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Linear drives DGC, metric


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Linear drives DGC, metric - 2

Linear drives DGC Kevhwlures General information Compact - fittng lenph relative lo stroke Loadsanddevfces can bedirectty mounted on the sllde Thrce types of cushionng available: - Elaslk cushioning - Pneumatic aishbning - HydraulK cushronig Ail settings «cessible frorn one skfa - Prcision end-positon adjjsl ment - Positonof prowmiysensors - Mouritingofdr鮯ve - Speed rgulation - Pneumatic end^posfckm cush ionng Sealing sv^em Wvantages of me sealing syslem: - Logstfokeswith no restrictions - Virtualb no leekage A鯯of choiceof variants Basic design DOC-G Nambeating guide DGC-GF Piston 0 8»....

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Linear drives DGC, metric - 3

Linear drives D6C Cw fcaures Versai [U SuppLy ports l\ Proumiftsensor bfHflft Options on tm s*d« (on the end lace rjraltl* front) For DGC-G/DGC-GF/DGC*KF Proximit senwrs can be 﩮nlcgMlfd, v*fch mearts there K no proiection. Cablecan beguided chrough the s lot behind a second sensof FWDGC-6/DGC-GF/DGCKF T| Prcision end position adjusment [ij ProilenwuntingM ■ BetweenO ... 2S mm pef S*de » For OGC-CF/D鯻C'KF/OGC'FA Profile motmting remains on the base plate aftw the drive Is dtemantled- This rrxans faster issemMy w<l f emovai wihout repeal adjuslment For DGGG/DGC-GF/DGCKF/DGCFA s] Me<hanka1...

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Linear drives DGC, metric - 6

6 Internet www ( Su biectlo change-2OU/03

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Linear drives DGC, metric - 7

Linear drives D6C Key fealut es System comportent* and acssories jBrlefdescription pjge.mtemel Drives Wide range ofcombinations possible wthin handiingand ass^mbVtechnologv drive 7Gnpp<«s WioV rangܩe/ va ri at ions possiblewlhinhardhngandassem^^ S»«PPtr jj Adapter* For drveydrrveand drrve/gripper connections adapitfke 4 Basic compontnls Profiles and profte connections as well as profile/dnve connections bas* component _5j Installation comportent s For a ciear. safe la^iut of eletirical cabies and tutang insuaticn component Aies Witfe range of corrbt nation s possible «thln...

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Linear drives DGC, metric - 10

Linear drives DGC-G DGC KC Linear drive Piston 01 SUoke frfim] 3amt design p rinilii'a.yii'Ki . g, -i;:; . i ■ 1 ; i t v t .1 pfv Unear shock absorber. srHf'dJusting YSRW Sbrxk ataorter. progmsive. «If-adiiating position sensrnr; A for proxirnUysensor Internet www (esto «un/a

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Linear drives DGC, metric - 11

Linear drives DGC-G type tod« - | f Hmmrtii /m' toessor»es supptW loos* F fool mounting Profile mounting _M Profile Moumir^ Driver K Moment tompwsatc* > lϻt nul For mounting slot Pfcuimrty «mor .-G ..H rt'chptug . 1 CofUattteswith cable, 1J ■ -1 Contactl*$$,ttith Plug Cjbiewith so*et LSfl SltCDver rorseosorstot 0 frpress waiver - noopeiatins instructions lob* tacluded * Internet: vfflwfestam/cjUlog,1

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Linear drives DGC, metric - 12

Linear drives DGC-G Technical data Piston 0 8 12 18 25 32 40 50 Stroke [mm] 1... 1,500 1... 2,000 1... 3,000 1 ... 8,500 1 ... 5,000 Pneumatic connection M5 GX | GVi | G% Mode of operation Double-acting Design Rodless drive Moment compensator principle Slotted cylinder, mechanically coupled Guide Basic design Mounting position Any Cushioning P Non-adjustable at both ends - -»15 PPV - Adjustable at both ends YSR... Self-adjusting at both ends - Cushioning length [mm] with PPV cushioning - 16.5 15.5 17.5 29.5 29.8 31.1 Position sensing Via proximitysensor Type of mounting Profile mounting...

