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Handling modules HSW - 2

Handling modules HSW Key features at a glance Range of applications Thehandling moduleisa new generation offunction modules for the automatic transfer, feed and removal of small parts in extremely confined spaces. This is achieved by means of a guided swivel and linear motion sequence. A backlash-free guide with recirculating ball bearing elements ensures high precision and good rigidity. The combination of a semi-rotary drive and a slotted guide system produces a compactunitfor a complete pick & place cycle at an operating angle of 90°. Spcial features Compact design 镕 Extremely short...

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Handling modules HSW - 3

Handling modules HSW Application examples Rotary indexing table Machine equipment Fast feed and removal at a linear transfer unitor rotaryindexing table,for example Օ Loadingand unloadingofsmall parts on a grindingor injection mouldingmachine,for example Planar surface gantry Fastequippingofpallets HSW-...-AS, without drive Rotary indexing table, linear transfer Fast and flexible 90° pick & place unit with servo motor EMMS-AS Electrical variant using third-party motor 2011/06 - Subject to change Internet: 3

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Handling modules HSW - 4

Handling modules HSW Key features at a glance Design of HSW-...-AP - pneumatic variant with swivel module DSM 1 Slotted guide plate 2 Adjustable stop 3 Sensor rail 4 Shock absorber 5 Pressure piece 6 Swivel module DSM 7 Swivel lever 8 Guide with recirculatingball bearingelement Design of HSW-...-AS - variant without drive (rear side) 1 Base plate 2 Shaft with Woodruff key 3 Slotted guide plate 4 Ball bearings 4 Internet: Subject to change-2011/06

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Handling modules HSW - 5

Handling modules HSW Key features at a glance Design of HSW-...-AE - electrical variant with motor unit MTR-DCI-...-HM Cable binder holder and protective conduit 1 Holder and protective conduit facilitate the secure routingof tubingand cables. Stroke adjustment 2 The adjustable slotted guide plate permits precise adjustment ofthe swivel angle. Adjustmentofproximitysensors \ Stop elementand pressure piece 3 The sensor rail facilitates readily accessible and easyadjustment ofthe proximitysensors. 4+5 The stop element and pressure piece guarantee freedom from backlash and precision in the end...

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Handling modules HSW - 8

Handling modules HSW, pneumatic rype codes 1 ',Vrf -r-s fi HSW KardhrR module. oodieartng Slze Drive M* Pneunatc drive fonction rotcctnecmtr F un et ion W vttiiT position module Su bkctlo change-2011/06

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Handling modules HSW - 9

Handling modules HSW, pneumatic runttton *w* Spare parts servkf Oa* 10.1? and 16 " Svwel angle «0^100 Sirotera 90-175 Sue 10 112 116 Pneumatic connection M? MS Mode of opration Double atting (ttstn.itional design Swlve( module Unear ^uide plus bail bearhg Force-gu飮ded motkMi squence Cushtonlng Shockabswberat bothends, soft charactehstk curve Position swsing Via prAlmity sensw fypeof mourting Via :hmugb hot^ Via slot nuls flnounilng position Any Operatins and environmcnlal conditions Op^alirg m黩dium fiSered compressa a*, lubriutfd or unlubriuied Op^atlrg pressure [bar]...

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Handling modules HSW - 10

Handling modules HSW, pneumatic Technical data Size 10 12 16 HSW-...-AP 1,300 3,000 5,100 HSW-...-AP-SD 1,400 3,200 5,400 HSW-...-AP-AW 1,370 3,200 5,500 HSW-...-AP-SD-AW 1,470 3,400 5,800 Rptition accuracy [mm] To ensure low-vibration operation, the mountingthe effective load (adapter effective loadshouldbe mounted as plate, semi-rotary drive and/or closeaspossibleto the guiderail of gripper, gripper finger, workpiece) the handling module. within the mounting surface of the Repetition accuracy is guaranteed by adapter kit HAPG/HAPG-...-B. Mounting surface of HAPG Size 10 12 16 Repetition...

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Handling modules HSW - 11

Handling modules HSW, pneumatic Technical data Linear guide and bail bearing Note The torques apply to the centre of the vertical guide. Combined load m My m, _x__l--1__|--z_< 1 The followingtorque equation must Mxperm. Myperm Mzperm be satisfiedwithcombinedload: Dynamiccharacteristicloadvalues Size 10 12 16 Max. torques [Nm] Mxperm.>Myperm.>Mzperm. 0.6 1.5 2.5 2011/06 - Subject to change Internet: 11

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Handling modules HSW - 12

Handling modules HSW, pneumatic Technical data Stroke adjustment Swivel angle: An angle offset of a=±5°perend position can be set to adapt the handling module to the transfer system. Linear stroke: Օ Once the HSW has been mounted, the linear stroke ofthe pickand place position can be set independentlyofeach other. Transfer system Rotaryindexingtable Swivel angle 1 + 3 Linear stroke 1 + 3 2 Procedure: 1 Loosen the screws 2 Adjust the slotted guide plate usingthe adjustingscrew (the slotted guide plate must always make contactwith the guide ring) 3 Tighten the screws Procedure: 1 Loosen the...

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Handling modules HSW - 13

Handling modules HSW, pneumatic «ait position ► Enables a moveenent 1o be paused before the end position, oii sicke of the operallng rang (*Siep2) Thenait position modulecan be approached dynamicalV from (h* end position. Thisgrealty reduce the«letime Heribleadiusbneniwkhin thr ad justment range (wort in g stroke) possible 镯bewatl position module may onh/be used wih shocfc absorber* due to the high dynamic forces tha occur Ibﯧ handling module HSWand actuafingcyfnder areaduated rfaa5/?^ayv3h< Ihe valve for the «ait positbn module should be actrvated wih a t ime delav twnpared wh h the...

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Handling modules HSW - 14

Handling modules HSW, pneumatic fcthmtal ditJ Materials Seaicnal view o* handlng module HSW m | 10 112 1.6 1 Bwk plate Wouffit alurniﯮum alloy. arocfised il SloHedfljide plate Case-hardened sleel jLaJ Adjusting saew |HKgti-alov st«* |_*J SW^ lever Case-hardened si eel 5j Stopsleeve HRh-ailov steel ãj Retiintf Wroujfrt alumtiiorri aile*. anadtSfd Wrocifil alumVium alloy, arttdi$ed [ftj F lange Wrou^t atumrilum alkr, arodised 9] Top plate Wroutfil atun-riijrnallof, aTOdised (M) Pressure pice Hh-alloysted 01Guide twipered sleel Houslng Wroujftt aluminium alla*, a.xdised Noteon rnalefiah...

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Handling modules HSW - 15

Handling modules HSW, pneumatic Technical data Materials Sectionalviewofswivel module DSM Swivel module 1 Housing Wrought aluminium alloy 2 Shaft Steel with nickel-plated surface |3| Rotaryvane Fibreglass-reinforced plastic 141 Stop lever Anodised aluminium - Cap Fibreglass-reinforced plastic Seals Polyurethane Note on materials Free ofcopper, PTFEand silicone 2011/06 - Subject to change Internet: 15

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