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End-position controllers CMFL


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End-position controllers CMFL - 1

End-position controllers CMFL

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End-position controllers CMFL - 2

New End-position controllers CMFL AtagUnce Properttes Ihe end-position controller CMR. is jsed for torce-conlrorled posltioninf jf the short-stro*Le crflndef ADNE MS. fhe mode of opration therefcr e cont-sponds to that of a pneimalk cylin-4ff. «produxed usirr a Hnear motor. Ihe drrve technologv used pwf m駯ts mocedynamic movernents compare-d txh pneumatk cyJindHS; th¨se movements additionalryoffef tcfittnuous monitoring InclucJng "oiottonmplrte*. The htgh dynamk response means lhatacluatton isonr/possiNevܮa hardware inous and outputs. Rargecrf applications The following applkattons can be...

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End-position controllers CMFL - 3

End-position controllers CMFL VchnkaldjU GeneTjltechnkjldata Dt&play LED Gxitrol lments Hone interface i/O interface N umber of digftal log驮< inpuls 4 N jmber of digrlal loglc outputs 2 Gnuoller opetalirRmode PWMMOSFU [xwerend stase DCitai outputs, switching togjc PNP D^ilal inputs, switcNnglogfc ChoiofPHRHPH Piotective fonction Software end position dܩtection Voltage tailure dtection lyrxof mounling Via mounting bracket Pro&jtt weghl y 470 Oectricaldata Nomirta鯯vdta^(eith«f) W\ H ±5% fVOC] 48 s 5% Nominal carrent N 3 Peak cunenl H 4.5(al 24VDQ 3-at dfl Logic soppry Nomif«v^tjRc r^ci 24...

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End-position controllers CMFL - 4

New End-position controllers CMFL fcthmtal ditJ Pin allocation 0' ° - n _ ■ i 1 T*1 H 3 ■ m 3 il |TJ Motor interface. Sub-0 sotkel fonction : Centre pkk up 3 Se rial data a Wntor - Wotor * : tkx* 7 & Write protwi 9 firferf ore pc«*ntidl 0 V | Cable screening H ft»wrrSuppV* 2-pin Sufr-D plus f>ln Al 48 VDC kkad A? [uI/O Interface.9 pin StifcvD plug Pir fonction 1 Rfrence vol u& *o 3 Control bit 7 San Control bit 1 6 Outp ut su pp ly von; 驢ge ? Motion complte 8 Crror 9 GNO (conn«tHi inlewalry wiTh CND load) Dimensions Download CAD data ^ www.festoxorn [TJ Slot for inscription labds 18182 1B&...

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End-position controllers CMFL - 5

End-position controllers CMFL OnJeriigrJata Motor corn roi 1er Srlef description Part to< P>? tfth|/Oint*rfaﯜ 5*7420 CMFl ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Ordefiigdarj-Cabtes BriHdecrirxion CaWcle««h JnMParnto^Jw Motor aHe foi Connecting th moloi and contre lier 2 S (WSS? NEBM*S1GM-2.M*S1G9 S S6S370 NE6M*S1G9-E-S<N-S1G9 10 56S箎71 NEBM-S1G9-M0-H-S1G9 Supplv cable 2.5 S37931 KPWR MM-5U&-9H02.5 5 537932 KPWR MOI SU&-9HG5 10 537933 KPWR-MCI-SUMHGIO Control cablt foi I/O interface, for connection 10any PU. contrler ? 5 537923 KE5MC-1 SUB9 2,5 ■> 537924 KS-MC 1-SUB 9-5 10 537925 KE5-MC-1-SUB-M0 Internet:...

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End-position controllers CMFL - 6

Product Range and Company Overview A Complte Suite of Uon Services Dur experiented englneers provtde complte support at everv sUge of yourdevelopment process, including: conceptuat訢allon, analyste, engineering, design, assembty. documentation, validation, and production. CustomAutomatlon Components Complte custom erwlneered solutions Custom Conttol Cabinets Comprehensrve engineering support and on-slte Services Complte Systems Shlpment. stocklng and storate services The Broadest Range of Automatlon Components rVIth a comprehensrve line of more than 30,000 automatlon components, Festo is...

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End-position controllers CMFL - 7

Festo North America Festo Rgional Contact Center 5 300 Explorer DnVe Mtofcsausi. Ontario UW SU Canada USACuMers: For ordcringattittance» tati: 1300.99. FESTO (1300-993.3786) Fm l.80a96,FSTO QJOOMUTH) fmaL cu*!orner-ierviceOuvJe«0連0»n For technkai support CjII: 1.866,GOJESTO{r866.463.3786) F»: ]r800<96^ESTO(1^0a96)3786) Emit: produ<rsupportOus.lesiacorn CinadlaaCNII Calbl,877.GOJɣSTO(1.877.463.3786) ta: 1.877.rXFEST0 (1.877.3913 786) hp hone: I.ttl 435.0m i»1431 O!- v:*. m ՙ*r«t*i Canada USA Headquarters Festo Corporation 395Mbrend Road P.O. Box 18023 Hauppauf*. HV 11788. USA iV*w.<pito...

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