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Axis controllers CPX-CMAX


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Axis controllers CPX-CMAX - 1

Axis controllers CPX-CMAX

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Axis controllers CPX-CMAX - 2

Axis controllers CPX-CMAX Overview Servo-pneumatic drive technology Positioning and Soft Stop applica- The modular design meansthat tions as an integral component of the valves, digital inputs and outputs, valve terminal CPX - the modular positioning modules and end-position peripheral system for decentralised controllers, as appropriate to the ap- automation tasks. plication, can be combined in almost any wayon the CPX terminal. Advantages: Pneumatics and electrics - control and positioning on one platform Օ Innovative positioning technology -piston rod drives, rodless drives, rotary...

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Axis controllers CPX-CMAX - 3

Axis controllers CPX-CMAX Key features Axis controllers CPX-CMAX Technical data 7 Free choice: Position and force control, directly actuated or selected from one of 64 configurable position sets. Ifyou are lookingforsomething more: the configurable function for switch-ingto the next set enables simple functional sequences to be realised in the axis controller CPX-CMAX. Everything is recognisable: the auto-identification function identifies each station with its device data on the controller CPX-CMAX. Also included: The functional scope of the controller CPX-CMAX includes actuation of a...

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Axis controllers CPX-CMAX - 4

Axis controllers CPX-CMAX Drive options System with linear drive DGCI Technical data Internet: dgci 6 Pneumatic rodless linear drive with displacementencoder and recirculatingball bearingguide Օ Displacement encoder with abso-lute and contactless measuring Identical construction as pneumatic linear drive DGC Օ Diameter: 18 ... 40 and 63 mm Stroke: 100 ... 2,000 mm in fixed lengths Օ Range of application of Soft Stop and pneumatic positioning ofloads from 1 . 180 kg No sensor interface required Advantages: Օ Finished drive unit, precision guide Excellent runningcharacteristics Օ For...

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Axis controllers CPX-CMAX - 5

Axis controllers CPX-CMAX Drive options System with swivel module DSMI Technical data Internet: dsmi 3 Swivel module DSMI with integrated displacementencoder Identical construction as pneumatic swivel module DSM Absolute displacementencoder on basis ofpotentiometer Swivel range from 0 ... 270° Size: 25 and 40 Max. torque: 5 or 20 Nm Range of application ofSoft Stop and pneumatic positioning: mass moments ofinertia from 15 ... 1,200 kgcm2 and the matching sensor interface CASM-S-D2-R3 Pre-assembled cables guarantee faultless and fast connection with the proportional directional control valve...

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Axis controllers CPX-CMAX - 6

Axis controllers CPX-CMAX Drive options System components for pneumatic positioning Systems with axis controller CPX-CMAX 3 Linear drive Standard cylinder Swivel module Potentiometer Potentiometer Page/Internet DGCI DNCI DSMI LWG TLF Axis controller CPX-CMAX ■ ■ ■ ■ 7 2 Proportional directional control valve ■ ■ ■ ■ vpwp VPWP 4 Sensor interface CASM-S-D2-R3 - - ■ ■ ■ casm 5 Sensor interface CASM-S-D3-R7 - ■ - - - casm 6 Connecting cable KVI-CP-3-... ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ 10 7 Connecting cable NEBC-P1W4-... - - ■ ■ - nebc 8 Connecting cable NEBC-A1W3-... - - - - ■ nebc 6 Internet:...

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Axis controllers CPX-CMAX - 7

New Axis controllers CPX-CMAX Type codes and peripherals overview festd Type codes CPX - CMAX - C1 - 1 Valve terminal CPX Terminal Type CMAX Axis controller Function module C1 Controller Axes 1 One axis Peripherals overview Type Brief description Page/Internet 11 Axis controller CPX-CMAX Integrated in the CPX terminal. Screws for mountingon the plastic interlinking block are included in the scope of delivery. 8 |_6j Connecting cable KVI-CP-3 For connectingaxis controller CPX-CMAX and proportional directional control valve VPWP. 10 aA Inscription label IBS For labellingthe modules. 10 aB...

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Axis controllers CPX-CMAX - 8

-o- New Axis controllers CPX-CMAX Technical data The axis controller CPX-CMAX is intended exclusively for valve terminais CPX. General technical data Operating voltage Operating voltage range [VDC] 18 ...30 Nominal operating voltage [VDC] 24 Current consumption at nominal operating voltage [mA] 200 Fuse protection (short circuit) Electronic Power failure bridging [ms] 10 Load voltage Load voltage range [VDC] 20 ...30 Nominal load voltage [VDC] 24 Perm. load current [A] 2.5 Fuse protection (short circuit) Electronic Numberofaxis strings 1 Axes perstring 1 Length ofconnecting cable to axis...

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Axis controllers CPX-CMAX - 9

-o- New Axis controllers CPX-CMAX Technical data Operating and environmental conditions Ambient temprature [°C] -5 ...+50 Relative air humidity [%] 5 ... 95, non-condensing Protection class to IEC 60529 IP65 CE mark (see declaration of conformity) To EU EMC Directive Connection and display components 1 3-digit display 2 Control interface 3 Status LEDs 4 Inscription labels Pin Signal Designation 1 +24 V Nominal operating voltage 2 +24 V Load voltage 3 0V Ground 4 CAN_H CAN high 5 CAN_L CAN low Housing Screened Cable screening Bus node/FEC Protocol of CMAX modules Remarks CPX-FEC - 7...

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Axis controllers CPX-CMAX - 10

-o- New Axis controllers CPX-CMAX Accessories Brief description Part No. Type 8 Order code in the CPX configurator: T21 548932 CPX-CMAX-C1-1 Ordering data - Connecting cables Briefdescription Cable length [m] Part No. Type Connecting cable with angled plugand angled socket 0.25 540327 KVI-CP-3-WS-WD-0,25 0.5 540328 KVI-CP-3-WS-WD-0,5 2 540329 KVI-CP-3-WS-WD-2 5 540330 KVI-CP-3-WS-WD-5 8 540331 KVI-CP-3-WS-WD-8 Connecting cable with straight plugand straight socket 2 540332 KVI-CP-3-GS-GD-2 5 540333 KVI-CP-3-GS-GD-5 8 540334 KVI-CP-3-GS-GD-8 0> Connector for control cabinet through-feed...

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Axis controllers CPX-CMAX - 11

-o- New Axis controllers CPX-CMAX Accessories festd Brief description Part No. Type <0p Adapter cable from 5-pin M12 to mini USB socket and controller software 547432 NEFC-M12G5-0.3-U1G5 Ordering data - Interlinking block, plastic, as expansion block Briefdescription Connection Part No. Type - 195742 CPX-GE-EV M18 195744 CPX-GE-EV-Z 7/8" - 5-pin 541248 CPX-GE-EV-Z-7/8-5POL 7/8" - 4-pin 541250 CPX-GE-EV-Z-7/8-4POL M18 533577 CPX-GE-EV-V 7/8"-4-pin 541252 CPX-GE-EV-V-7/8-4POL Without powersupply With additional power supply for outputs With additional power supply for valves Ordering data -...

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