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MGSL: the NEW G-Module


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MGSL: the NEW G-Module - 3

We are the leading manufacturer of special trailers and heavy haulage worldwide! Our brand portfolio includes transport solutions from 15t to 15.000t ... and beyond. Innovation and perfection, as well as the highest quality, distinguish our efficient services and constantly growing product range from our competitors.

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MGSL: the NEW G-Module - 4

TRADITION & VISION As a family business we grew over six generations from a small forge to the industry leader. We consider our roots as the basis to an innovative and sustainable future. WE OFFER SOLUTIONS We offer customized solutions for any transport challenge through experience, flexibility and knowledge. Know-how and expertise from the development to production, start to finish. Your requests are in good hands at Faymonville!

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MGSL: the NEW G-Module - 5

HIGHEST QUALITY 100% IN-HOUSE We trust our optimized production processes, modern technique and highly qualified employees. As the quality leader, we apply the highest standards to ourselves in order to guarantee the perfect quality of our trailers. RIGHT BY YOUR SIDE – ALWAYS & ANYWHERE Our extensive service ensures you a worldwide presence, 24h a day and 7 days a week. Faymonville offers the most sustainable and wide-ranging customer service of the industry.

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MGSL: the NEW G-Module - 6

POWER YOUR PROJECTS! Heaviest loads on modular axle lines

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MGSL: the NEW G-Module - 7

Owing to the modular platform with 2-6 axles, the Cometto MGSL transports highest payloads from 50t up to 5,000t. With this trailer type, you can reach the highest flexibility in use for the most different fields of activity! It is designed for public roads, off-road transport as well as for inside plant operations. The MGSL offers seamless interoperability with identical vehicles from several other manufacturers. This variety of combination options as well as the user-friendly operating concept makes the MGSL a guarantor of flexibility and economy for the most complex heavy-duty transport...

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MGSL: the NEW G-Module - 8

STRONG ADVANTAGES FOR STRONGEST TRAILERS! Highest point loads and best manoeuvrability

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MGSL: the NEW G-Module - 9

Q The highest bending moment on the market Q Point toads up to 50t above the wheel arches Q Point loads up to 80t above cross members The Cometto MGSL makes also the most challenging transport task possible! Due to a strengthened loading area, the MGSL reaches point loads up to 50,000 kg above the wheel arches and 80,000 kg above cross members for heavy and concentrated loads. Best manoeuvrability is guaranteed by the hydraulic axle compensation with a stroke of 600 mm and the pivot-mounted bogie with a 60° steering angle.

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MGSL: the NEW G-Module - 10

AT A GLANCE !A package full of advantages, summarized in some words O 45,000 kg axle load per axle line. O Prime brand pendulum axles, rims and tires Q 100% Interoperability with existing trailers from other brands O Steering angle -60/+60° O Reinforced lamellar bolt coupling. Q Optimized deadweight for maximum payload O Wheel set mounted on pivot bearing with adjustable conical roller bearings O Available in self-propelled version Q Split bogies available for 3-file (1 + 1/2) combination Trailer type

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MGSL: the NEW G-Module - 12

EASY HANDLINGThanks to the best technology Axle compensation for an ideal load distribution Each wheel set is equipped with an hydraulic suspension cylinder. Depending on the individual transport application, the cylinders will be connected to 3- or 4-suspension groups. This combination of cylinders makes sure that the weight is distributed equally on all axles. Road inclinations (lengthwise and crosswise) can easily be compensated due to the important stroke on those cylinders. Pendulum axle increases the transport safety One axle line consists of 2 independent wheel-sets with pendulum...

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MGSL: the NEW G-Module - 13

Every modular bogie has at least one integrated hydraulic steering system. The customer can choose between standard- or counter-steering. The steering is controlled either by a gooseneck or by a drawbar. The freely accessible steering rods give an easy and safe adaptation of steering angles. Remote steering by wireless or remote control is part of the basic configuration. Compared to knuckle steered axles, the driving height on pendulum axles has no impact on the axle track.

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MGSL: the NEW G-Module - 16

Dropdecks are available in various designs and payload classes. The customer can choose within a large range of versatile and standardized dropdecks or even go for a tailor-made solution that meets exactly his needs. Cometto is your reliable partner for the design and construction of your new dropdeck, even in connection with all other brands of modular trailers. Each dropdeck is delivered with the COSMO-software, an open tool to survey axle loads and bending moments

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MGSL: the NEW G-Module - 17

Move a vessel, take a perimeter deck The hydraulically widenable crossbeams are connected to the platform trailer by means of coupling heads. Alternatively, crossbeams are available in an over-drivable version, with hooks and quick coupling device. Telescopic or non-telescopic elongation beams with bolt couplings on each end and lower seating surface with high point loads are integrated. Same for extendable cross saddles and hinged vessel supporting element. O Permits to pass height limitations on transport route O Length and width adjustable Q Low design, extremely sturdy and reliable Move...

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MGSL: the NEW G-Module - 19

Move heavy machinery, take an excavator deck The extendable or non-extendable central beams have as option a lower bolt coupling to insert elongation beams. Foldable and removable outriggers with steel mattresses can be added. Quick coupling devices permits an easy handling. Q Quick and easy Loading process O Perfect load distribution O Outriggers for more transport options Move speciaL appLications, take a spacer Designed as a fully loadable platform or a combination of high-deck adapters and elongation beams or as a telescopic central beam for special applications. O Additional loading...

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MGSL: the NEW G-Module - 20


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MGSL: the NEW G-Module - 21

Increases the payload capacity Best manoeuvrability, easy to reverse Allows an ideal transport stability Sufficient traction force with a gooseneck Alternatively to the drawbar, modular trailers can be connected to hydraulic goosenecks. A load transfer from the axle lines to the gooseneck is guaranteed by connecting the gooseneck cylinders with the front axle line cylinders. Thus, there is no need to apply additional ballast weight to the truck tractor in order to generate sufficient traction force. The ratio between fifth-wheel load and axle load is hydraulically and mechanically...

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