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Handling modules HSP - 2

Handling modules HSP Key features at a glance Field of application Thehandling moduleisa newgener-ation offunction modules for the automatic transfer, feed and removal of small parts in extremely confined spaces. This is achieved by means of a guided vertical and horizontal motion sequence. A backlash-free cross-guide with recirculatingball bearing elements ensures high precision and good rigidity. The combination of a semi-rotary drive and a slotted guide system produces a compactunitfor a complete pick & place cycle. Spͩcial features Compact design Օ Extremely short cycle times Low cost...

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Handling modules HSP - 3

HSP-...-AE, electric Rotary indexing table Rotary indexing table Flexible pick & place unit with quality inspection of components and ejector for reject parts Օ Handling of parts with different heights Handlingatdifferentspeeds,e.g. forlineartransferorrotaryindexing table Օ Adjustable waitposition module directly above workpiece/workpiece carrier Insertion tasks at different speeds for delicate components Lineartransfer Rotary indexing table, lineartransfer Օ Compact twin pick & place unit for linear transfer Fast and flexiblepick&placeunit with servo motor EMMS-AS Օ Electrical variant...

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Handling modules HSP - 4

Handling modules HSP Key features at a glance HSP-...-AP - pneumatic with swivel module DSM 1 Slotted guide plate 2 Adjustable stop 3 Shock absorberYSRW 4 Stop sleeve 5 Sensor rail 6 Pressure piece 7 Swivel module DSM 8 Swivel lever 9 Cable binder holder J Cross-guide HSP-...-AS - without drive (rear side) 1 Back plate 2 Shaft with Woodruff key 3 Slotted guide plate 4 Ball bearings 5 Aluminium rail for alignaient of slotted guide plates 4 Internet: Subject to change-2011/06

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Handling modules HSP - 5

-o- New Handling modules HSP festd Key features at a glance HSP-...-AE - electrical version with servo motor unit MTR-DCI-...-HM -o- 1 2 3 The technologyin detail 2 The pressure piece guarantees freedom from backlash and precision at the end positions and in the effective linear stroke alongthe Z-axis. 4 The adjustable slotted guide plate permits precise stroke setting. 2011/06 - Subject to change Internet: 5

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Handling modules HSP - 6

Handling modules HSP Peripherals overview 6 Internet: Subject to change-2011/06

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Handling modules HSP - 7

Handling modules HSP Peripherals overview Brief description 12 16 25 Page/Internet 11 Handling module HSP Standard module without accessories 9 2 Adapter kit HAPG Interface for grippers, semi-rotary drives, etc. 35 131 Swivel module DSM Pneumatic drive, adapted to each size dsm 4 Motor unit MTR-DCI-...-HM Servo motorwith integrated power electronics 25 5 Motor unit MTR-DCI-...-HM Servo motorwith angle gear unit and integrated power electronics 25 16 Installation kit MKRP Conduit to protect electric cables and tubing 35 171 Wait position module With pneumatic drive: BWL-/BWR-HSP Function for...

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Handling modules HSP - 8

Handling modules HSP, pneumatic Type codes HSP 12 AP SD WR Type HSP Handling module, double-acting Size Drive AP Pneumatic drive Function SD Protective cover eu ta Function WR Wait position on right WL Wait position on left 7.2 8 Internet: Subject to change-2011/06

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Handling modules HSP - 9

Handling modules HSP, pneumatic Technical data Function 0 Size 12,16and25 "|" Y-stroke length 52 170 "|" Z-stroke length 20... 70 General technical data Type HSP-...-AP Pneumatic connection M5 Mode of operation Double-acting Operatingmedium Filtered compressed air, lubricated or unlubricated Constructional design Swivel module Cross-guide Guided motion sequence Cushioning Shock absorber at both ends, soft characteristic curve Position sensing For proximity sensing Type of mounting With through-holes With slotnuts Mounting position Guide rail, vertical/horizontal Operating and...

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Handling modules HSP - 10

Handling modules HSP, pneumatic Technical data Size 12 16 25 HSP-...-AP 1900 2900 6400 HSP-...-AP-SD 2600 3400 7600 HSP-...-AP-SD-WR 2800 3600 8100 HSP-...-AP-SD-WL 2800 3600 8100 Rptition accuracy [mm] To ensure low-vibration operation, the mountingtheworkingload (adapter working load should be mounted as closeaspossibleto the guiderail of the handling module. Repetition accuracy is guaranteed by plate, rotary drive and/or gripper, gripper finger, workpiece) within the mounting surface of the adapter kit HAPG. Mounting surface of HAPG Size 12 16 25 Repetition accuracy at end positions...

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Handling modules HSP - 11

Handling modules HSP, pneumatic Technical data Permissible static/dynamic characteristic load values Cross-guide -|- Note The torques apply to the centre of the vertical guide. F* Combined load m My m, x + + < 1 The followingtorque equation must Mxperm. Myperrm Mzperrm be satisfiedwithcombinedload: Size 12 16 25 Max. torques [Nm] Mxperm.>Myperm.>Mzperm. 1.1 2.4 3.2 Combined load The following torque equation must be satisfiedwithcombinedload: Moxperm. Moyperm. MoZperm. Size 12 16 25 Max. torques [Nm] Moxperm.,Moyperm., Mozperm. 5 10 15 2011/06 - Subject to change Internet:...

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Handling modules HSP - 12

Handling modules HSP, pneumatic Technical data Stroke adjustment Ystroke: Once the HSP has been mounted, the Ystrokes of the pickand place position can be set independently ofeach other. Zstroke: Օ Differences in height, for example between a rotary indexing table and a transfer system, can be compensated after mounting. I Transfer system Rotaryindexingtable Y-axis (horizontal) Z-axis (vertical) 1 + 3 1 + 3 2 Guide rail Procedure: 1Loosen the screws 2 Adjust the slotted guide plate usingthe adjustmentscrew (the slotted guide plate must always make contactwith the guide rail) 3Tighten the...

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Handling modules HSP - 13

Handling modules HSP, pneumatic Technical data Wait position module Application and mode of opration Figure 1: Figure 2: Circuit diagram for HSP with wait position module Stroke SU m LOI A Ai F 4SE JSftftl «Al il3 il3 Cycle Note When used in combination with the wait position module, the handling module HSP mustbe actuated using a 5/3-wayvalve (normallypressur-ised).The actuatingcylinder is actuated usinga 5/2-wayvalve. The actuatingcylinder mayonlybe used for "pulling" applications. 1 ThehandlingmoduleHSP is at the right-hand end position.The actuating cylinder is extended in its initial...

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