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Checkbox CHB-C, Compact - 2

Checkbox CHB-C, Compact Kevlealures Htgh functiofialtty The integrated inspectfon untts in dtail rheOieckboxOtrK amsisbof i housing whkh comprises ail the necessary trnponents. In addition Eo the user interface fteys. L黣D s, jisplavd. the connectors for the Hectrka I connection of Mua tors» IxjftVr Hxwsensors.diagnostics PC Pliage suppty, encoder and truster PlCthereHtheenrjreimagingsensor System (optics, lighting and camɩra). Theoptfcalchannel underoeath the Chetkbo* CHr>C is open tcwards the rear side. thus it tan be easity intetratedin the materialflow 2 Optkal charmet [SJ Mo unbng...

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Checkbox CHB-C, Compact - 3

Checkbox CHB-C, Compact rVhkh parts aresultabte? »'M I 1I.8s - I uni,1 1'°-«'H4J..« |!ﯕuIil Mrrr H « small sel«tion of the manv poswbiUlfS » Botls Bfvshes Lipnkh casings Lodinuts Uouldlnp Mountln|i HfVJIes Qvrlfit* Օ 5otWs Spdngwashrts ■ Spdngs Օ Stampjnp Swffth ton tacts Օ Taoi*ft « rboJitashapjytvftfS Tujt*cJ parts Օ Wtflpluft WasKm Օ IRtoodfri <to«ris Ziplasծfr*ff tornpoofnts » Cn < vais » Curt Un ha ngtn DtUlbts Օ Dtilh Glass ampoule Օ ftiwrii hwUting trr minab Օ Uwstoppm tir* pla 1rs »Pfes* tous*** Օ Swsor how%i>|S « Shalts » Slwvrs » Srrull vurrs tofifckhbrirKtosrfi*^ i...

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Checkbox CHB-C, Compact - 4

Checkbox CHB-C, Compact Kevlealures What does the camra we? Pan to be checfced Insulatlng le*minai insert Parttobecheched Hhferttt'ni lamwafcnage insulating (er minai insen Camra image Varve sprfng Partiobech«ked Partlobechetked Glassampoule Gkmbar Cam驩ra triage Camra image Glassampoule Glowbar Parttobechected Part tobethecked Orlng Aromavatve Camtta rnage Cam镩ra image >rirs Aromavatve -a> titlerwr: wvrw.f»st».wm.rcaUIofi/.^ Su biect 10 change-JOIOVOfl

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Checkbox CHB-C, Compact - 5

Checkbox CHB-C, Compact Primer als overview 1 Mountingariachrnenlsand accestries Pagei1Internet ::.>:.i. 黯. >■ 10 KMl J DUOM3GDGD Lil 10 SEA I2I PlDaTflngClMt 10 ET kd^sb;o?bu9 10 ntsd lil Adapter M 10 sbqa-hmsv - Connecting cable 10 KM17-M1 *GSGD Software r P010/03 - Subjed lo charge ^ InrtfHWVmfcitaconvuiabg,1

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Checkbox CHB-C, Compact - 6

Checkbox CHB-C, Compact TechnkaldalJ thetkboxCH^X G entrai technka l data Win. tomponent 0 [m m] 0.5 Max, comportent 0 [mm| 25 Min.tomponent length (mm] 1 M^x. comparent iength Dpendent on beit speed arrf required rsolution (ompcrvnt range ftxatlonaLltf symmetrkal parts and pre-orlented parts of arry shape Internai passage optkal thannel (mm) 60 Internai height ofoptiul thannel LNl.- ] 40 t amera r驩solution [mm] 1006 txposuretlme lus] 1?8 10?* Nurrberof part memories ■ t Cou ntlng fonction Yes Quantity pte- Section ChetkKon software (ountlngrarige 1 ~ ? biBion Max numbef of diff٩rent...

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Checkbox CHB-C, Compact - 7

Checkbox CHB-C, Compact lnerfacesioF_N61ni-2 Outputs Part acceptable arekofredly oriente! Part acceptable butincorredty oriented Wrongpart Fwder control Conveyor belt controi/readv for op響ra tion HAJBmirrg" status signal Error output Preselect counter reached Alloulputselectfonlcalrylimledlomax. 700 mA Max. yjmcurrent al 'PlC'connedbn 1A inputs Btiffw sensor 1 Buffex sensor 2 Camra enabte Externat error Counef reset Etfernal start Ltfernal sensor Keylock >ype selectO Tfpe select 1 Type select 2 >ype select 3 terril leach Connection for en coder la RS 435 spcification PfcgnoVri interface R$...

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Checkbox CHB-C, Compact - 8

Checkbox CHB-C, Compact Technical data Dsignation Part No. Type Checkbox CHB-C-X 536084 CHB-C-X Ordering data - Documentation Description Language Part No. Type User documentation included in scope of delivery German 533411 P.BE-CB-COMP-DE English 533412 P.BE-CB-COMP-EN 8 Internet: Subject to change-2010/08

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Checkbox CHB-C, Compact - 9

Checkbox CHB-C, Compact Accessories Software to meet individual requirements CheckKon Performance characteristics Usingthis software the processes within the Checkbox CHB-C can be displayed, logged and adapted from the camera image evaluation through to the I/O parameters. This means: Transfer of new programs to the CheckboxCHB-C Օ Displayand editingofsystem parameters Displayofthe evaluation ofthe last inspected parts recorded Օ Display and loggingof part contour and characteristics derived Displayand print-outofsystem configuration CheckOpti Software program "CheckOpti" is used in...

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Checkbox CHB-C, Compact - 10

Checkbox CHB-C, Compact rderingdaۯa Connection GoWclengh [ml Part No. Type iata* Internet: kml2-duo o Connection actuator or buffer/leeder Straight plu&Ml? 2x straightsocfcet Mitai. 3 pin 0.6 1868S KM12-DU-M8-GDGD Connecting table Technitaldata^ Internet: kml2'fnl2 Connection actuator or bufۯet/leeder Straightplu&MlJxl,4 pin StraigrtstKM.Ml2xl.4ptn 2.5 1868* KM12-M12-6SGD-2,S 18686 KMI2-M12-GSGD S PIlp, Tixh-kal data -fr lrtc">e va Connection actuator or buffer/feeder Straight plug.Ml?xl.4*an type \strew terminal 192008 SEMGS-7-2.S 18666 StA-GS-7 18779 SEA-GS-11-0UO ProgtammingcaWe...

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Checkbox CHB-C, Compact - 11

Checkbox CHB-C, Compact Application examples Apptkalion examples Orientation dtection and quality Inspection of et et «colis The Checkbox CHftC checks the eieclrocoilsand controlstne complele supplv processv e.g. a tollowing turning station foc lumlng Incorrecth/ oriemated good parts and a reject nozzle fof sorting oui bad parts. Thelollowingfeitupes Orientation 镕 D&ameter lenajh Position and quality checkof fibre optk parts The Checkbox CHfrC checks the transparent display dթments, controls the pa rts flow and removes i rKD ned tro rien tated or faulty parts relia bly by meansof wiecl...

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Checkbox CHB-C, Compact - 12

Product Range and Company Overview A Complte Suite of Uon Services Dur experienced englneers provide complte support at every stage of yourdevelopment protess» including: conceptuat訢ation, analyste, engineering, design, assembty. documentation, validation, and production. Customutomatlon Components Compl(te custom englncered solutions Custom Control Cabinets Comprehensrve engineering support and on-sUe services Complte Systems Shlpment. stocklng and slorage services The Broadest Range of Automatlon Components vVrth a comprehensrve line of more than 30,000 automatlon components, Festo is...

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