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Linear drives DGC, metric - 13

Linear drives DGC-G Technical data Adjustable end-position range d [mm] Note The permissible kinetic energy with PPVadjustable cushioning decreases if the stroke is reduced at both ends. Piston 0 8 12 18 25 32 40 50 63 Cushioning P/PPV 11.3 ... 16.3 12.7 ...17.7 - Cushioning YSR/YSRW 12.8 ...22.8 14 ...24 - Materials Sectionalview la Linear drives |i| Guide rail Anodised aluminium 2 Slide Anodised aluminium 3 End cap Anodised aluminium 4 Cylinder barrel Anodised aluminium - Piston seal Polyurethane - Sealingband/coverband Polyurethane - Slide elements Polyacetal Note on materials RoHS...

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Linear drives DGC, metric - 14

Linear drives DGC-G Technical data Characteristic load values The indicated forces and torques refer to the centre of the slide surface. These values must not be exceeded during dynamic operation. Special attention must be paid to the cushioning phase. Note In order to avoid frictional restraint oftheguideinthecaseofthebasic drive DGC-G when used in vertical mode andwitha high torque load, the variant with the recirculating ball bearingguide DGC-KF 42 is recommended. If the drive is simultaneously Fy Fz Mx My mz subjected to several of the indicated Fymax. FzmaX. MxmaX. MymaX. Mzmax. forces...

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Linear drives DGC, metric - 18

Linear drives DGC-G fcchmtal data tswns 01&-4Q Download CAD Data -fr S*® 3 I 3 L'* tflewB 018 0 S) 18 ... 40 3 SO/63 Օ i "Ta 1 * plusstmtelength [T] Supply portoptbnson 2 siofes [3 SuppIvportopItoftsonJsioH for supply port dt one end fl SensorslOtnxpfOKioiiryiensof H Mountingtole brtoot mou n tin s hPC MrerneL wwwlesto com/caratoiL1 Subkctlochange-20n/03

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Linear drives DGC, metric - 25

Linear drives DGC-GF, with plain-bearing guide Peripherals overview Type For piston 0 Brief description Page/Internet 11 Linear drive DGC-GF 18 ...63 Linear drive without accessories, plain-bearing guide 28 12 Mechanical end position limiter YWZ 18 ...63 For variable end position adjustment, e.g. for format adjustments 74 131 Centring pin/sleeve1' ZBS/ZBH 18 ...63 For centring loads and attachments on the slide 78 - Cushioning PPV 18 ...63 Adjustable pneumatic end position cushioning. Used at medium speeds 41 141 Shock absorber YSR 18 ...63 Self-adjusting hydraulic shock absorber with...

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Linear drives DGC, metric - 28

Linear drives DGC-GF, with plain-bearing guide fcthmtal datJ FunctiOfi ' www. ( Vfearing parts kits ->41 0 Dlameter 18.» 63 mm | * Scrofcelenph 1 _8.S00 mm G ene ra l te<hnica l data Piston ■;■ 32 | u ! Stroke |mm] 1-3.000 1 8.500 f^Too^ Primai h «MwwikKi M 5 GW GW GH Mode of opĩration OOUbl"* ' t;ifv: Dt-sl&n todtessdrh>e Mom^it cc*mp?nsatof printiple Slotted tytinde^ nechanitaJV upled Guide Plain-bearing pjide Mountinj position tusNoning ?f\ Ajustable at both ends ->3i rat... Seif ad܎Lslrg at boifri ends .ushioning bmglh l^1"1. ivil h PPVtushionirrx 16.5 15.5 17.5 29.5 129.8...

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