Quarter turn actuator DFPD-C: Perfect for the chemical industry!


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Quarter turn actuator DFPD-C for the chemical industry Perfect for chemicals! Highlights • Specially developed for extremely high requirements • Interface to standard VDI/VDE 3847 • Resistant materials • Safely set the end position • Easy maintenance • No tubing required • Hot-swap function The quarter turn actuators DFPD-C and DFPD-C-VDE2 are equipped for the harsh conditions in the chemical industry and set a new benchmark thanks to their excellent features. These include a NAMUR interface to VDI/VDE 3847, hard-anodised end caps, blow-out-proof adjusting screws for the end position, shaft centring ring and captive spring cartridges that are free of non-ferrous metals. Save yourself the trouble of time-consuming and expensive tubing thanks to the extended NAMUR hole pattern in a block solution on the front of the actuator. Its design allows you to use the DFPD-C under almost all difficult conditions in the chemical industry. Target applications The DFPD-C is suitable for actuating butterfly valves, plug valves and ball valves in process plants in the chemical and petrochemical industry, and can also be used with a positioner for control applications. Proven technology The compact and modular gear rack-and-pinion combination is easy to install even when space is at a premium. The range of variants for pilot valves and numerous compatible peripheral devices mean that it can be operated in a large variety of applications. Thanks to the spring design the pressure range can be optimally set for the task in hand. This allows pressures from 2 to 6 bar to be easily set in increments of 0.5 bar. The hot-swap function allows positioners and pilot valves to be changed during operation.

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Quarter turn actuator DFPD-C: Perfect for the chemical industry! - 2

Optional with interface VDI/VDE 3847 for directly attaching adapter kit DADG-FM-F9-VDE2 Non-ferrous metal free spring cartridges Centring ring for a minimum offset mounting on a bridge For a variety of applications: interface VDI/VDE 3847 The supply port on the quarter turn actuator DFPD-...-C-VDE2 is located on top and thus allows the adapter kit DADG-FM-F9-VDE2 to be mounted. Thanks to the adapter kit, you can connect all types of pilot valves with NAMUR interfaces as well as positioners in accordance with VDI/VDE 3847 to the actuator without additional tubing. This simplifies maintenance...

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