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Diagnostic modules GFDM


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Diagnostic modules GFDM - 1

Diagnostic modules GFDM

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Diagnostic modules GFDM - 2

Diagnostic modules GFDM Key features Overview The diagnostic module GFDM is a diagnostic system for the continuous monitoringof the pressure, flowand cycle consumption ofa pneumatic system. By permanently comparingthe measured values with reference data, it is possible to evaluate the monitored parameters using multi-stage limit values. The monitoring parameters can also be mapped and exported to trend data report over a longer period. Faults can thus be detected earlyand maintenance intervals can be planned efficiently. The system includes sensors (a flow sensor and a pressure sensor) for...

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Diagnostic modules GFDM - 3

Diagnostic modules GFDM Key features System requirements Air quality The quality of compressed air must comply with air quality class 5:4:3 to DIN ISO 8573-1 asa minimum. If there is any uncertainty in this regard, Festo can offer the "Festo Air Quality Test" service. Flow You can prevent sensors from being affected dynamically by switchingthe compressoronand off innormal, buffered operation. The diagnostic module GFDM requires flow sensors with an analogue output of 4 ... 20 mA to monitor the flow rate. The configurator for the GFDM offers two chosen flow sensors with different flow rate...

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Diagnostic modules GFDM - 4

Diagnostic modules GFDM Key features Software Overview The easy-to-use software was specially developed for the diagnostic module GFDM. In addition to providing basic visualisation and data acquisition functions, the software also handles networking, data archivingor alerting tasks. It also supports the development of application-specific projects. Thesoftwareperformsthefollowing functions: Parameterisation ofthe diagnostic module. Օ Recordingof measured values and diagnostic results (logging). Visualisation ofcurrentand archived measured values and diagnostic results. Օ Configurable...

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Diagnostic modules GFDM - 5

Diagnostic modules GFDM tomponentsof theGFDM Tedinkaldaja -fr Page^lntemet Modular product System -> Pagejlntemet UJ ControUeKKXKDI 6 1 J[ Pressure monitoring ««h pressure sensor SDtl 9 ^2J flow nwnibxingwrth fbwsensorSF*B 12 *J Flow monitoring wllh hbwsensor SFAM 15 jj Direct uswalisatbn*lthfronl^^ 16 7] E^erralvisualpsationonastanaaPdorindustfialPC uyn^ software "GFDM br VpWin* - roii.'OJ-Suaiediodwif

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Diagnostic modules GFDM - 6

Diagnostic modules GFDM fchmul data - ConlroNet CEX General technicaldata Montrait ng options Pressure FTo* Cftle consomption Measuring rate [ms| 10 3isplay3b1e unttsl SI jmts USunits Aauracy rf»o.m.v..0.»F3" Rcti f oduc i bilrv of a na bgue value Proorss Inierfadng DtgitAl Interface Mme* data ror operatinf status Foc product numbef Monrtoring sta te/status t>e*n - normal opﯩration Ytflow - wimlng Orange - TiaiiEenance instruction Red - alarm Grey - no status avaitable Sria (interface, numbef 1- 1) % * % <t mtm*n< veut EltttrfcaldaM Operatingvoilage [VDC1 SAikhingoutpul PHP MPN iTrtggcr...

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Diagnostic modules GFDM - 7

Diagnostic modules GFDM Whnkaldata-CbtfrollerCECX D^ital hputs 10 V DC] 24 Nomina « jefor RUE V[|.| Honrinil value for F*iSE ► DC) Input si^xjl (May 20 nu 200 ms, ajustable Electoral Isolation Yes. via cpotoupler Status di^pta-r' J[' Number 2 Signal fange imA] i .20 Rsolution bi| H Conversion lime fa! 1 Absout* atcuratyat 25 "C w >0.01 Drtal outputs 4 Contact Outpti vofeage Ojtpui currral w ?(al 50% concurrence) Short circuit proof es Electrkil isolation flw. via opto篜upler Etectrkal isolation in poups Ves. in 2 groups tED Number le Number [l Supportai protocols roil.'rjJ-Suledtodwitt...

