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Linear drives DGP/DGPL - inch series


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Linear drives DGP/DGPL - inch series - 1

Linear actuators DGP/DGPL - Inch Sries festd Linear actuator for proximity sensing, rodless, with mechanical coupling or positive-locking connection between piston and yoke and adjustable cushioning at both ends Piston 011/16" to 3" 镕 Stroke lengths up to 118" Double acting, rodless design Օ Availablewith a bearing guide (DGPL) orwithout(DGP) ■ Repairable Function Version Piston 0 Stroke Force Variants [in] [in] [lbf] PPV A Double-acting Without guide 11/16,1,1-1/4,1-5/8, 2, 2-1/2, 3 0.39... 118 34.4... 678 ■ GF Plain-bearing guide ■ KF Recirculating ball bearing guide ■ ■ Variants PPV Adjustable air cushioning at both ends A Magnet for position sensing 2008/02 - Subject to change - DGP/DGPL 1

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Linear drives DGP/DGPL - inch series - 4

LinearactuatorsDGP- Inch Sries fedinkaldata festo Functiori Diameter 11/16.» inch Stroke lengtti Q,04 -113 Inch General technkal data liston 0 I Constfixtionat design , Pr鯻tedion acalnst torsion/guide Pneumatic inear actuator loned pronbebarrel Dxjcble-acting Pneumatic connection 10-32UHF L/8NPT 1/4 HPT 3/8 NP 1/2 NPT Strofce lengtti J?.118J Cushkoning tPPtfi Uiustable at both ends ^ushtonine lentfh 3.63 0.67 .18 WapiPt tor positon sensing Standard 1 1 I 1 1 Piston Cl 11/16 |l|l-:,'4 11-5/8|2|m/2h lOperating m˩dium filtered mpressed air. lubrkated or untubncated [OperaUng pressure |psQ...

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Linear drives DGP/DGPL - inch series - 5

LinearactuatorsDGP- Inch Sries fedinkaldata festo Operating rang* ol the ntegrated end-position tushtoning PPV Maximum peimls$Jbtespertva$dnjrKtionofthemovingloadm(when ustog PPV alrcuditonlngonh) Note The data applfes to a horizontal rnounting position, applied load on top m - Apriicd load * massol tairiage 25710 20 40 70 11 22 44 66 11180 02鹗M113347 M-position cosh lonlng the end position cushioning must be idjusted toensure smooth opשration. If the op«ratlng conditions are xrtside the permissble range, the load to bemoved must be externat* cushioned usng surtable equipmeni [stock...

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Linear drives DGP/DGPL - inch series - 6

LinearactuatorsDGP- Inch Sries fedinkaldata festo Charaderfctieloadw the Indlcated forces and torques refer eo thenter lineof the internai Sameter of the profile barrH. They nusloot beet霜ededinthedvnamic range. DGP bask version is designed for use nith an eciemal Inear guide to accorrtmodale targer forces and momenHoads. If the aduator 1s subjected to more quations must be sarjsfted in addition 04 x Fz , Mx than twoof theindicated forces and to the indkated maximum toads: , Mw torques simultaneously, the foilowing F* S 1 rV,z FW My fO,X Mz S 1 s 1 MZ Permlssible forces and torques...

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Linear drives DGP/DGPL - inch series - 7

LinearactuatorsDGP- Inch Sries fedinkaldata festo Maximum permissible support span 1 as a fonction of the forte F [he axis mav need to be suforted w駯th diagrams serw to dete-mlne titrai supports (»e MUP) In rxdef te restikt dfection with long stroke «ngths. Thefollowing the maximum permlssible support span Iasa function of the force Factingupontheaxis. For臭 on thesurtiof theslide Piston011/16«1-5/8 Piston 02܄l Q] DGR..-11/16H DGB..-1-1/* ffl DGR..-2 (306P-.-3 [U DGR..4 [I] DGP..-1-5/8 [7] DGR..-24/2 2008/02 -Subjectto change- DGP/DGPL

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Linear drives DGP/DGPL - inch series - 12

Linear actuators DGPL, with guide - Inch Sries festd Technical data Function li ri|u. 1闗i Spare_parts_service -N- Diameter 11/16... 3 inch -T- Stroke length 0.39... 118 inch General technical data Piston 0 11/16 1 11-1/4 11-5/8 |2 12-1/2 |3 Constructional design Pneumatic linear actuator with integrated bearing guide Guide/protection against torsion Guide rail with carriage and plain-bearing guide GFor recirculatingball bearing guide KF Mode of operation Double-acting Pneumatic connection 10-32 UNF 1/8 NPT 11/4 NPT 13/8 NPT 11/2 NPT Stroke length [in] 0.39... 71 0.39...

