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Control block CPX-CM-HPP


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Control block CPX-CM-HPP - 1

Control block CPX-CM-HPP

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o New Control blockCPX-CM-HPP Kevlwluies New options for controLUng drive technology Ihe ©nbol Hock CPfcO* HPP mata ail of Festo's etalik drive tfnotoff compatible wtthall indusrial commun kaiion interfaces. CPXCMHPP iscontrolled using a CW IMdb» nodebya higher-levH ௜ntroller or front end contrler m theCPX terminal. Communie atk>n with the drives s standardised via Ihe ftsto Haivdling and ftwitioning Profile (FHPP). The control component 䯯s therefore independent of the fieldbus node u$«<JT A maximum of four indMdual electrk axescan t>e (o.nn««J via CAN bus. ProftNet / Ethemet-IP I EtherCat...

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Control block CPX-CM-HPP - 3

Control blockCPX-CM-HPP The control block CFH-CM-HPP Is i module in the CPX terminal for controlling electrk drives. The control comportent is ndependent of thefteldbusnodeused Thbmeans tha Festo's dectrtc oYivetechnologv is compatible with ail indu striai communication interfaces. The control block does not need to be programme!. ■ Wax.4indfcidualelectrkaxetan be controlledviaCANbt» » Noprogrammlngrequired » Standardise! communication with theddvesvia the Festo Handlng and Positioning Profile (FHPP) Qukfc configuration and diagnostics via the operaior unit cnuui 镕 Simple, fleiible and...

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O New Control block CPX-CM-HPP fcchmtal data Technicatdata - Interfaces interface Control interface iCANbus Baud rate [Mbps] 1 Oprt Ing »d environne nul conditions Amblent temp颩rature rvi -5 *50 Storage temp٩rature rci -20 .,..70 CE mark (see dclart ton of conformity) ^ EU Lowvvjita颮e Directive Connection and disoiay compone □ >dr*(disptay \2\ Control interface [U tlDdisptay. produaspecific [ij Inscription labets Pin allocation - Control interface Ipln | Signal Weaning PIugM9, S-pn 3 1 ne* Not rormecied 2 NoKonnected 3 CAN.GND CANpound CANH CANhigh 5 (AH L (AKlow Housing Screened Cable...

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o New Control blockCPX-CM-HPP AMBrfll Ortferng data « 뻕 Bus connection Dsignation CaUelengthlm] Fart Ne T»e Connecting cable 2 mm NEBC-M9WS*K-2-H-L3 S 563712 NE6C M9W5K-5-IMI3 rtugfwCAHbusfitefbcft Sub-D, 9 pin.vtihout termirutingreslstof 533783 FBS-SUB-9-WSOT-K inscription label holder for maribk) block S365« CPX-SM Docu te «ration >artNo, Type Mar - Contra bbck CPX-LM-HrT S6S6B3 PJE*CPX<M-HPP DE tn^lisn KPX-CH-hWEN 7010/04-Subjed lo char** ^ Internet: imwfeita corn/{j'.ato飧Li*.1

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Product Range and Company Overview A Complte Suite of Uon Services Dur experienced englneers provide complte support at every sUge of yourdevelopment process, including: conceptuattration, analyste. engineering, design, assembty. documentation, validation, and production. CustomAutomation Components Compl訨te custom englneered solutions Custom Control Cabinets Comprehensrve engineering support and on-sit Services Complte Systems Shlpment. stocklng and slorate services The Broadest Range of Automatlon Components yVrth 稠 comprehenswe line of more than 30,000 automation components, Festo Is...

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Festo North America Festo Rgional Contact Center 5 300 Explorer riw Mtofcsaugi. Ont Jrio UW 50* Canada For cirdcring assistance» CMU 1 300.99. FESTO (1300993.37861 Fm l30O,96,F雏ST0 (1300963.3786} fm*l cuslomerservce^usJe*oxom For technkai support UﯢL i.866JX>JEST0{1366.463.3786) FA» 1.8<96-FESiD(1.800.963.3736) Emal: productsupportOus.lesiac0fn C i nad ta* C ܉NII Catl 1377.GOJCSTOa.877.463.3786) fax: 1.677.rXFEST0 (1.877.3913786) imii: < HP 1.6314350*00 1» 1431435 m*: Canada USA Headquarters Festo Corporation 395 JtoreDnd Road P.O.Box 18023 Hauppauge. W 11 ?» USA...

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