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Motor controllers SFC-LACI


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Motor controllers SFC-LACI - 1

Motor controllers SFC-IACI

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Motor controllers SFC-LACI - 2

New Motor controllers SFC-LACI Hardwap* The motor contrler SFGWCI serves asa ciosed-loopand open-loop positton controltr Availabie «4th or without control panel Can bemountednear thedrrve thanksiolPS* protection H rail mcuntirtg passible ^arameterisatjon possible via; » Control panel: - iuublelof ii䮮ipie position ptm * FCT(FMoConAgurath>n1»0 nfiguratbn package: - param«eri$attonviaRS232m UriKi - Wridows-based PC user inte*  Festo Configuration Tcd Easvactuationvia: - I/O interface - Profitais - CAHopen. IncL *lnterpolated position mode" - DnkeNet pgggr CRN jpcͻ For actuatlng Electric...

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Motor controllers SFC-LACI - 3

o New Motor controliers SFC-tACI ftvfeahjres FCT software - fe*to Configurt Ion Tool >ofr*are platfwm fry ^ectnc drives from Festo » AH drive in a sytem can be maragrt and IIthwrt in a ⯜mmon (xojett » Projet! and data management for ail supporta <te/ke types » Simple lou*e Munis grapNcalh/-supporled paramrt enlry Universal modeofopfvatkin for ail dfives Օ ^rkfngoffllrieatyotirdesk or online atthe machine Wediankal refen?nce positions and limipositfcrs i i""- m <*^ j 1 JPMijI ----m t >J !ח ■ ■ * I 1 ^» ^ *■»* 1 ■» » »՗*'- ^^^^^ C 1 g, j w ח i » f׮eferacepositionscan bealher editedc* taught...

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Motor controllers SFC-LACI - 4

New Motor controllers SFC-LACI type codes Al sr: Vole* contrler lir.m'.Ji'.rhlrivr VD 48 V OC u\ iv lvn Erxoder E En Controt panel HO Wittout conlroJ panel H2 Integrafed contre* panel Controt Interface 10 I/O interface PB Profit)us interface CO CANopen inler fa ce DevkeNet nlerfate 4 Sub*ectlochange-20n/03

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Motor controllers SFC-LACI - 5

Motor controllers SFC-LACI fethnkalitau FiHdboiinWturs CAMopea SK I0 SKwPB yc^ON Opĩrt ing mode Adapive sta⯮u^cOTitToto Position sensor Encoder DbpiaytoptbnaD Interface wth fuit tetldisptay via paphk LCDdisplay (18 a W pixels) Control Ωlments (optional) tkeys interface l/X) interface for 31 ProftbusDP :Aflopen DevkeNel position sets and homing Number of digital logk inpuls fi jfibff 鯻f digHat logk outpuls Characteristks of drjul logk outpuls Configurable Sus termlnating rsister jo] 穗 120 (not integrated in thedevtce) Communkatkwi profile - DPV0/V1.FHPP D5301.WP FHPP Ste?7 fundlonal modales...

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Motor controllers SFC-LACI - 6

New Motor controllers SFC-LACI rednka! data Functbn Wrxks for PIC ptogrammlng Programming software tontroller manufacturer interfaces |CANopen prends DP JwkeNet KoDeSys Festo Beckhcfl other ma nufatturers ■ ■ RSloflxSOOO Rockwell Automatton - ■ Step7 Skfwns ■ Oper ating and environ ment al conditions DgrtaMogkoutputs Gafran>:a1ry iyjfaﯮed Digital logic inputs (control interface) GakanKalVisolated Logic input spcification IK 61131 Hamsfiter Intcgrated Protection dass vibration rsistance 1b UN EN 60065-2-6 Shock r驩sistance ToDIH EN 60063 2 2? Prolective funclion I*t monitctfing f jrtfTi...

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Motor controllers SFC-LACI - 7

ONew Motor controllersSFC-lACI whnkalcbla B»/0 interface. U p«n Sub-D plus B-Blocal«gital inputsandoulputs. 3 pin M8 socket Pin Fuictlon Jfj^KtiOr^ 24 V (supply for outputi | Outl Position set coding. bit I : OV Position sel COding, bit 2 2 Signal 1 Position set coding, bit 3 ] *2k VIX logk voilage oulpul 5 [Position srt codk&fcil 4 ■ 6 lposrtionstcodi'Hfcit!> i "Jv" 7 Siopbh 2 Signal A 8 ov i Signal/A 9 EnaNe bit ->! i, i Start bit i OV u Jmc Proximrty sensor contact U [Rea^ 24 VOC voila Reo ut put hx prowmtv sensor * 1 Acknowledge 1 In 2 Error 1 䯮^Jov 2 ~| Prtalmftysensor contact g]Pra 3...

