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Local controllers DLP-VSE


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Local controllers DLP-VSE - 1

Local controllers DLP-VSE

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Local controllers DLP-VSE - 2

Local controllersDLP-VSE fcthmtal data Fhb local ntroltef is a convenleni manual unrt for controtDrtg proܜss ictuators. UsJnga local ntroller. i pneumatic drive tan assume me funcUonaHty of an elecrrital drive. ► Canbemounteddirecthcrime attuatororonawall ܕ r^wgencYCwnpreswdair rmecfion > Safemanfatoitske^operaied swtch with removabte kev ܕ large bilHe fluorescent display for me open/closed position of the process valve Opefatedonsrteor remote-tonfaled General technlcal data Type DU- QIP* DU* OLP- OLP VS-M/2-C VS畏 2-5,2 0 VS 3-5/3 G |vSE 3 S, 3 G SI |vSE^3 5/3 G DP fypetf mounbg...

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Local controllers DLP-VSE - 3

Local controllers DLP-VSE Vchnkjl Alla D menions FMdbusconvKction For AS interface nfor P Ski Bl 8? 83 84 85 86 Dl 02 Hl H2 K3 L1 u L3 XM5E-... 156 61 36,9 12.5 M5 196,5 117 29 222 .^'.l. ;:r- F^dbus connection AS-intertace IProfibusOP Power supr^V m ■ PIC connecter! or externat controUer m - jj bmit swׯch InputS m ■ ■ [*J tabh? socket for AS-int efface Sur>0 plug - ■ Accessocies* 5 ■ Accessofies^ 5 lu Mountjng kit DIPVSt BP for wall mounbng ■ Acres» ries'* 5 ■ Accessories^ 5 ■ Accssories** 5 jU Sub-fctseWPVSOBeN for val mountinf. ■ Actessories^ 5 ■ Aicessortes-fr 5 ■ Accessorles^ 5 Sub...

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Local controllers DLP-VSE - 4

Local controllers DLP-VSE Technkal data Orderingdata Brief description |Part ho. T.TK- ntegrated 5/2wavvake. converted roechancailyintD a 3/2-wyvarve, normalryclosed» by sealing v^clng port 2 183 463 DLP-VSE-25/2< ntegialed 5/?*way varve» convetted mediankallyinto a 3/2-way valve. norma%opent byseaNng wxwng port 4 las ktb DLIMfSE-2-5/2-0 ntegrated 5/3'WaYvarve, nocTnallyttosed 188 472 DtrWS-3-5/3-G Mgrated S/-way va rve, normally dosed.wtth AS-interfate fteldb us connection 188 471 DLP-VSE ^5/3 6-뮀SI tategraM 5/3-way varve. normally ctosed.wilh Profibu* DP ielAus connection 188474 DLP-VSE*...

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Local controllers DLP-VSE - 5

Local controllers DLP-VSE Aaessortes OnJerngdata Brief description Pj-fPin M ■ PU» Wfxnting M for wjl mounting In conjonction wrthrV subbase DtrMGEWW 192 062 DLP«E*P 1 ttti ^ Sub base in (o-i|Lnctk>n w<h mourting k< DLP-VSE BPfar lubing connection in thedir«ction o the drive 192 061 DLP-VSE-OBEN 1 If Subbase rVrnountrig on the linear valve acluator OLP 192 060 DLP-VSE-08 EN- HA MUR 1 Reldtws confection Ttthnkj data internet asi, fcs 18 78S ASISDFK 1 Cable socket foc AS-rnterfe 196 089 ASI*SD-FK180 1 SubD plug for Profibus DP S}2 216 FSSSL8'9GS0P-B 1 \\-ܯ-.-|.\ldata* inte-wt: ficc ngs...

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Local controllers DLP-VSE - 6

Product Range and Company Overview \ Complte Suite of Uon Services Dur exprience^ englneers provide compl詨te support at every stage of yourdevelopment process, intluding: conceptuatiration, anatysrs. engineering, design, assembly. documentation, validation, and production. Customutomatlon Components Compl(te custom englneered solutions Custom Conttol Cabinets Comprehensrve engineering support and on-Slte services Complte Systems Shlpm«ntt stocklng and storage services The Broadest Range of Aulomation Components rVrth a comprehensrve line of more than 30,000 aulomation components, Festo is...

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Local controllers DLP-VSE - 7

Festo North America Festo Rgional Contact Center S 300 Explorer Orbe Mtofcsauga. Ontarto UW SU Carat) USACrtomert: For onicring MAhm tati: 1 30O99. FESTO (1300.993.3786) tau t^oa96\FSTO QJOOMUTH) fm*L cu逯lomcrCTtfitt9u&-fato-com For technkai support UL 1.866,GOJESTO{r866.463.3786) Fa*: ]r80O<96^ESTO(1^0a963.3786) Emil: produ<rsupportOus.lestacom c i Wita» C «tome/*: C«U⊮ l,377.GOJSTO(1.877.a6î.37B6) fa*: 1.677.FX.FEST0 (1.377.393J7B6) Emil: festo-C3*)d*fta-fesl9-CQrn HP i»'.'?'.*R6: Canada USA Headquarters Festo Corporation 39SJtoretind Road P.O. Box 18023 Hauppauge. HV 11788. USA USA Sal«...

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