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CPX Modular Electrical Terminal


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CPX Modular Electrical Terminal - 1

Modular electrical terminal CPX

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CPX Modular Electrical Terminal - 2

Terminal CPX Key features Key features Installation concept Electrical components Assembly Operation Choice of several valve terminal Օ High operatingvoltage tolerance Wall or H-rail mounting, also on Օ Fasttroubleshootingthanks to an types for different applications: (±25%) mobile systems extensive selection ofLEDs (some - Type 03 MIDI/MAXI Choice ofM18, 7/8" or AIDA push- Օ Conversions/extensions are ofwhich are multi-coloured)on the -Type 12 CPA pull connection for power supply possible atanytime, individual bus node and on all I/O modules -Type 32 MPA Open to all fieldbus protocols...

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CPX Modular Electrical Terminal - 4

Terminal CPX Key features Variants of the CPX terminal controller (with fieldbus node, without preprocessing) Fieldbus node Diffrent bus nodes are used to integrate the terminal in the control Systems of various manufacturers. The CPX terminal can therefore be operated on over 90% of the most commonly used fieldbus systems: Profibus DP 镕 PROFINET Interbus Օ DeviceNet CANopen Օ CC-Link Integration in universal networks based on Ethernet opens up new possibilities. Faster data transmission, real-time capability and above all additional IT services such as file transfer, web server, web...

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CPX Modular Electrical Terminal - 5

Terminal CPX Key features Control block The optional Front End Controllers CPX-FEC and CPX-CEC enable simul-taneous access via Ethernet and an integrated web server (in the case of CPX-FEC), in parallel with a field-bus node, as well as autonomous preprocessing. Access via Modbus/ TCP and EasyIP is also possible. Commissioning, programmingand diagnostics usingthe Festo software tool FST 4.1 with hardware configurator. With control block in stand-alone mode With control block in Festo EasyIP mode CoDeSys/FST Decentralised controller with direct machine mounting Օ Interaction options via...

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CPX Modular Electrical Terminal - 6

Terminal CPX Key features Variants of the CPX terminal controller (with preprocessing in the control block) With control block as remote controller on Ethernet Remote controller on Ethernet as the preprocessing unit for decentralised, stand-alone subsystems using IT technology. With control block as remote controller on the fieldbus Fieldbus remote controller (combina- DeviceNet, CC-Link or EtherCAT)as tion with fieldbus nodes for Interbus, the preprocessing unit for decentra-Profibus DP, PROFINET, CANopen, lised, stand-alone subsystems. PLC 1- ^5 Li Web S p □ E-mail s j File uaiisiei...

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CPX Modular Electrical Terminal - 7

Terminal CPX Key features With control block as CANopen fieldbus master PLC Properties: Connection to a higher-order controllervia Ethernet, no further fieldbusnodeisrequired Օ Monitoringvia Ethernet Preprocessingof the CPX peripherals by CPX control block Օ Morethan 300 I/Os Up to 128 stations with repeater technologyon CANopen Operatingmodes: Օ Remote controller on Ethernet Control block in Festo EasyIP mode Industrial Ethernet IT services: File transfer □ 2011/06 - Subject to change Internet: 7

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CPX Modular Electrical Terminal - 8

Terminal CPX Key features CPX Web Monitor - Online diagnostics for the CPX terminal 62 Whatisa CPX Web Monitor? What can a CPX Web Monitor do? The CPX Web Monitor is a software tool from Festo for all CPXmodules with integrated web server and Ethernet connection: Supplied on CD-ROM Օ Installation on PC Adaptation to application Օ Loadingvia Ethernet to the web server ofthe CPXmodule The Web Monitor dynamically visualises information about the CPX system and its modules via Ethernet in the browser of a PC: ͕ Status and diagnostics ofthe CPX system by modules and channels Status of the...

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CPX Modular Electrical Terminal - 9

Terminal CPX KM fealut es Connection of Inpuis and ouiput s to the CPX terminal Digital and anabgueCPXi/O modules Qectrkal connection fhe connection technology for serv sorsand atiitional acluatorsoffers iwide range ofditat and anabgue inputand output modules and is freeh/selectable -asappropri䧢t?to jour standard or application. Plastic x mtal connection blocts can be tombtned as requlred: » Mtal design Plastic desipi: - M12-5POI - M12^P0lwilhqukkk>* and m驩tal thread - M124P01 - MMPL -Sub*D - Harax* - CageCbmp® fwtth cover atso to IP65/67) tfthCPX-CP interface Up to 4 strtngs per CP...

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CPX Modular Electrical Terminal - 10

Terminal CPX mot mputwnd oulputs tolhe CPX terminal al dfu*> *l!h OXCMAXmjlti-aAls interface jpto four aie. p*rCPX<MW 1.024 postionng r«r»ds possible per a*is uraup *a*is Ttrf*S unes Several CP Interface modules can t» cwnbined in one CPX terni hal dependngon theconlraller us«)) Corn bina Non of central ised tPK I/O modules and dcentrai !v mounted I/O motolesof the CPI installation system. ElectntaltfWcs^HhfW cm hppjjK ir-tt-rfate Uax 4 mdMdual eledrfc axes, Kf CPX CM HPP piogramming requirtd Standardise^ communkaion wlth the drrvesvta the Festo Handling and Postfoning Profile ffHPR The...

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CPX Modular Electrical Terminal - 11

Terminal CPX KM fcatut es Connection of Inpuis and outputs to the CPX terminal Pneumatic drives with GftCM WCMPX OT-CMAX ■ Position and foitecontoi.drrectly attuated or setected fromoneof 64 confi&jrabJe positiontig profites, Ccnflgurabterecwd continuais enables simple fcmdicnal squences to be realsed. Theauto-ldwHinuitonfwdton identifies each station with ls devkedataon the cortrctter. Actuationofa brakeor clamping unit via Ihe prporrional direct bMl control vaWeVPWR Jp to 7 modules (nui. 7 aies) :an beoperated m paratlel and Independenth/of each other. Corn mbstolng via theFesto...

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CPX Modular Electrical Terminal - 12

Terminal CPX Peripherals overview Complte overview of modules End plate Bus node Fieldbus/Industrial Ethernet connection usingvarious types ofconnection technology 蕕 Settingof fieldbus parameters via DILswitch Display of fieldbus and peripheral equipmentstatus via LED Օ PROFINETto AIDA standard in metal housing, fast start-up Control block Preprocessing,stand-alone controller or remote unit CPX-FEC/CPX-CEC Օ Connection via EthernetTCP/IP orSub-D programminginterface Settingofoperatingmodesvia DIL switch and program selection via rotaryswitch Օ CPX-CMXproducts for controlling axes CP...

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CPX Modular Electrical Terminal - 13

Terminal CPX Peripherals overview Complte overview of modules 3 Input/output modules Pneumatic interface 1 Interlinking block 12 Electronics module 3 Connection block Internal linkingofthe power supply 蕕 Digital inputs for connecting Choice of8 connection Օ Actuation ofthe solenoid coils and serial communication the sensors technologyvariants MPA Օ External power supply for the entire Digital outputs for activating Օ Protection class IP65/IP67 or IP20 MPA-F system additional actuators Օ Freely combinable MPA-L Օ Additional power supplyfor outputs Analogue inputs with the electronics modules...

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