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Measuring modules CPX-CMIX


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Measuring modules CPX-CMIX - 1

Measuring modules CPX-CMIX

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Measuring modules CPX-CMIX - 2

o New Measuring modules CPX-CMIX Kevtal ures Al a glane Momnent and measu rement in one. isan iitegraltomponentof the valve terminal CW- the modular pri prierai systan for d驩cent rallsed luxation tasVs. The modular design means lhat valves, d^rtal nputsandoutputs. positbning modules, end-position controllers and measu ni. g modules, as approprit* to the application* can btcombined inalmost arry wavon the CPXt«minal. m va Mages:  PneumatksandHectnts movement and measu tement on one platform Innovative measu rement lechnotogy - piston rod drives, rodless drives, rourv drives »...

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Measuring modules CPX-CMIX - 3

o New Measuring modules CPX-CMIX IGH fealut es Drives lo use Lin oar drives DNil CASM-S-D R/ » The measuring signalofthelinear drive 0NC1 ήsan incrmental signal, vmkh isconverted te a (Mi siyial In the sensor interface CASM* S-D3*7. Thecorwled signal is then readinlotheCPX{MIX * The measuring svstem doesnot measure absolute values, so must be homed after it is swttched on. Theactual position isavaltabletor the controller once this has been done Technkaldata 1 ir n*r [y .m-i] * 10.07 frptffton accuracy .rriti] < «0.0? Hyst鮩rsis [pm] -: .'l- Short est measurable speed [mm M iw.ei modulesDWI黉...

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Measuring modules CPX-CMIX - 4

New Measuring modules CPX-CMIX type codes and periphefals overview type codes | CMtX - | Ml Valve terminal G% pf꯯lnl Type CMC MeasjriremodLJe V.1 Weasuringuni Dm mi PetiphttaKovervfew Actessores M» -* Page.'lntemi't Measuring modale CPX<MJX ntegrated in the OT le*minai, SuewsfcrnxKJnlfigon the plastic inlerlinMng Mode areinclucMin theKOpecrfdHwv J 6j Connecting ca Ne KV1-CP- ■or Connecting the measuring module CPX-CMK and displacement encoder. )1 inscription label IBS :0f labeUingthe modules. 7 i?) intetlinking block CTO G .onnects the inoVridual modules. TnOvef^coijrejvailaWe plastic or...

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Measuring modules CPX-CMIX - 5

Measuring modules CPX-CMIX >;.hrl.Hjl 1-1 t,i The measuring module CPX*CJW( is intended exclusive^ for use In valve terminais CPX GeneraUecrmkJldala Oprai ing voltage Opra tir^ voltage ran^e |VDC| 18^ 30 Homiruj|oper3tinsv>ll.:i [vd:-; 24 torrent consomption at nominal operating voltage M) 30 PiDtec驮fOn ajplnst short circuit Yes Power railurebridging H 10 No. ofawsstrngj 1 Aies [.t'f string 1 Lmgthctf connrcting cable toa*h (m) Max. no, of modules > Dfeptay /►segment daplav Assigne) addresses Outputs [bit] 6x8 Inputs Si MffttStkS Channet and module-wiented Va local ?-segment display...

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Measuring modules CPX-CMIX - 6

New Measurng modules CPX-CMIX Operatlng and environ mental conditions Ambient tempraiLire M RetatKeairhumklitY N 5... 95, non<ondensing Protection dass to IEC60S29 CE mart (see dclaration oUonformity) foU WCOIfttlH* Son anddispUycompone j] 3-dttftdbpUy 2 Control interface jj Status LfDs 2 Inscription labels Pin allocation-PtufSJ Pin igﯯ al Dsignation 1 Nominal oprating voltage 2 *?4V Load voltage 3 DV G round 4 CAN_H 5 CAS t OWlow Housing Screened Cable screening Permit l ed bu* nodes/F驏C Busnode/TEC Protocol Max. no. of CMIX modules Remarks CPWtt - 9 On requesl ami Interbus 2 Onrequest...

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Measuring modules CPX-CMIX - 7

Measuring modules CPX-CMIX Aaessories Orderng data - Measuring module Brief description Part No. Type 1 Oder cooV in the CPX configuralor: T23 567417 CWO*«-(*M Orderngdata - Connecting caoles Brie* descripbon Cable length H Part th. type Conn«tingcabfewlthangJedpliigandangt«J socbi 0.25 54032 7 KVl-CP-3 - WS-WO-0 J 5 G\S 540328 KVW4»W$-m4.5 2 540329 KVI CP-3-W&M) 2 5 5403 30 KVI - CP-3 W S -WD - 5 B 540331 KVKP0-WS-W8 Connecting cable wflh straight plug and straght socket 2 540332 KVKP-3-G5-GD 2 5 540333 KVKP-3-GS-GD-5 540334 KVKP-3-GS-GD 8 Connecter lor control cabinet through-foed 543252...

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Measuring modules CPX-CMIX - 8

O New Measuring modules CPX-CMIX Ordering data - Imertmking block. plastic as expansion block ricf description jtonrMion | Part No. Type n/i( hout powvr supply - 195742 CPX-GEEV With adjitional pow suppV k>r outputs M18 Jl95744 CPX-GE-EV4 7/8*-5pﯯn 541248 CPXH3E-EVZ-7/8-5 POL r7&*-4-pto S412S0 CPX-GE-EV-Z-7/8-4POL iVith ackMlonal power stippV for valves Ml 8 533577 tPX-GEEVV 7/8"-4 pin |541252 CPX-GEEV-V-7/8 *WX Oderingdata-nerod Bnefdescriptbn Expansion Part No. Type ^^^^^^ e»cpansiofi using an interlinking block 1 »fo(d &2S418 CPX-ZM ntetnetwww tato com/catatoe' Sublect 10change- 2011/02

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