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Lubricators MS - 1

Lubricators MS-LOE, MS sries, NPT

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Lubricators MS - 2

-o- New Lubricators MS9-LOE, MS sries, NPT festd Peripherals overview Note Additional accessories: - Module connectorfor combinations with size MS6, MS9 or MS12 Internet: rmv, armv a/a/H/s Individual unit Combination Page/Internet Without connectingthread With connectingthread NPT3/4-14orNPT1-1lV2 11 Connecting plate MS9-AQ... - ms9-aq 2 Module connector MS9-MV - ms9-mv 131 Mountingbracket MS9-WP ms9-wp H Mountingbracket MS9-WPB ms9-wp 5 Mountingbracket MS9-WPM - ms9-wp 2 Internet: Subject to change-2010/08

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Lubricators MS - 3

-o- New Lubricators MS9-LOE, MS sries, NPT Type codes festd MS 9 LOE G U Sries MS Standard service unit Size ^^^^^^^驮mnso'^^^mm Service function Tor^^TCbricۢtor Pneumatic connection Bowl guard ^^^^^ntgrate^^mꢪt^^owF Additional variants can be ordered using the modular product system -> 8 Connecting thread Օ Connecting plates Type of mounting Օ Alternative flow direction 2010/08-Subjectto change Internet: 3

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Lubricators MS - 5

-o- New Lubricators MS9-LOE, MS sries, NPT festd Technical data Operating and environmental conditions Operating pressure [bar] 1... 16 Operating medium Air quality class 5:7:- to DIN ISO 8573-1 Ambienttemperature [°C] -10...+60 Temperature of medium [°C] -10...+60 Storage temperature [°C] -10...+60 Corrosion resistance class CRC1' 2 1) Corrosion rsistance class 2 according to Festo standard 940 070 Components subject to moderate corrosion stress. Externally visible parts with primarily decorative surface requirements which are in direct contact with a normal industrial environment or media...

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Lubricators MS - 6

-o- New Lubricators MS9-LOE, MS sries, NPT Technical data festd Dimensions - Basic version Without Connecting thread G B3 Download CAD Data B2 B1 [flfEM i3 w in 1 Installation dimensions s. Flow direction Type B1 B2 B3 L1 L2 L3 L5 min. L6 MS9-LOE-G 90 45 109 336.3 87 145 225 34.5 6 Internet: Subject to change-2010/08

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Lubricators MS - 8

-o- New Lubricators MS9-LOE, MS sries, NPT Orderingdata - Modular products festd |M1 Mandatory data |O Options Module No. Series Size Function Connection size Bowl Type of mounting Alternative flow direction 562533 MS 9 LOE N/i,N1, AQR, AQS, AQT, AOJJ, AQV, G J WP, WPM, WPB Z Ordering example 562533 MS 9 LOE AQR U WP Grid dimension [mm] 90 Condition Code Enter s code Module No. 562533 Series Standard service unit MS MS Size 9 9 9 Function Lubricator -LOE -LOE Connection size Thread N/ -N3/4 Thread N1 -N1 Connecting plate NV2 -AQR Connecting plate N/ -AQS Connecting plate N1 -AQT Connecting...

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Lubricators MS - 9

Lubricators MS-LOE, MS sries, NPT Accessories Spcial oil Scope of delivery Part No. Type llitre 152811 OFSW-32 2010/08-Subject to change Internet: 9

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Lubricators MS - 10

Product Range and Company Overview A Complte Suite of Uon Services Dur experienced englneers provide complte support at every stage of yourdevelopment process, irvcluding: conceptuattralion, anatysis. engineering'design, assembly. documentation, validation, and production. CustomAutomation Components Compl訨te custom englneered solutions Custom Contrat Cabinets Comprehensrve engineering support and on-site services Complte Systems Shlpment. stocklng and storage services The Broadest Range of Automatlon Components Wrth comprehensrve line of more than 30,000 automation components, Festo is...

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Lubricators MS - 11

Festo North America Festo Rgional Contact Center 5300 Explorer Drive Mississauga, Ontario L4W 5G4 Canada USA Customers: For ordering assistance, Call: 1.800.99.FESTO (1.800.993.3786) Fax: 1.800.96.FESTO (1.800.963.3786) Email: For technical support, Call: 1.866.GO.FESTO (1.866.463.3786) Fax: 1.800.96.FESTO (1.800.963.3786) Email: Canadian Customers: Call: 1.877.GO.FESTO (1.877.463.3786) Fax: 1.877.FX.FESTO (1.877.393.3786) Email: United States USA Headquarters, East: Festo Corp., 395 Moreland Road,...

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