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Solenoid valves VSNC The new NAMUR generation Highlights • NAMUR connection pattern to VDE/VDI 3845 • Rotatable seal for 3/2-way or 5/2-way valve • Wide choice of Ex solenoid systems • Sturdy and powerful • Extended temperature range • Outstanding value for money • All solenoid coils can be used on an armature tube • The variant VSNC-...FN consumes less power and thus offers greater energy efficiency The standard NAMUR valve VSNC is certified worldwide in accordance with the usual explosion-protection standards and can be used in many industry segments and applications. Its distinguishing features are its modern design, durable quality and fully tested technology and materials. The valve also stands out thanks to its excellent value for money – this is what modern NAMUR valves should be! Single-acting or double-acting? Whether you are using a s ingle-acting or double-acting actuator, the standard NAMUR valve VSNC offers you the right solution with just one valve. All you have to do is turn the seal at the NAMUR interface and a 3/2-way valve becomes a 5/2-way valve. Explosive environment? Not a problem! The VSNC range includes IEC Ex-certified solenoid systems for zones 1/21 and 2/22, Class I/II/III, Division 1 solenoid systems to NEC 500 as well as solenoid systems with local certification to INMETRO, CCC-Ex and Kosha. Choice of actuation options The flexible interface of the standard NAMUR valve VSNC means you can use solenoids with device plugs or terminal boxes. If you want to connect electropneumatic pilot valves, use the CNOMO interface. With exhaust air recirculation! The integrated exhaust air r ecirculation (spring chamber protection) ensures that no atmospheric air is taken in; this protects the spring chamber and the springs of the actuator against corrosi

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Solenoid valves VSNC Versatile, inexpensive and safe: an overview of the valve range Configuration options Standard valve Cost efficient Piston spool Type VACF Solenoid to IP65 Type VACN Zone 1/21 Ex ia Intrinsically safe Type VACN Class I/II/III, Div. I AEx m Encapsulated Type VACN Zone 2/22 Ex na Non sparking Type VACN Zone 1/21 Ex m Encapsulated F8 Piston spool valve technology, device plug to DIN EN 175-803, type A & B FN Piston spool and poppet valve technology, applications in explosive atmospheres or in intrinsically safe circuits with a device plug as the connection type F19/F19A...

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Solenoid valves VSNC Feature Piston spool/poppet valve Valve function, single solenoid Valve function, double solenoid 5/2-way or 5/3-way pressurised, closed, exhausted Reset method Mechanical spring Manual override Detenting, non-detenting, none Design Poppet valve The poppet valve design (VSNC-FT…) really comes into its own when the demands on the application increase. It offers better tolerance against “contaminated pneumatic air”, less leakage and fewer dynamic seals, which can have a positive effective on the service life. Piston spool valve The piston spool valve VSNC (VSNC-F…) is the...

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Solenoid valves VSNC An extensive range of accessories for the NAMUR interface for even more variants Sub-base Connector plate Throttle plate Throttle plate Converter plate to inline Exhaust plate Mounting plate NAMUR connection turned 90°, 180° or 270° for tight installation spaces Mounting plate NAMUR plate for reducing the connection from 1/2 to 1/4 for pneumatic controller (CNOMO connection) PSI 142142 en 2021/06 – Errors and omissions excepted

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