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The FEIN drill range for trade and industry

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Metal drills for professionals. The FEIN drill range for trade and industry.

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Drilling expertise from the inventor of the power drill. In 1895, FEIN invented the world's first electric hand drill. With more than 120 years of ongoing development, FEIN has succeeded in perfecting metal drilling technology. The same spirit of innovation and German-built quality goes into every FEIN drill. Professionals put their trust in the long-life quality of FEIN and rightly so. The benefits for you: irst-class materials and excellent workmanship – premium F quality from one source. Performance and quality leader for core drilling. table torque motors delivering the same power with...

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Cordless drill/driver FEIN ASCM 14 / 18 FEIN ASCM 12 Drill with pistol grip FEIN BOP FEIN ABOP Cross handle drill FEIN DSke / DDSk / ASq Spade handle drill FEIN BOS Thread drill FEIN GWP Angle drill FEIN WBP FEIN AWBP Hand-guided core drilling system FEIN KBH 16 FEIN KBH accessories 18 Magnetic drill jigs FEIN MBS / IBS Magnetic core drill FEIN KBB / KBM

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CORDLESS DRILL/DRIVER The 4-speed cordless drill/driver from FEIN. Extreme performance and perfect for metalworking. For over 120 years, FEIN has been setting high standards with extremely reliable professional tools for trades and industry. FEIN develops professional power tools, especially for metalworking. FEIN has brought this experience and expertise to the market in the development of the 12 V to 18 V cordless drill/driver. The result: these powerful tools offer impressive ergonomics, a compact, light design and optimum handling whilst at the same time featuring outstanding...

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The optimal speeds for every hole diameter. The 4 speeds of the FEIN cordless drill/driver allow you to select the right speed for any application, so the best possible work progress is guaranteed. Find the right speed for your application in just two simple steps. 1. etermine the cutting speed based on material and drill D Material Drill HSS drill bits The standard drill for metal processing. Wear- and deformationresistant up to around 600° C. HSS TiN coated Less friction and greater hardness. The drills have a longer service life and higher cutting speed. Construction steel Strength <...

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CORDLESS DRILL/DRIVER Li-Ion battery technology from FEIN. Innovative SafetyCell technology makes FEIN Li-ion batteries special. A separate communication cable reliably protects the battery and tool from overload, overheating and total discharge. This makes FEIN battery technology durable and reliable. The charge status indicator displays the remaining capacity. Soft enclosures protect workpieces from damage and ensure a stable standing position. Technical data 4-speed ASCM QX cordless drill/ driver Battery voltage (capacity) 4-speed ASCM 12 C cordless drill/ driver 4-speed ASCM cordless...

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The brushless PowerDrive motors from FEIN. The motors are the heart of our power tools and they are exactly matched to the requirements of professional craftsmen. Their high speeds mean that the FEIN PowerDrive motors have the flexibility needed to satisfy virtually any requirement. The brushless design reduces wear to a minimum and at the same time makes the motors so efficient that the battery life and service life are significantly extended.

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DRILL WITH GUN HANDLE Precise pistol grip drills. Drilling precision of the highest standard. Every component of the FEIN drills from the BOP range is designed to deliver exceptional performance over an extremely long service life, allowing operators to complete professional drilling tasks accurately and quickly even under difficult working conditions. The concentricity of the machines makes it possible to achieve very precise results. Equipped with the FEIN high-power motor, the drills deliver very high torque – even at lower speeds. The benefits for you: S table torque motors delivering...

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Technical data Model Hole diameter in steel/stainless steel mm Hole diameter in light metal Tapping Power consumption Power output Idling speed Load speed Torque (at max. output power) Stall torque Collar diameter Drill chuck clamping width Thread on the drill shaft Cable with plug Width across corners Weight (according to EPTA) Acceleration electronics Spindle lock Comes complete with Order number Order number including plastic

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CORDLESS DRILL WITH GUN HANDLE Pistol Grip drill with unique endurance and power – with no cable. Thanks to the maintenance-free, brushless FEIN PowerDrive motor and the FEIN Li-Ion battery technology, the models of the ABOP range are as powerful as the BOP mains-powered drills. The 18 V Li-ion battery offers an ideal combination of high performance and low weight. The cordless drills operate at extremely consistent speeds to deliver very efficient and powerful drilling, particularly for metal applications. Clockwise/anti-clockwise Flexible and universal use thanks to...

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Technical data Model Hole diameter in steel / stainless steel mm Hole diameter in light metal Battery voltage Battery capacity Idling speed Load speed Torque (at max. output power) Stall torque Collar diameter Drill chuck clamping width Thread on the drill shaft Width across corners Weight (according to EPTA) Acceleration electronics Spindle lock Comes complete with Order number 1 metal quick-clamping drill chuck, 1 additional handle, 2 Li-ion batteries (5 Ah), 1 rapid charger ALG 50, 1 plastic tool case 7 105 01 61 FEIN Sele

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SPADE HANDLE DRILL The most powerful spade handle drills. For heavy-duty drilling with maximum precision. The FEIN BOS drills can't fail to impress users with their consistently high precision – even when drilling very tough holes in metal. The spur gear sits in a robust die-cast aluminium housing and is very smooth-running with minimum vibrations. Even at low speed, the high-power 1200 W motor delivers sufficient torque and the six electronically controlled speed settings ensure the best work progress even under full load. Steel construction / metal construction The benefits for you: H...

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