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Ball valve actuators VZPR


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Ball valve actuators VZPR - 2

Bail valve actuators VZPR foalures and produit fange overvif* 0 * Connecting thf«d RpW - RpJW 't* FtawrateKv 5.9-S35mVh Construct » Bass design VZPR*~ > Stairess steel design VZPR*.--R » Port pattern to Namur VDI/VK 3845 > PNclasstoOINEN1333 Characteristics Combinat镮onof a pneumatk quartertum actuaior and a bail valve nowbhjllyopenedorckwdin both directbns Օ Sn-wavwrvewrfthKamurport pattern can be mounted dkrectn/on thedrtveunit Umit svtitch aHachments for end-position sensingcan be mounted direction Ibe drive unit Valves wlh Namur port pattern *> Internet: namur Umit siwtch attachmenb...

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Ball valve actuators VZPR - 3

Bail valve actuators VZPR \i ipher als overview Mounting attachments and accessores Page.'lnemet j] tlrttft swltch attachaient QH-DR-E Square design Pneumatk. electrkal or induetive sensing jh-dre Limrtswkhattachrnent DAPZ Square desip Eledrkal. electrkalry explosion ptoof or Induetlve sensing dapj _3j limit switch attachaient DAPZ Round design» variant AR Electrkal, indue tive or inducthttr «ploston-prooi semhg dapz a} Umlt switch attathment DAPZ Round design, variant RO Japz jj Solenoid va rve Vf- Basic valve wtti pllot control valve for F solenoid coil Solenoid va rve MN1H Basic valve...

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Ball valve actuators VZPR - 4

Bail valve actuators VZPR rype codes «PU -22* <-jiv# attuator Valve Sa Il va ve Drive Quartcrtum adualor WPS Mode of opration LX>ubte-i<tin* Torque pVithhfthttfTjup Valve fonction ?/2-*ay valve Closing direction . oses :3r^nt Connecting thread H RpVt *& 12 RpH i ppl RplW 112 2 Rp2 ; : ; l'aria nt Stamessstee veriisr 4 i» .nternet: vrivw.Uilo.aini.iuuio^l sijbpe:t:a-:hanbe : : : .= 1: i

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Ball valve actuators VZPR - 5

Bail valve actuatorsVZPR-BPD IPthnkal oMU onction Swivei angle 0.90* l|' Flowratefo 5-9- 535 m'Ai O Connecrjngthread RpU_Rp2W 180 Nm General technkal data LA■ivf v1VJ1 Connecting thread |Rp#. |Rpto |RpV* | Rpl |RplV. |Rplto |Rp2 |fe2to Quarter turn actuator Pneumatk connection Construtlbnal design Scotch voie mechanism, double atting typeofmouriing Via 1f*rta!eiheads Mounting position Svrivet angle 90 Cbsing direction Ooses lo right i'.-i.l.i'-t -, (.kir .il :1 U ] CPwwvel angle 15115 15 30 130 160160 1106 180 Bal valve 7)7 Conslrudional design *way bail valve Seatlng prlnclple Soft...

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Ball valve actuators VZPR - 6

Bail valve actuators VZPR-BPD FESTD Technkal iU Hu Si n g Sali Brass Houslng Poiyletfaftu<XC-Hhvl*M. fibre gi*ss reinlorcaJ Shaft Fluoro eUstomr Weight [g] Conneaingthread Connecting thre໠d RpM 1300 iRplW 3200 Rp% 1300 RplW 3800 Rpto 1200 Rp2 5100 Rptt T5CO Rp2« 17300 Rpl 1800 6 *> lnrpfnet: *rm-rtito-a>miittU!o&1

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Ball valve actuators VZPR - 9

Bail valve actuators VZPR-BPD FESTD "V;.hrl..]l i-11.1 Ordering data - Umlt switch attachmerts (Namur) IKhnkai data ^ Internet: dapr.qhnJr :JE> ?r;n ■ | Part V;t. Square desigi # Oedilcal j 53*468 WZ-SB-M-25AC-DSJM-RO Oearlcal ■ 534 470 QAPZ-S&~M*250At*EXS*RO nductive 534 473 OAPZ 300C OSAM RO Pneumalic 164855 W-WES3 PK-3B-B Oearlcal ۗ 1648S4 QHWE-b3-t-bWB ndLXfve 164853 Wi WE-SIENM12 WB B Oearlcal 534 469 DAPZ-SB-M-250AC-DR RU nductive 534 4710WSB-h3ODGDR.RO nductive 534472 QAPZ-$B*l-25K-ft-M 534474 DAPZ-SfrM-250AGDR-R nductive 534 475 APZ-SH-30&C-DR-AR nductive ■ 534476 WZS8I 25KEXDR-AR...

