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Linear drives DGC-N, NPT


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Linear drives DGC-N, NPT - 1

Linear drives DGC-N, NPT

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Linear drives DGC-N, NPT - 2

Linear drives DGC-N, NPT Key features General information Compact - fitting length relative to stroke Օ Loads and devices can be directly mounted on the slide Three types ofcushioning available: - Elastic cushioning - Pneumatic cushioning - Hydraulic cushioning Օ All settings accessible from one side: - Precision end-position adjust-ment - Position of proximitysensors - Mountingof drive - Speed regulation - Pneumatic end-position cush-ioning Sealingsystem Advantages ofthe sealingsystem: - Longstrokeswith no restrictions - Virtually no leakage Cover band Sealingband Basic design DGC-N-G...

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Linear drives DGC-N, NPT - 3

Linear drives DGC-N, NPT Cw fealureS Versai [U Suppty ports l\ ProjJmiNwnsf QfHM Options oo two skies [on t hf end face 01 el the fr ont) ForDGC-G/DGC-GF/DGCKF ForOGC-H-G/WK-N^F/ DGGN-KF Pioximtv senwrs can be kttpttd, wMch m«m there K no proiection. Cablecan beguided chrough the s lot behind a second sensor For DGC-M-6/06C-N^F/ KC-JM믻T T| Prcision end position adjusment [ij ProflemountingM BetweenO... 2S mm per side For DGC-H-GF/D鯻C-M-KF/ DGC-N-FA Profile mounting remains on the base plate afto the drive Is dtemanttaL This mwns faster issemMy *n<) t emoval wihout repwl *djustment For...

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Linear drives DGC-N, NPT - 5

-1 Type discontinued HPC-S, HPC-SO, HPC-SH Available up until 2011 Linear drives DGC-N, NPT Cw feaureS ar drive DGPL >p«ial*oot mourflrisb*0f thedrrve >GC enable the linear drive DGPL lo De rplaced with Ihe linear drrve )OMfl-梨F/-0wltti idertkaisilde josiicn and fcJentkal interfaces. Lirr^ai ijrv DGPL Linear drive DGCN-GF/-KF Footmc-jnlingrequired ■*> Intwnrt: hpe ixitnetop type HPC..-SO/ HPCwS Mtherea HPC-SH/ HPCwS Advamages: Psil&onlng drtve for approachlng fasitioning drrve for approxNng several positions seveaJ positions + Internet: egc-tb Internet: egc-绹s * In feniet : www lesta...

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Linear drives DGC-N, NPT - 6

6 Internet www ( Su biectlo change-2OU/03

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Linear drives DGC-N, NPT - 7

Linear drives DGC-N, NPT Key features Brief description Page/Internet 11 Drives Wide range of combinations possible within handling and assembly technology drive 12 Grippers Wide range of variations possible within handling and assembly technology gripper 3 Adapters For drive/drive and drive/gripper connections adapter kit 141 Basic components Profiles and profile connections as well as profile/drive connections basic component 151 Installation components Fora clear, safe layout of electrical cables and tubing installation component - Axes Wide range of combinations possible within handling...

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Linear drives DGC-N, NPT - 8

Linear drives DGC-N-G, NPT festd fcfi plierais Ovefview 8 lMitttwm.feW.fom/QUlof/.» Su biectto change- 2011/02

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Linear drives DGC-N, NPT - 9

Linear drives D6C-N-G, NPT Peripherals overview TypeJ For piston 0 |Brief description Page/Internet Linear drive DGt-N-6 8-.63 Linear drive without aaessories* base desftn u 2J Cenirfngpin" 8.12 For centring kwdsand atUchmeiitson the slkJe 78 Moment compensa tor R 8 .63 Compenstes fix inaccuracies in the mounting of the linear drive and external ftjide 72 tuihioning P 8.12 Non adiustaMe. teibiecushfcwhg. Used on? al low spetds 23 Cush⮯oning PPV 18... 63 Adiustableoneumatk end-position cushk>ning. Usedat tredium speeds 23 jj Shock absorbe Y5R 8,12 Selfadjusting hydraufre stock absorber wth...