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Diagnostic modules GFDM - 8

Diagnostic modules GFDM Minkal dala - Conlroller CEDt JAcc essaies 1 n cl u ded In scope of detvery H rail 153 35x7.5 for Mail mounting |lJPIurNECC L1G2<1 2-pn, *or pov#*f wpplv ■ jj PlugNEtUlG4-C1 4 pin. feu Ihedi0ia1 InputsofsignatsofaPLCtf linesbi trRsff signais, k ineseach tt operating status and product number) ■ 4j PhigNECC-L1G6-tl 6 pin, (ortheanalogueinputofsensof signais (pressure andflo*) ■ 5j PluKNEfX-UG6<l 6^in,forthediplaloutputof status signais, e.g for the connection ol an e*ternal trafflc llght wlth 4 in&aiors ■ internetwww (esta .corn/a ta toi Su biectlo change-2OU/03

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Diagnostic modules GFDM - 9

Diagnostic modules GFDM, pressure monitoring iKhnkaldata - Pressure sensor S0E1 Variant: Pressuw monitoring P ■fr Modular produet systen on G*n*ril echnkal cata Certlfkalion C-lcV cULus reﯜpifred [Oi) CE mart (wt dclaratif of confoonitv) foU EjM飇 Directe Note on ma ferla b ItoHS-comptant freeofeopper and PTTt Input signa l/measurlng lment Mea^ured varUUe Relative- press驩e Melhod of mea purement Ftaoresfstrve pressure sensor Mth dbplay Pressure measurng range [bar] 0.. 10 Oprai ing m響dium fitlered comptes sed air,lutakatedor unlubrkaled, grade otfillration 40 pm Temprature ctf mfdlum [*C]...

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Diagnostic modules GFDM - 10

Diagnostic modules GFDMf pressure monitoring fetfmkjl d-tla - Presse »n»r SKI | ELettrancdmkaL comportent* | Electiital connection |PIl^ Mi2*. k pin. round design 10 EN 6094M-2 | Mechan kal corn ponents Type o鮯 mou nting Via H-rail Via w Il/surface b racket Mailing position Any Pneumatk connection Pfoductwright es Houslng matriels (tt.fੴMreirtioKed fote friipaAtf OTf«nw»tfcttelS0lir*lM<Mv«ihf )isplay/opration Display type 1 IhjiiirtataJ LCD Tim. h l'i Threshold value settng range (%] 2« 99 8 Htfttre«$鮮«0ng range |%) 0 ,90 Proleciion cliSS I1P6S Corrosion rĩsistance class CHC11 "|2...

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Diagnostic modules GFDM - 11

Diagnostic modules GFDM, pressure monitoring Technical data - Pressure sensor SDE1 Peripherals overview Note The screened cable for Connecting thesensortothecontrollerisnot included in the scope ofdelivery. Accessories Included in the scope of delivery 1 Adapter plate SDE1-...-W-... Forwall mounting 11 2 Mountingrail to DIN EN 50022 For H-rail mounting - 3 ProtectivecoverSDEl-SH Protects the SDE1 from unauthorised adjustment 11 4 Push-in fitting QS-X-8 FortubingO.D. of 8 mm 5 PlugsocketFBSD-GD-9-5POL For electrical connection Ordering data - Accessories I Part No. Type Adapter plate 194297...

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Diagnostic modules GFDM - 12

Diagnostic modules GFDM, flow monitoring Technical data - Flow sensor SFAB Variant: Flow monitoring QA Modular product system on page 20 General technical data Certification C-Tick cULus recognized (OL) CE mark (see declaration of conformity) To EU EMC Directive1' Note on materials RoHS-compliant 1) For information about the applicability ofthe component see the manufacturera EC dclaration of conformity at: Support User documentation. Ifthe component is subject to restrictions on usage in residential, office or commercial environments orsmall businesses, further measures to...

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