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Motor controllers SFC-DC


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Motor controllers SFC-DC - 1

Motor controllers SFC-DC

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Motor controllers SFC-DC - 2

Motor controllers sfc-dc festo The motor contrler 5FC-OC serve as a poslioning controller and closed loop position controller AvallabJe fttth or without contro! panel Thanks lo P54 protection, the motor controlkr can be mounted closetoihe drrve Parametcr assfcnment m » Contre! panel: - sultabJe for simple position s䩭quences ■ ICT (fesio Configuration fol) nfiguralbn partage: - ftith RS 232 Interface - Wndows-based PC user Inte** feܜ. Festo Confiairat^on Tcol Easy actuatton via; - I/O interface (ontyin combinat ion rith minlstideSUQ - Profit us - CAHopen - EWceNet crn )pc For controlling...

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Motor controllers SFC-DC - 3

Motor controltersSFC-DC Ceyfealures FCT software - Festo Configuration Tool Sofrrvare ptatfof m for efectritat drhestan f es*o %w » Allthedrrvesinasvstemcanbe manager and acchrvedna corn mon profea » Proiectanddata rnanageroenlfor allsupported demetvpes » SlmpfctouselhankstogiaphkallY s upported r» ra met er entry Universel mode of opration for ail drives Abrking offllne at your desk or anlneat he machine w» ■■: -i ■■ ■ i-.vf: m-, jr d in itOOSitiO tf ai ﮕ Referencepositionscanbeeilher editedo*taughtin Flexible adaptation 1o Institution conditions Օ Settings are dlsplayed clearly Portion...

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Motor controllers SFC-DC - 4

Motor controllers SFC-DC rype codes rX rz Wolc contrler x mole* mm Nominal current Nomin* cuncflt, 3 A [ne oder Encods Controi panel HO Without controi panel H2 Inlepated controi panel with RS232 Pi'ameterisati*n interface 10 i/ interface PB Proflbus interface CANopen interface DN DevkeNe仮 inlertace 4 MterneL wwwlesto com/catatoiL1 Subtetlochange-JOtl/O

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Motor controllers SFC-DC - 5

Motor controllersSFC-DC Fie tdtn*s interfaces crn >pea General technkal data type SFC ^10 SK%.,* PB ISftwDN Opra lira* mode Cascaoeclcned-toopwlrollerwtth - PI dosedJoop speed controDer - P current rgul驢t or - P position regulator Position s«~s-> t n ce-Jtr tixoder inou fe^H^.'KS^??. A.E signal with index pjlse DhptayfoptbnaU Four kev interface »ith fui leti display *1a graphie lD drsplayd 28 k 64 pitels) Control élments (opuonal) *keys interface 10 interface far 31 position sels and homing ProtlbusOP OHopen DeviceHet Numberof digital logkinpub 8 Humbtrof digital togk outputs - -...

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Motor controllers SFC-DC - 6

Motor controlters SFC-DC fcchmtil data Operating and envtwimental conditions Type |SfC_ 0 . ■ |sk:-._-lo sfc-Oh PrgHal logk outputs BextrcaJiyisoiated Logic in put s - Spcification, logk tnput ir: ''ir - - Protection class Vibration rsistance toDlN tN 6068?-* S hcxlt r雩sistance TdDINEN 60068 22/ Protedrvefunclion 1*1 n^rltonr^ Cunenlmoniloring Volurgeraituredetea*>n Ugenor monitoring Satwareend position dtection |CE mark (se* oeciaratoncrfconformit) In accordancewith EU EMC directrve Ambient temp驩rature \x] 0 . +ě Storage temp۩rature -25 -*60 ht-.itf.ealrhumiditv P4 0 ... 95(non<ondensingJ...

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Motor controllers SFC-DC - 7

Motor controllers SFC-DC festo >;.hrl.Hjl 1-1 t,i (HI/O Interface, 15 pm Sub-D plus [l]ftonbus interface. 9 pin Sub-osocket m 1 Function Pin 1 function 24 Vlsupplyfof outputj r.i^lii.i m-t -.i-ll r.;H : Position set codlng, bit 2 taD/UfrP Position set codirק. bit 3 CNTR-P Position sd<oding.bu - DGhD 6 Position set codlng, bit S t. <v- Stop b 1 / 8 9 EnaUebit 9 1a iv Start bit U m.: 12 Ready 13 Acknovrfedge 14 U roi 15 j] CNopen interface, 9 pin Sub-D ptug IjJOevkeNet Interface, 9 pin Sub-D pkig Pin 1 Ru et ion Rn Hjnction 1 - 1 - :an 2 CAH_l (AN CiHD CAS GND 4 - 4 - AN_»U> S CAH_SHLO B (AN...

