FEIN metal catalogue 2018/19 - 248 Pages

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FEIN metal catalogue 2018/19

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FEIN metal catalogue 2018/19

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POWER TOOLS FROM THE INVENTOR OF THE ELECTRIC HAND DRILL FEIN is the specialist for professional and extremely reliable power tools and special solutions in the metal sector. As the inventor of the electric hand drill, FEIN has been developing innovative and unbeatably efficient solutions for everyday use which can also stand up to the toughest continuous use in industry and trade for over 150 years. W. E. Fein founded the company when he was 25 years old. The world’s first power tool was a FEIN drill. The FEIN plaster cast saw was the first oscillating multi-tool. Work became much safer...

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FEIN – THE RELIABLE PARTNER FOR HIGH-QUALITY P ­ OWER TOOLS AND ACCESSORIES. THE CAREFREE A ­ SSISTANT FOR THE MOST EXACTING STANDARDS. All FEIN power tools are designed for applications in the metal sector. Through a perfect combination of high-quality components, they are a well thoughtout overall construction, guaranteeing a long service life and robustness. FEIN specialists working at the company headquarters in Schwäbisch Gmünd-Bargau develop and produce the power tools themselves. More than 90 percent of products are manufactured in-house – for FEIN, this is what “Made in Germany”...

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AT HOME AROUND THE GLOBE. With 16 subsidiaries and 50 FEIN representations, we provide competent advice, a rapid service and one-to-one support around the globe. Open communication with our customers is important to us because we aim to achieve a dialogue focused on solutions and service. Choose how you want to make contact with us. Whether you opt for our field service, website, service team or social media – we look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you may have.

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YOU’RE IN GOOD HANDS AFTER MAKING YOUR PURCHASE TOO. YOU CAN RELY ON FEIN. FEIN power tools are subject to tough practical testing before they are launched. You and a multitude of users in various sectors worldwide benefit from our state-of-the-art tools. Not only does this make us proud, we also firmly believe that our products give users reliable power tools that they will continue to use for years to come. 3-YEAR FEIN PLUS WARRANTY FEIN products meet the most exact quality standards, so we provide you with a t ­ hree-year warranty for free. All you have to do is register your FEIN...

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FEIN. UnvtrwDstllchB Eloktrawariuaugo. TABLE OF CONTENTS SANDING Compact angle grinders    16 High frequency angle grinders    52 High frequency die grinders    58 GRINDING STAINLESS STEEL    64 Compact angle grinders    72    Pipe sander    73    Belt file    75 Angle Polishers    72    Fillet weld grinder    74 BELT GRINDING Hand-guided belt grinding    86 CORE DRILLING DRILLING / SCREWDRIVING Drill jigs/magnetic drill    jigs    182 Rotary hammer drill    209 CUTTING / SAWING Sheet metal shears    218 Pipe milling cutter    238

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BRILLIANT ALL ROUND. THE FEIN 18 V CORDLESS RANGE. The FEIN 18 V cordless range offers maximum freedom and flexibility for everyday work. Powerful and reliable cordless tools without any drop in performance guarantee continually good work progress thanks to the very latest battery technology. Precise and economical results – FEIN’s cordless range is optimised for all applications, delivering the right solution for every job. SuperCut MultiMaster Slitting shears Sheet metal shears Angle grinder

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 Maximum power when combined with the FEIN HighPower storage battery! Core drills Rotary hammer drill Drywall screw gun Angle drill Thread drill 2-speed (impact) drill/driver Impact wrench/driv

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TABLE OF CONTENTS COMPACT ANGLE GRINDERS Three equipment lines, the same unbeatable quality - the right angle grinder for every job.  Outstanding performance, palpable comfort and optimum safety. Angle grinder for tough sanding and cutting work.  ANGLE GRINDERS The specialist tools for use in metal working, for grinding, b ­ rushing, deburring and polishing.  HIGH FREQUENCY ANGLE GRINDERS The specialists in continuous use when cutting and roughingdown under tough environmental conditions.  HIGH FREQUENCY DIE GRINDERS The specialists in continuous use when sanding and deburring under tough...

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SANDING WITH FEIN: ALL THE BENEFITS AT A GLANCE. VERY EXTENSIVE RANGE – FROM ROUGH SANDING TO MIRROR POLISH. Through our wide range of products covering everything from compact angle grinders and high-frequency grinders to die grinders, we offer both hand-guided and stationary tools of between 350 and 3700 W, for applications large and small. The high copper content of the motor gives the angle grinders great torque stability and makes them very powerful. They are therefore designed for removing a lot of material, great work progress and a very long service life.

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CUSTOMISED FOR YOUR ­REQUIREMENTS. Especially for machining stainless steel, FEIN provides various machining options which are configured perfectly for this application. In terms of belt grinding, the GRIT by FEIN systems provide modular solutions: They can be used flexibly for everything from ­ anding to volume production and thereby s g ­ uarantee great cost-effectiveness.

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CUTTING, DEBURRING, GRINDING, ­ROUGHING-DOWN: ANGLE AND DIE GRINDERS FROM FEIN. Precise and cost-effective results thanks to a perfectly matched tool. FEIN provides angle and die grinders in all performance classes – from 350 to 3700 W. For grinding discs with a diameter of between 115 and 230 mm. Both light- and heavy-duty cutting and grinding work is handled with ease and removes large amounts of material. COMPACT ANGLE GRINDERS ꨉꨉ For sanding, cutting and deburring work. ꨉꨉ Disc diameter 115 to 150 mm. ꨉꨉ Compact design: easy-to-use and ergonomic. ANGLE GRINDERS ꨉꨉ For heavy-duty cutting...

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