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Ball valve actuators VZPR - 10

Bail valve actuators VZPR-BPD, stainless steel fcthmtal dalJ Funcbori Svrivel angle 0~9cr 0 Connecting ftptt - Rp2W fi * Flowraiefa 16 - 507 m'Ai S Torque 30 240 Nu G eneral technica l data ■ ■ 1 ■ Connecting thread ppv* |»pi |fipm|ppm 1*n |Rp2H DrtM Pneumatk connection Construction*! eu& Scotch vote rr.«han6m.doubl^acting ypetf rrou⯯itng Via female tfueads Mo jnting position Any Sftwel angle r: 90 Goslng direct ton Closes toright Torque at 5.6 bar and 0°5wWei angie 30 30 30 30/60" 160 |60/106l> llOn/1801» uh 240 Ba:i vatw Valve fonction 2 ,'2 Constructional desigi 2-vtay bail valve Sealing...

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Ball valve actuators VZPR - 11

Bail valve actuators VZPR-BPD, stainless steel Ma te riais Houslng rtgh- a lloy sia Inless Steel 77408 Bal rtgh- al loy sta i rte* sfetd Stvih Seals Housinf PolylrtffluowtWent ibre gla w reintoccwl Shati - Connecting ftread JCoiret◯ingtnread 1300 RplH.loique:60Nm 3800 RpH 1200 ftp1Vfc.lofque:100Nin RpW i / r-- 51 OC RpM,1orqu« 30 Nm 1800 i Mit 7000 Rp3/*. torque 60 Nm ; Rp? h *i>i: Rpl 3100 Rp2W 14400 Oprt ing pressure p2 as a fonction of nominal op颩rating pcessure Standard tonque 5 I ^-1 T" 3 10 20 30 40 50 60 pl [bar] 63 10 2030 « 50 60 pl (bar m apv*. «pu Rpl RpiW RplW RpW Rpl Vi KplW...

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Ball valve actuators VZPR - 12

Bail valve actuators VZPR-BPD, stainless steel fcthmtal ditJ Dimensions Downtoad CAD Data ^ ,'us.cjd -i !-: L3 rL2 13 tnttrnet: www U$io ujm/tJtjTo&'

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Ball valve actuators VZPR - 14

Bail valve actuators VZPR-BPD, stainless steel fcthmtal ditJ (Matai data 1 Connecting thread |Part No. Trpe f RpW 40 $26 VZPR-BPD-22-R14R RpW 540 527 VZPRBPD-22-RJ8R RpV; 540 528 VZPR-BPO-22-R12R Rp'A. torque: 30 NrrVoperatJng pressure: 5.6 bar 540 529 V2PR-BPD 22 R34R RpW, torque: 60 Nm/operaling pressure: 5-6 bar 540 875 VZPRBP0H22-R34R 540 530 VZPRBPD-22-R1R RplVi. torque: 60Nm/operating pressure: 5.6 bar 540 531 VZW-BPD-22 R114R RplH. toique 100 Hm/operatlng pressure: 5.6 bar 540 876 VZPR-BP0H-22-R114R Rpl yit torque 100 Nm/operating pressure: 5.6 bar 540 532 VZPRBPO-22-RU2R RplVi,...

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Ball valve actuators VZPR - 15

Product Range and Company Overview A Complte Suite of Uon Services Dur experiented engineers provida complte support at every stage of yourdevelopment process, including: conceptuat訢alion, anatyss. engineering, design, assembty. documentation, validation, and production. CustomAutomatlon Components Complte custom enjlneered solutions Custom Contrat Cabinets ComprehensJve engineering support and on-Sit Servtes Complte Systems Shlpment. stocklng and storate services The Broadest Range of Automation Components Wrth  comprehensr/e line of more than 30,000 utomatlon components, Festo is...

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Ball valve actuators VZPR - 16

Festo North America Festo Rgional Contact Center 5 300 Explorer Drfre Mtofcsausa. Ontario UW 504 Canada usagtmomers: For orderingattittaftee» tati: 1 300-99. RESTO (1300-993.37861 tau t^ca96\FCST0 QJOOMUTH) fm*L cuslomer.se陯ct^usJe*loxom For technkal support cad: 1.866JX>JttT0{r866\463.3786) fax: 1.800^JESTC>(1.3a963.3736) etnall: produ<*u5.*eSto.torn c i nad !■ c Wb눈ʊʋU call l,877.GOJSTO(1.877.46*J786) Fax: 1.877.FX.FEST0 (1.877.3913 786) imal: feMo. a rrtdav a. fԧ hp m *r«t*i «/at Canada USA Headquarters Festo Corporation 395 Ato refend Road P.O. Box 18023 Hauppauf*. HV...

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