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AS-interface® components

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2 Internet: Subject to change-2011/06

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AS-interface® components Overview of AS-interface Basic principles and features of the bus system Introduction AS-interface is a non-proprietary, open installation system with a large and growingshare of the market at the lowest level of the decentralised production and process automation hierarchy. Design The AS-interface system permits the transferof powerand data usinga single cable. The advanced technology used to con-nect stations to the yellow cable and the low connection costs mean that even stations with a small numberof inputs and outputs (max. 8 inputs and 8 outputs per valve...

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AS-interface® components - 4

AS-interface® components Overview of AS-interface Basic features Simple connection technology Ideal for pneumatic applications A powerful system component Everythingfrom a single source One cable for power and data Local control of small groups of AS-interface is clearlysubordinate to Festo is your single source for the Օ Cable profile prevents polarity actuators or individual distributed the fieldbuses alreadyin use and is AS-interface. This means reversal actuators coveringan extensive area therefore less a competing product one contact person, Օ Error control means there is no with and...

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AS-interface® components - 5

AS-interface® components System overview Components Ethernet P 1 PLC with fieldbus master Industrial PC with fieldbus master bus ^^^5 [ PLCwithAS-interface master to IP20 Industrial PC with AS-interface master CPX Compact MPA with selectable inputs Fieldbus/ AS-interface gateway AS-Interface Individual valve interface ASI-EVA Valve terminal CPVwith inputs, standard orA/Bmodeto Spec. V2.0, Spec. V2.1, Spec. V3.0 CPX Compact VTSA/VTSA-F valve terminal with selectable inputs Compact I/O modules and valve interfaces 2011/06 - Subject to change Internet: 5

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AS-interface® components - 6

AS-interface® components System overview Application examples Sorting Valve terminais MPA, VTSA/VTSA-F weight. Mounting close to the drives and CPV: simplifies installation, saves com- Compact Performance is synonymous pressedair andincreases the cycle with high performance and low rates. Conveyortechnology Individually distributed drives and Individual valve interfaces ASI-EVA or sensors coveringan extensive area are compact I/O modules support the common features of conveyor systems. The AS-interface is particularly suited to systems of this type. direct connection ofone or two valves of...

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AS-interface® components - 7

AS-interface® components System overview Accessories ■ Addressing device with user-friendlyoperatingand diagnostic functions for the entire AS-interface, for example to perform the followingtasks in a fully installed network: - change addresses -setoutputs - read inputs - and manymore ͕ Power supply unit for AS-interface Primary switched mode modular power supply Compact, modular and energy-saving power supply system for AS-interface - with integrated earth-fault monitoringsystem. AS-i load: 4.8 A. Optional auxiliary power supply 24 VDC, load: 5 or 10 A Installation accessories for...

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AS-interface® components - 8

AS-interface® components System overview Valve interface variants Individual valve interface ASI-EVA The perfect solution for 1 or 2 distrib- uted valves and sensors Optimum pneumatic configuration within the range 10... 30,000 l/min Օ Obtain the appropriate individual valve Then connect it to the AS-interface using Festo plugand workՙ This solution offers the maximum in mechanical, pneumatic and electrical flexibility Compact valve terminal CPV Maximum performance of 400 ... 1,600 l/min with minimal space requirement Օ Valve combinations of 2, 4 or 8valve slices Vacuum generation, relays...

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AS-interface® components - 9

AS-interface® components CPV valve terminais - Overview CPV valve terminais with AS-interface - CPV valve terminais with AS-interface can be configuredwitha wide range of valve slices. The system supports a maximum of 8 outputs and 8 inputs per AS-interface slave. This gives the following basic valve slice configuration options (see tables on following page). Vacant positions can be configured instead of valve slices atany position. Valve configuration options General data With or without 24 V DC auxiliary power supply for solenoid coils (EMERGENCY-STOP circuitry) dependingon bus interface...

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AS-interface® components - 10

AS-interface® components CPV valve terminais - Overview Code Type Valve slices Solenoid coils Inputs (M8 connection) Auxiliary power supply Size With Without CPV10 CPV14 CPV18 AZ CPV1x-GE-ASI-2-Z 2 4 - - ■ ■ ■ AZ CPV18-GE-ASI-4-Z 4 4 - - - - ■ AE/AO CPV1x-GE-ASI-4E4A(-Z) 4 4 4 - AE CPV1x-GE-ASI-8E8A-Z 8 8 8 - - BE CPV1x-GE-ASI-4E3A(-Z) 4 3 4 - - BE CPV1x-GE-ASI-8E6A-Z 8 6 8 - - CE CPV1x-GE-ASI-4E4A-Z-M8-CE 4 4 4 - - CE CPV1x-GE-ASI-8E8A-Z-M8-CE 8 8 8 - - 1) The load voltage (auxiliary power supply via the black cable) can be connected/disconnected separately. Permissible combinations in...

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AS-interface® components CPV valve terminais with integrated inputs, to SPEC V2.0 CPV valve terminais with integrated General data Cubic design for exceptional performance and lowweight Օ Highly flexible thankstovarious pneumatic functions (valve variants), different pressure ranges, vacuum switches and the option ofintegrated vacuum generation ͕ Floating relay outputs (optional) Connection for auxiliary power supplyfor EMERGENCY-STOP conditions Օ Protection class IP65 inputs, to Specification V2.0 LED displays for: Status display for inputs Օ Switching status of valves PWR-LED (power)...

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AS-interface® components CPV valve terminais with integrated inputs, to SPEC V2.0 Technicaldata Type CPV-...-GE-ASI-4E4A-Z-M8 CPV-...-GE-ASI-4E4A-M8 CPV-...-GE-ASI-8E8A-Z-M8 Part No. Ordervia order code/valve terminal configurator Code AE AO AE Valves Number of valve slices/coils Valve width 4 4 8 [mm] 10/14 Settingofthevalve configuration Integrated DIL switch External power supply 24 V DC Digital inputs Connection technology Yes No Yes 4 4 8 M8, 3-pin Sensor supply via AS-interface Sensor connection Short circuit and overload proof 2-wire and 3-wire sensors Type IEC1131-2, type 2 Input...

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