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Control block CPX-CEC m # 1 D ջ ■ ] * 1 1 Հ *

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Control block CPX-CEC - 2

O NewVariants Control blockCPX-CEC Kevlwluies Control le* The CbDeSys cor* roler s a n> modem control Systems for CPX terminais tha enabte programming with CoOeSysto IK 61131-3, Programming in a global languaje CoOe^s provided bv Festootos a convenient user Interface with the Folknring fu net ions: integrated module brartes Ubrary administrբtes forinte^al addttonal Ibraries Visualisation edior * Slmubtkm mode 1 Int^ratedpoiea documentation * Oebu^mg fonctions for fault finding * Configuration a^drwamrterisatfcm of the controlkr using the control configuration CoDeSys RltffCftUll 1 Basic...

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Control block CPX-CEC - 3

O New Variants Control blockCPX-CEC Cw fealures Advantages for users Incieascd performance Improved cycle tlmes - more connect a b le a ctuators, CompatibilrtyttHh almost ail control Systems on the martel b ensuredvia IheCPX («minai The ertenslve CoOeSys fundion library provides diagnostics and condition Twirtorng options. Reduced costs For $unda*Hs*d ^pmcssng: reduces Installation costs as an inteilﮮf ent remote I/O terminal to IP65flP67directlyat the machine* CPX-Cfe Idalty adapled lo CPX and motion applcationswnh \# lo 31 ixes. Vfe recommend opefatlng the O0KK-M1 w̮th a maximum of eight...

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Control block CPX-CEC - 4

O New Variants Control blockCPX-CEC rype codes 1 CPX -1 - [ Cl CPX Modula r etetUkal terminal EkcMcal control CEC Control b4ock Interne* and function Cl CANopen CANopen. SoftMotion RS232 4 Internet:wm.UilooimiuUIot1

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Control block CPX-CEC - 5

O New Variants Control block CPX-CEC Whnkjldjlj The CoDeSys controller is a modem c on fol System for CPX terminais that enables pogrammingwtthCoDeSys to IK $1131-3. Easvaduatlonofvalveterminal ՜nfiguratbns wth MPA. VISA Connecte" to ail fietdbuses as a remore con&ollef and for preprocessing Օ Actuarionofelectrkdrivesas mdrvidual axes via CMtopa Cft-CK-CIAMI) Diagnostics wtm flexible rronltoring options for pressure, flow rate» cylinder operating time. air consomption Օ Early warnings and visualisation optiems Actuatbncrfdecefltralised installation Systems on Itie basis of CPi actuatlon...

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Control block CPX-CEC - 6

■O New Variants Control blockCPX-CEC Technkal data G eneral tfxhnica l data *m CPXCC1 CPXCECM1 |CF*CK -onction blocks CW diagnostic status, copyOT diagnostic trace. readCR module diagnostics Andothers ^ddiiional fonctions DjagrvostK furKt.ons Motion hjnctkmsfor eiectrk drrves $cmWotionhjndk)ns*or eiectrk: drivt* Communication fonctions RS232 Total number of axes 31 131 (recommended: max 6} Nominal operating voltage [V rx| Nominal operating voltage of the load fV DCJ voilage 24 18,.. 30(vwttout pneumato 21.6.,. 26At wi̯h poeumalks type midl/maxi 20... 26.4, withpn^matks type CFA 13- 30,...

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Control block CPX-CEC - 7

O New Variants Control block CPX-CEC Connection and dbplay components OTCKC1/M1 1 T) CPXUMJ connection Y] OIL switcti 5]ReldbusinterfierfotufcSukD. *pift) H Status LED$.bu*-sptt«k and produ et-spcifie [?J RW/STOProtary wtch [3Etf»ernel鯯nteHace(IcJ45. socket^pin) CWCBI I [T] CPX-MMJ connection _2] DILswitch 3 R5232interf»ce(socketlSur>a *pln) H SutusUDsbus-sp*c«c and prodjct* spɩcifie S RUH/STOProtarvswTtch 0 Etherne*nterfKeW*S. wcket. 8-pin) Pinalbeatlon- RttdtttsInterface(CPXXC Cl, Mt] Sur> D plis &" .2 7 4  3 S « 1 n,c. Nol Wnctcd ? CA». G NO CAN ground Not connecte* .A\ tonectio-ito...

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Control block CPX-CEC - 8

-O- New Variants Control blockCPX-CEC fcchmtal dalj Pin allocation * Ethernet Interface Vteamrw �921 1 Ttansmtleddalt* ? [td- Transmiued data- f RD* Recetved dt a* Mi Not connected S ri(. Not tonnected 6 Recerveddata 7 'M. Mu! ml : nln! 8 rte* Not connected Housins Soeened Orderlnedala Dﮩsignation Control block 567347 CK-ac-ci 31 ?» 5673*8 cm-ac-Mi o J \9 567346 CPXCtC Internet: vim.Uilo.aim.iuUIo^l Mjt^:r^;hngi H1W06

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Control block CPX-CEC - 9

O New Variants Control block CPX-CEC rderng data - Bus connection Des «nation tNo, Type Sub-DpLug, 9 pin [forOHaC-ClAMl) bH2\9 FBSSU& 9-BU-2*SWHB Connttting table FED [for 0*00 Ift KBG7 ConnecUngtabfe FED [for CPX Q 539643 FEMCftGB 3ub corn«*[*D(\ pu« >t h 3 ri S2S632 FBA-2-M12-5POL sotxetfor Mobus connect on. Ml 2, S-pin 18324 FBSD-GD'9-댎PQL 3Iur.M12. 5-pin 175380 FBS-M12-SGS-PG9 Bu5tonn«tion, 5-pl $25634 FBA'l-SMPOL Bus connection, screw terminal. 5 pin 2M3Ϗ FBSr>KL 2K5POL «45p!ra.8-pn 534494 FBS-RI4S B GS Lover for H45 connection 534496 AK4I45 inspettonvw. IransparfnMof Sur>D ptug/soCM...

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Control block CPX-CEC - 10

Product Range and Company Overview \ Complte Suite of Uon Services Dur experienced englneers provide complte support at every sUge of yourdevelopment process, including: conceptuat訢alion, analyste. engineering, design, assembly. documentation, validation, and production. Customutomatlon Components Compl(te custom englneered solutions Custom Contrat Cabinets Comprehensrve engineering support and on-sUe Services Complte Systems Shlpment. stocklng and storage services The Broadest Range of Automatlon Components Wrth comprehensfre line of more than 30,000 蠠utomatlon components, Festo is capable...

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Control block CPX-CEC - 11

Festo NorthAmerica Festo Rgional Contact Center 5 300 Explorer Drive Mtofesausi. Ontirto UW 504 CBMdl USA Crtomeft: For oniering Mhmtati: 1 30a99. FESTO (1300-993.3786) tau 1.800.96, F鉏STO (1400.963.378Q EmtL culomef.&eivtce9tAJeitoxon For tKhnkjl SUPPOfX UL 1.866,GOJESTOtr866.463.3786) Fax: 1.800^JESTO(1.8rja9633736) Emil: prcx)u<rsuppofl4usJes*acQrn C *n*d I i -i C L^t om * C«U l,877.GOJSTO(1.877.*63.3786) Fax: 1.877.FX\FEST0 (1.877.393.3786) HP »none: : 631 0800 i» 1431435*4026: Canada USA Headcfua tiers Festo Corporation 395 Ato round Road P.O. Box 18023 Hauppaug*. HV 11788. USA...

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