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Linear drives DGP/DGPL - inch series - 20

Linear actuators DGP - Inch Sries "amorias festo I 1 a a iMountingattachments and accessorles -►Page Lnearaclualry DGP Pn euma tic l i n«a r ad uator * Load inverter AK TVcarfia^shouIdrKmcwnledpDintingdc^wardswith longstrc*es> 79'orin unfavorabkenvlronrients. Byusing the load inverterit mans that the load can be attacha fromabove. 24 Moment compeisator FKP For compensating mbalignments when using erternal guides 25 StoltoverABP Forprotettingagainsto鯮rt and secuiingproxlmlty sensor caWes 23 Prxi-nitv sensor SUT/SME For sensinghe carriage position 29 [[§} Connecting cabteNEBU For use with...

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Linear drives DGP/DGPL - inch series - 21

Linearactuators DGPL, wth guide ■ Inch Sries festd toessoeies - a Q S e m 3^ H j Moo nting corn ponents and attessortes lypc ^eso|ptjo﩮^ -*Page Unear ans DGft ftieumatit llncat aduator with guide » i ShockabsoibefkltYSR/KYP Foc siowlng higher speeds lo a stop Shock absorber YSR and Retainer KYP (ofdeied separatelv) 76 il) StOtnutfor HTSl For mountJftgtoadsaodanachm^tsofi theslide ?3 |l Ai Central mounthigSlZZ For cent ring loads and attatftmen(son the slide Pigment pin s.i's!wvebZBS/ZBH Foraligning laadsancf attactimenlson theslide [161 Sic* tovi ABP For protectingagjins cSrt and...

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Linear drives DGP/DGPL - inch series - 23

Linearactuators DGP/DGPL- Inch Sries tamorin ro Centrt support MUP Wat«fial: SalvanireO steel free ol coppef, PT颎 Eand silkonc Pision 011/16 andl Piston 01-1/4^2-1/2 fil Position ofthe central support a long the profile bafiet is freelv s^ectable Dimensions and onJerlng data For0 AH Bl B2 Dl 0 Hl H2 Ll 12 L3 Weight fo/1 Part No. Tjpe [H/16 0.9 2.8 1.9 0.2 0.5 0.3 1.0 150736 MUP-18/25 1 2.3 0.2 0 ■ 1.0 1.2 150736 MUP-18/25 |M/4 1.4 0.9 0.3 ח 1.63 1.4 3.1150737 MUP 32 1.4 0.9 0 1.S5 1.6 150738MUP-40 ? 2.0 1-0 0.4 - ח ?j 2.3 8.5150739 MUP-50 M/2 27 1.0 M  3J) 2.6 120 150800 ttUP-63 3 3.3 2.0...

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Linear drives DGP/DGPL - inch series - 26

Linearactuators DGP/DGPL - Inch Sries festd Accessories Sbock absorber ForOGPl Material: Housing: galvanM sied; piston rod: high altoy Stfllf seals: nltrile rubber, [Olvuwthane Free o* COpper. PTTf and silkone lOrderingdati For0 Wtfcht 1 Pan No. pi] |w| IJ 34571 Y»«W I1 54572 YSR12\2< Il1/4 2.S 34572 YSR* 12*12-C 115/3 4.9 54573 YSR 1620-C 4.9 34573 YSR-16-20-C M/2 P r. 34574 YSR-20*2 5-C h 8.5 34574 YSR-20-25-C Shock absorber retainer KYP ForDGPL Uaterlal: Bdainer: Aluminum Sewe Corrosion rsistant steel tote shock absorber rat included ffl Shock absorber retainer KYP (if the retainer 驮s in...

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