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Multimax - 3

FAYMONVILLETRAILERS TO THE MAX With an experience of over 50years, Faymonvilte is one of the biggest manufacturers of semi-trailers for special and heavy haulage. Faymonville provides their customers with optimal solutions and systems for any transport need outside the usual norms. Quality, flexibility, productivity, creativity and service are the company's keywords. The range of products and services is constantly enlarged in tight collaboration with our customers. The high level of innovation and the excellent manufacturing quality of the products are secured by optimized production...

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Multimax - 4

The Mu [UMAX is an economic and flexible solution fora multitude of different transport tasks - a genuine all-rounder! This product family covers particularly versatile and extensive areas of application. The MultiMAX is a tried and tested product series with a complete range of specific options to enable precisely tailored vehicle combinations. Main characteristics m Particularly versatile and extensive m 2 to 10 axles m High payload m Extendable > 50 metres m With or without ramps ■ Various axle systems: • Friction-steered axles • Knuckle-steering (hydraulicI axles • Pendle axles •...

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Multimax - 5

1. Goosenecks m Rigid gooseneck (SNTI This is a compact solution: based on the outer beam principle, the turning radius is moved inwards with this gooseneck, enabling a longer loading area. ■ Hydraulically hinged outer beam (ATW) The hydraulically actuated gooseneck enables the automatic load compensation between gooseneck and axles. Moreover, it offers the possibility to lift and lower the front area of the loading platform, in order to facilitate the crossing of particularly uneven terrain.

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Multimax - 6

The lifting platform can be securely positioned and loaded at different heights without mechanical locking. It enables the loading of the gooseneck even for machines with low ground clearance.

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Multimax - 7

Thanks to the built-in wheel troughs, a considerable amount of space can be gained in the loading height when transporting wheel-driven construction machines. This ensures compliance with the various legal standards concerning overall height.

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Multimax - 8

6. Axle systems u Knuckle-steering (Z) Depending on the area of application and the loading weight, pneumatic suspension or hydraulic axle compensation can be chosen in combination with the knuckle steering. Optimum manoeuvring characteristics are achieved thanks to the steering angle of between 42 and 45 degrees. Lift 300/260 mm 42°-45° ■ Hydraulic swing axle (PA) Pendle axles have been specially developed for applications under particularly difficult road and terrain conditions. A maximum total lift of impressive 600 mm as well as the maximum steering angle of over 60° characterise this...

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Multimax - 9

Grip strip covering Rubber covering ■ Hydraulic double ramp The hydraulic double ramp reduces the drive-on angle, so that large and small construction machines with a low ground clearance can easily be driven onto the low loader The autonomous hydraulic opening of the upper ramp part allows for the complete extension of the ramp before it touches the ground. An extremely small tilt angle meanwhile protects vehicle and machine. ■ Hydraulic single ramp The hydraulic single ramp is ideal for the loading of construction machinery with relatively high ground clearance and that does not require a...

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Multimax - 10

1. Inwardly and outwardly hinged lashing rings 2. Hardwood covering approx. 50 mm thick, continuous, interrupted between the axles 3. Extension with intermediate platform 4. Locking of the loading area with welded-on locking profiles 5. Hydraulic ramps for various payloads 6. Hydraulic 2-cylinder ramp shift for simple handling Options: 7. Galvanized outriggers, extendable by about 230 mm each side 8. Aluminum bridging elements 9. Hydraulic support foot 10. Single or double ramps for various payloads

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Multimax - 12

u Twin Axle II low A vehicle width of 3 metrs is used when transporting rail vehicles. With the Twin Axle II Tow” a minimum loading height of 720 mm is achieved - with a maximum axle load of 12 tons as well as a remarkable suspension stroke (-100 mm / +210 mm). This axle system captivates by its practically oriented agility. Cranked axles The width of the vehicle is 3 metrs with this axle system too. With a minimum loading height of jo 765 mm, a track width of up to 1670 mm can be ^ achieved using cranked axles, which caters for g country-specific regulations (e.g. for Spain). '

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Multimax - 13

Application areas for the Multi MAX MULTIHAX-THE ALLROUNDER ■ Construction machines (excavation and road construction, recycling,...) ■ Forestry machines (skidders,...) ■ Farming machines (tractors, combine harvesters,...) ■ Wind power plants (tower segments, generators, rotor blades,...) ■ Structural elements (steel and concrete elements) ■ Industrial parts (transformers, crane-loaded goods,...) ■ Lifting vehicles (lifting platforms, fork-lift trucks,...) ■ Crane systems (cranes, crane weights, crane components) ■ Conveying and crushing systems (demolition and recycling industry) ■ Rail...

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Multimax - 15

MAXPROTECT+ Weather conditions and environmental influences as well as corrosion and stone chips are the biggest enemies of a steel structure. For the long-term surface protection of semi-trailers, FAYMONVILLE relies on MAXPROTECT+, a fully co-ordinated and meticulously optimised surface treatment system. MAXPROTECT+ is by far the best concept currently available in the industry. That is why it sets the benchmark in the field of surface protection. Our MAXPROTECT+ treatment offers a long-life surface protection. All stages and processes included in MAXPROTECT+ - from the painting to the...

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