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Motor controllers SFC-DC - 8

Motor controllers SFC-DC Dimensions DowntoadCADData^ wwwJesto.comus/ud Ordtriflgli Br«f description [Part No. Motor controHer with i ro int^fa ■V:h.iU (O'irrol pain) SIS 912 SFC-DC-VO3-E-H0-K) With controi pane* SK-DC-VC-3-E-H2-K) HqKM i Lif-rr LܮJi« wiltr Profitas intrfffe Wtthoul controi panel 540 366 SK-DC-VC-3-E-rfft-pb Wlth controi panH 540 367 SFC»DMC-3-E-H2-ps Mr'iy 'inrrrci wlh CAMp-ir interfMl Without controi panel 540 364 5K-DCVC-3-E-fflKS Withccoro! panel 540 ⮎65 SFC DCVC 3 44240 Moto" conTofli* with DeviteNel irto*Tjte nlthout ccmtrol nanel 540 368 SK-DC-VM E-HO-DN ■ t'n [i.rn...

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Motor controllers SFC-DC - 9

Motor controllersSFC-DC Actessorles Oittangdm-Cables jbrlef description [CaWelength (m) |partN& SupplycaWe. for comecting load and logic suppfy ; 1 1538 914 KPWR-Mt 1-SUB-15HC-2.5 s 1538915 KPWR-MC-1-SUB-1SHC5 10 538916 KPWR MC--SUB-UHOIO Motor cable. for Μnnecting motor and controHer 2.5 1538 917 rtMTRDCSUB45*Hl2-2t5 5 538918 rtWT^DCSUB 5 10 539 316 KHTRDC SUB 15 MU 10 [ontrol cable. for I/O interface loany con trotter 538 919 KES-MC-l-SUB-15 2,5 538920 KESMC-1 SUB 15 5 10 538921 KES*MC*1*$UB<15*10 ^ogrammmg cabie, br param*t«risatk>n andcommissioning via RS232 interface using FCT software...

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Motor controllers SFC-DC - 10

Motor controllers SFC-DC Ordermgdta - Central Supports ^entre supports toi mounting contrler 160909 mp-sn Jrdﴯrinjdata-Softwi Bffc* description 5p*-ratmg package conlams: - CO<ROM - rilhuser documentait forSFODC in the tangua ges de. wt es, fr, it. sv - w«ith tonfijuiation software FT(Fe«oConfiguratton ǯ^o - Brtefdesalpcbn ttmopefatlng pdtfcage Islnduded In the scopeof dellvtfy. 550 140 PBP-SK-DC Ord*fintdata - DocumenUtionU Langues? Pt Se. Type Part ho. Type Foi I/O Interface .. ■ \ 1 f t . . i h tif ::i 540 417 RBE-SKDt-IOﻌ 540411 PJE-SFC-DGPB-DE EN 540 418 RBE*$FCDOD*EN 540 412...

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Motor controllers SFC-DC - 11

Product Range and Company Overview \ Complte Suite of Uon Services Dur experienced englneers provide complte support at every sUge of yourdevelopment process, including: conceptuat訢alion, analyste. engineering, design, assembly. documentation, validation, and production. Customutomatlon Components Compl(te custom englneered solutions Custom Contrat Cabinets Comprehensrve engineering support and on-sUe Services Complte Systems Shlpment. stocklng and storage services The Broadest Range of Automatlon Components Wrth comprehensfre line of more than 30,000 蠠utomatlon components, Festo is capable...

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Motor controllers SFC-DC - 12

Festo North America festo rgional contact center 5 300 Explorer Dnw Mtofesaus*. Ontario UW 504 Canada USAOoaonm: For odcring assistance» tati: 1 30O99. FESTO (1300993.3780 tau 1300.96.FESTO (1300.963J786) fm*L cu*loiner*eTtfitc9us-iv*to-com For technkai support Cali: 1366,G0JEST0{r866.463.3786) tel ]r800<96^ESTO(130a963.3786) Emal: produ<rsupport0u5.lesiac0fn C *n*d I i -i C l^t om * '鯯 C«U l,877.GOJSTO(1.877.463.3786) froti 1.877.FX\FEST0 (1.877.3913 786) imil: festo-carwfrfta-feslo-corn hp horw: 1.631.4» .0900 m *r«t*i Canada usa headquarters Festo Corporation 395htoreٹnd Road P.O. Box...

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