 16 digital inputs 14 Output module, digital CECX-D-14A-2 14 digital outputs 15 Input/output module, analogue CECX-A-4E4A-V Օ 4 analogue voltage inputs 4 analogue voltage outputs 16 Input/output module, analogue CECX-A-4E4A-A Օ 4 analogue current inputs 4 analogue current outputs 16 Encoder...

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Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C1 - 9

Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C1 Technical data Controller CMXR-C1 General technical data Operating voltage range [VDC] 19.2 ...30 Nominal operating voltage [VDC] 24 Power consumption at 24 V [W] 14 Max. power consumption [W] 69 Max. protection [A] 10 Type of mounting On H-rail (TS 35x7.5) Controller operating mode Manual Operating elements CTRLbutton Status display 7-segment display LED green = power Supported kinematic systems 2-axis gantries 3-axis gantries Any interpolation Tripod Total numberofaxes 6 Breakdown of the axes 3 basic axes 3 auxiliary axes lmanualaxis CPU data 64 MB DRAM 400...

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Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C1 - 10

Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C1 Technical data Technical data - Interfaces Ethernet Connector plug RJ45 socket, 8-pin Transmission speed [Mbps] 10/100 Supported protocols TCP/IP Fieldbus interface Type CAN bus Number 2x CANopen masters Connection technology Sub-D plug, 9-pin Max. fieldbus transmission rate [Mbps] 1 Can be set via software Electrical isolation No Operating and environmental conditions Ambienttemperature [°C] 5... 55 Storage temperature [°C] -40 ... +70 Resistance to shock EN 60068-2-27 EA 15 g, 11 ms (half-sine) Resistanceto vibration EN 60068-2-6-FC 5... 9Hz3.5 mm 9......

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Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C1 - 11

Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C1 Technical data Controller Part No. Type 1 552095 CMXR-C1 Language Part No. Type Part No. Type System manual Programming manual DE 560309 GDCP-CMXR-SY-DE 560315 GDCP-CMXR-SW-DE EN 560310 GDCP-CMXR-SY-EN 560316 GDCP-CMXR-SW-EN ES 560311 GDCP-CMXR-SY-ES 560317 GDCP-CMXR-SW-ES FR 560312 GDCP-CMXR-SY-FR 560318 GDCP-CMXR-SW-FR IT 560313 GDCP-CMXR-SY-IT 560319 GDCP-CMXR-SW-IT SV 560314 GDCP-CMXR-SY-SV 560320 GDCP-CMXR-SW-SV Hardware manual Control interface manual DE 560321 GDCP-CMXR-HW-DE 560327 GDCP-CMXR-F-DE EN 560322 GDCP-CMXR-HW-EN 560328 GDCP-CMXR-F-EN ES...

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Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C1 - 12

Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C1 festd Techniul data Jnpiit/outpul module» digital aa-D>8E8A-HP-2 G en* rat technka l d ata IVDC| 19.2... 30 HOTii'i.i '^i'-'Ii-il; smIU$* yw, [24~ ■ectrlcal connection technofogytoi I/O Socket strip, grtd 5.08 mm Power consumptlon at 5 V w *owef consumpuon al 24 V m 1.9 Protection class III Produit weight [si 13$ f As renais lot e on materai ! Contains PWIS (paint-wetDng Impairment substances) RoHS compilant Technlul data Digital inputs Numbet B Faslclock puise inputs 2. Interruptible, response jime 50 ps Input^oltape [VKI 24 Nominal va lue ftxFALSE >DC] .s...

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Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C1 - 13

Multi-axis controllers CMXR-C1 Operating and envi lOtim entai conditions AmbienHempetature StO'ase lerrp^atLr? 40.-* 70 Rsistance to shock EN 60068 2-2/ EA 15k.11 ms(hall*m*| Rsistance to^bration EH 60068-2 f^K 5 ...9 H* 3.5mm 9 ^ 150 H/1k Relative air humidr/ ffe) Ptole<t>on cbss IP20 Certification dJUislistecHct) 驛nferng dau nput'outout module, digital PartNa fcpf Unguagt Pan No, 1m 52099 CECX r>gEɢA HP-2 ^60<ifiS&DCOC >t-U5 GDCCCEU 0*8l8a*NP-En ■ 560587 ODCC-CECXDSEBA-NP^ES 5605&S GDCCCECXDSEgA-NP-F 560589 GDCGCECAD-ftEBπ-NF» T 560590 GOCCCKad'8«a np-5v roii.'OJ-Suledtodwatt Internet:...

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