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Linear drives DGC-N, NPT - 10

Linear drives DGC-N-G, NPT Type codes DGC N 25 1000 G PPV A Type Thread "^^^^n"NPTthrd Piston 0 [mm] Stroke [mm] Guide Cushioning P Flexible cushioning, non-adjustable PPV Adjustable end-position cushioning YSR Linear shock absorber, self-adjusting YSRW Progressive shock absorber, self-adjusting Position sensing ^^^^^^^p!a^prw<mmt^ꢫriso7 10 Subjecttochange-2011/02

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Linear drives DGC-N, NPT - 11

Linear drives DGC-N-G, NPT Type codes ZUB F 2B 2G 2L Accessories ZUB Accessories enclosed separately Foot mounting F Foot mounting Profile mounting ...M Profile mounting Moment compensator FK Moment compensator Slot nut ...B For mounting slot Proximity sensor ...G With cable, 2.5 m ...H With plug ...I Contactless with cable, 2.5 m ...J Contactless with plug Plug socket with cable ...V 2.5 m Slot cover ...L Forsensorslot Manual O Express waiver - no operating instructions to be included 2011/02 - Subject to change Internet: 11

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Linear drives DGC-N, NPT - 12

Linear drives DGC-N-G, NPT FuncboiJ ' WAv^festacocnfen/ 5pare,parts,servior Wearing parts kfts ->23 I Dlametef B-63nwi Strokelength 1 8.S00mrn G ene ra l technica l data Piston ■;■ S 1 :j J įJ |v! J6_ Stroke |mm] 1 :.5O0 11» 2.000 [l 1 ...8.500 [l ...5,000 M5, sufcaMtlx 10-32 UNr VfcNPT IV* NPT hxspT Mode of opration Double-* ring Desl&n fctfjlessdrft* Moment compens謁t or printiple Slotted cytlnder. nethanicalV upled Guide Base deslRn Mounting position CusNoning P Non-ad)uslabJp at both ends ܗ -*15 PW Ad|usQbleat bothends YSL Selfadiustingal bothends "- ^ushioning be-ngth [mm]...

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Linear drives DGC-N, NPT - 13

Linear drives DGC-N-G, NPT Mjusuble end-position range d 1mm 42 Note The permissible krinctk enefgy with PPV idlusaWe cusrwnng al ©[\ decretses t the tfroke h ftdud bolhtndSi Piston 0 a 12 1 ■■■ | ■' | : hO 1 CusMonngP/PFV 11.3.-16.3 127 -.17.7 (ushk>nlngV5R/YSB\V 17.3 ?J,B 14 ^ 24  ta te riais Setiloia' A?* 'Al Lin«r drives Guide f ail Awxised aluminium 7] SlWe Anodi ted aluminium LU End cap toodrsed aluminium } Cylind-ei banel Anodised aluminium Piston ^1 tolyurethane S^.'igbara'ttvwh.HKl Polyurfikirie Slide lments Polyacetal Influente or ferrfck rnateriabon proximity sensors 'etrilk...

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Linear drives DGC-N, NPT - 14

Linear drives DGC-N-G, NPT Mnca data Characterfstk Iwd values Rie ktdttated forces and torques rffef h> the centre of the sfide surface. thse values must not beexceeded Jufing dynamk opration- Sp詩cial itt<nlion must bepaidtothe cushtonin* Note n oder to avoid frntional restreint o* the guide vrten using the b«c drrveDCGffGIn a vertical position and *4th a high torque toad, the variant wth reurcularjngbalL beaiing&iideOGC«KF-»42i rrtommcnded. ff the drive lssimuluna>ush Fy + F* f Mx t t Mr ^ *iibjectedtowvcfalof thf iniJiuted F/n^ Fzm^ Mx.^ Mrm* M*** m. forces and torques, thefollowng...

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