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Motor controllers SFC-LACI - 8

New Tvpe Bl Hl m Ll I 12 66 175-5 112.8 Orderingdata ntotor contrat 1er Brtef description Part No T^c WittH'O hterface Wilhoul control panel 562845 Src-lACIVD-10-E-rin-JO iVihcontroJ panel 562846 SFC-UKI-VO-tO-im-fO Wth Prolbus interface Wrthout control panel |562847 STC-UO-VD10-E m PB Withcontrol panel 562848 SfC tACl VD 10 E-H2 PB rt |h r/Aiif.ri rtrV? W璘thoul ronirot panel 562849 SFC LiO VD-10-E H-CO Vrtth control panel 5628S0 SK-IMI-VD-10-E-K2-CO WthDevkeNet Interface Wrthout control panel 1562851 SK-LttMrTMO-E-hV-DN m control panel 562852 SFC IACIVD-10E taeMorie* Orderingdata - Cables...

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Motor controllers SFC-LACI - 9

Motor contrliez SFC-IACI Ac cesseriez OrderngdlU-Cabitf - _ |6l*efdemiptton | CaW*- er.gsh [m] (Part Ho. 䮯ype Supply table. br nnectjng load and logic suppty 538914 KPWR MG1SUB15HC'2.5 5 I538915 XPWR-MC-1-SUB-15HC-S 10 538916 KPWR'AK-1'SUB'15HC-10 Control cable, bi l/Ointerliop toanycontfoilef 2.5 538919 KES^MC 1 SUB 15^2.5 S 538920 KE^MC 1 SU8 15 5 10 538921 KES-MC-l-SW'15-10 Program-Tiing cable, br parameterisatttn andcommܯssionrng via RS232 irterface usingFCTsottwr* 7.5 537926 KOI MC M8 SUB-9-2.5 OrderhgdJtt-PbJS* |Brtef description Part Ho. Piugfor Profitas 0 - 9-pin Sub-0 connection *...

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Motor controllers SFC-LACI - 10

New Motor controllers SFC-LACI essor les Ordennjdata - CenCral support | Brie* description Part to. Central support ^^^^^^ j For rnounting the conlrolier on a mounting plaie 160909 MUP4/12 Drdfrfns data - Power suppiy unib Brid description In put volage range Nominal outpui voltage \K\ Nominal output current [A] Patt » Type Power luppry tof mole* contrler 49 10 542404 SWl/2J0VO48VrX-10A 400-500 48 20 542405 SVGO/400VAC-48VOC2䀛A Orderingdata - Documentation1' Pan ta. Tipe iParito. Type For l'Ointerfa For Profitais interface CI 567362 GDCP-5FC-UCI-I0-K 567374 GDCPOTWO-PB-DE Ql 567363...

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Motor controllers SFC-LACI - 11

Product Range and Company Overview \ Complte Suite of Uon Services Dur experienced englneers provide complte support at every stage of yourdevelopment process, including: conceptuat訢ation, analyste. engineering, design, assembly. documentation, validation, and production. CustomAutomatlon Components Complte custom englneered solutions Custom Contrat Cabinets Comprehensh/e engineering support and on-Sile Services Complte Systems Shlpment. stocklng and storage services The Broadest Range of Automatlon Components With a comprehensK/e line of more than 30,000 訠utomatlon components, Festo ls...

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Motor controllers SFC-LACI - 12

Festo North America Festo Rgional Contact Center 5300 Explorer Drive Mississauga, Ontario L4W 5G4 Canada USA Customers: For ordering assistance, Call: 1.800.99.FESTO (1.800.993.3786) Fax: 1.800.96.FESTO (1.800.963.3786) Email: For technical support, Call: 1.866.GO.FESTO (1.866.463.3786) Fax: 1.800.96.FESTO (1.800.963.3786) Email: Canadian Customers: Call: 1.877.GO.FESTO (1.877.463.3786) Fax: 1.877.FX.FESTO (1.877.393.3786) Email: United States USA Headquarters, East: Festo Corp., 395 Moreland Road,...

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