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Angle grippers HGW - 2

Angle grippers HGW Key features At a glance Double-acting piston drive Օ Wide range of options for mounting Sensortechnology: Օ Self-centring on drive units - Adaptable proximitysensors on Variable gripping action: Օ Constant gripping torque over the the small grippers - External/internal gripping entire angle range - Integral proximitysensors for Versatility thanks to externally Օ 40° opening angle medium and large grippers adaptable gripper fingers Internal fixed flow control -|- Note Sizing software Gripper selection -♦ Mounting options for external gripper fingers...

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Angle grippers HGW - 3

Angle grippers HGW Peripherals overviewand type codes Peripherals overview System product for handling and assembly technology HGW-10 4 Type Brief description Page/Internet 11 Position sensor SMH-S1 Adaptable and integratable sensor technology, for sensingthe piston position 11 12 Evaluation unit SMH-AE1 For position sensor SMH-S1 11 131Proximity sensor SME/SMT-8 For sensingthe piston position 11 4 - Drive/gripper connections adapter kit Type codes HGW 16 ח A Type J HGW Angle gripper Size Position sensing A For proximity sensing 2011/06 - Subject to change Internet:...

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Angle grippers HGW - 4

Angle grippers HGW Technical data Function Double-acting "|" Spare_parts_service Wearing parts kits 10 -o- Size 10... 40 mm Size 10 116 125 132 140 Design Lever mechanism Mode of operation Double-acting Gripper function Angle Numberof gripper jaws 2 Opening angle [°] 40 Pneumatic connection M3 M5 GX Repetition accuracy1' [mm] <0.04 Max. interchangeabilit [mm] 0.2 Max. operating frequency [Hz] 4 Position sensing For proximity sensing Type of mounting With female thread and centring hole 1) End position drift underconstant conditions of use with 100 conscutive strokes in the...

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Angle grippers HGW - 5

Angle grippers HGW Technical data Materials Sectionalview Angle gripper 1 Body Hard anodised aluminium |2| Gripper jaw Nickel-plated tool steel 131Cover cap Polyacetate - Note on materials Copper, PTFEand silicone-free Conforms to RoHS Total gripping torque [Ncm] at 6 bar, with external gripper fingers External gripping Internal gripping * G. - Size 10 16 25 32 40 Total gripping torque Opening 25 120 360 680 965 Closing 22 106 320 600 880 Characteristic load values at the gripper jaws Theindicated permissibleforcesand torques apply to a single gripper jaw. Static forces and torques relate...

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Angle grippers HGW - 6

Angle grippers HGW Technical data Mass moment of inertia [kgm2x10"4j Mass moment of inertia [kgm2x10"4| for angle grippers in relation to the central axis, without external gripper fingers, without load. Size 10 16 25 32 40 HGW 0.03 0.13 0.60 1.48 3.54 Without external gripper fingers With external gripper fingers The indicated openingand closing The grippers must be throttled for times [ms] have been measured at greater applied loads. Opening and room temperature and 6 bar operating closing times must then be adjusted pressure without external gripper accordingly. fingers. Size 10 16 25 32...

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Angle grippers HGW - 7

Angle grippers HGW Technical data Opening and closing times t as a function of gripper finger mass moment of inertia J HGW-10-A HGW-16-A HGW-40-A 0 0,1 0,2 0,3 0,4 0,5 0,6 0,7 0,8 _Lis]___ 2011/06 - Subject to change Internet: 7

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Angle grippers HGW - 8

Angle grippers HGW Technical data Gripping force F per gripper as a function of operating pressure and the lever arm r Gripping forces Gripping forces can be determined pressure and lever arm (distance from site to the pressure point atwhich the with the following diagrams for the the zero co-ordinate line shown oppo- external fingers grip the workpiece). various sizes in relation to operating External gripping (closing) Internal gripping (opening) r [mm]___ r[mm] 8 Internet: Subject to change-2011/06

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Angle grippers HGW - 11

Angle grippers HGW Accessories Type For size Weight Part No. Type PU1' [g] Position sensorSMH-S1 Technical data Internet: smh-s1 10 20 175 711 SMH-S1-HGW10 1 Evaluation unitSMH-AEl Technical data Internet: smh-ae 10 170 175 708 SMH-AE1-PS3-M12 1 175 709 SMH-AE1-NS3-M12 Centringsleeve ZBH Technical data Internet: zbh 10,16 1 189 652 ZBH-5 10 25 186 717 ZBH-7 32 150 927 ZBH-9 40 189 653 ZBH-12 1) Packaging unit quantity Ordering data - Proximity sensors forT-slot, magneto-resistive Technical data Internet: smt Type ofmounting Switch output Electrical connection Cable length [m] Part No. Type...

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Angle grippers HGW - 12

Angle grippers HGW Accessories Ordering data - Proximity sensors forT-slot, magnetic reed Technical data Internet: sme Type of mounting Switch output Electrical connection Cable length [m] Part No. Type N/O contact Insertable in the slot from above, flush with cylinder profile Contacting Cable, 3-wire 2.5 543 862 SME-8M-DS-24V-K-2,5-OE 5.0 543 863 SME-8M-DS-24V-K-5,0-OE Cable, 3-wire 2.5 543 872 SME-8M-ZS-24V-K-2,5-OE PlugM8x1, 3-pin 0.3 543 861 SME-8M-DS-24V-K-0,3-M8D ^g?*Insertable in the slot lengthwise, flush with the cylinder profile Contacting Cable, 3-wire 2.5 150 855 SME-8-K-LED-24...

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Angle grippers HGW - 13

Product Range and Company Overview A Complte Suite of Automation Services Our experienced engineers provide complte support at every stage of your development process, including: conceptualization, analysis, engineering, design, assembly, documentation, validation, and production. Custom Automation Components Custom Control Cabinets Complete Systems Complete custom engineered solutions Comprehensive engineering support Shipment, stocking and storage services and on-site services The Broadest Range of Automation Components With a comprehensive line of more than 30,000 automation components,...

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Angle grippers HGW - 14

Festo North America Festo Rgional Contact Center 5300 Explorer Drive Mississauga, Ontario L4W 5G4 Canada USA Customers: For ordering assistance, Call: 1.800.99.FESTO (1.800.993.3786) Fax: 1.800.96.FESTO (1.800.963.3786) Email: For technical support, Call: 1.866.GO.FESTO (1.866.463.3786) Fax: 1.800.96.FESTO (1.800.963.3786) Email: Canadian Customers: Call: 1.877.GO.FESTO (1.877.463.3786) Fax: 1.877.FX.FESTO (1.877.393.3786) Email: United States USA Headquarters, East: Festo Corp., 395 Moreland Road,...

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