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FAYMONVILLETRAILERS TO THE MAX With an experience of over 50years, Faymonville is one of the biggest manufacturers of semi-trailers for special and heavy haulage. Faymonville provides their customers with optimal solutions and systems for any transport need outside the usual norms. Quality, flexibility, productivity, creativity and service are the company’s keywords. The range of products and services is constantly enlarged in tight collaboration with our customers. The high level of innovation and the excellent manufacturing quality of the products are secured by optimized production...

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The MegaMAX low bed semi-trailer is the optimum solution when transporting higher goods, industrial parts or machines. The low loading height can prove to be the deciding factor in such cases. The MegaMAX is also the best option for maximum manoeuvrability and operation flexibility. The MegaMAX, a tried and tested product series with a complete range of specific options to enable customised vehicle designs and combinations. Main characteristics m Lower loading height m Especially suitable for heavy duty and special transports ■ 1 to 7 axles m High payload ■ Length-optimized loading...

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1. Goosenecks m Central beam neck (ZT) If aspecially heavy loads for construction and industry sites need to be transported, a central beam in the gooseneck is selected for the low bed semi-trailer. This enables a simple and light coupling process and thereby smooth loading from the front. Such a central beam neck is indispensable when adding a 2 or 3-axle dolly to the low bed semi-trailer. ■ Outer beam neck (AT) This type of gooseneck also makes it possible to use a 1-axle dolly, which is especially applicable when transporting industrial goods.

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Center spine with removable mattresses

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Removable ramps for outer beam- gooseneck system ■ Wheel recess & excavator trough ■ Boat accessories MEGAMAX - GIGAMAX - VARIOMAX - LOW BEDS - HIGH PERFORMANCE

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The low bed semi-trailer with a pendle axle integrated behind the gooseneck The GigaMAX is a tow bed semi-trailer designed for heavy duty and special transports. Based on 3 to 6 axles, the GigaMAX can cope with a high technical payload while featuring a compact design. The 1-2 axles integrated behind the gooseneck contribute to the further reduction of the overall length and weight of the combination. Main characteristics m Length and weight-optimized construction m Maximum manoeuvrability and efficiency during loading and transport ■ Also available in a lightweight version m Removable...

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4. Goosenecks Front bogies The GigaMAX is defined by gooseneck with integrated Pend-le-axle bogie. Thereby, it creates an extremely compact loading platform and the integrated Pendle-axle increases the payload in the front vehicle section. The central hook adapter allows for easy (un-)coupling of the lowbed and loading from the front.

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The low bed semi-trailer with a removable pendle axle bogie between the gooseneck and the low bed. The VarioMAX is a particularly adaptable and versatile series of semi-trailers, consisting of a front and rear bogie, based on 3 to 9 axles. The low loading height and high payload of the VarioMAX semi-trailer are the economic and flexible solution for numerous different tasks in heavy duty or special transport. Main characteristics ■ Low loading height m High payload ■ Also available in a lightweight version m Removable gooseneck £• MEGAMAX - GIGAMAX - VA RIOMAX - L OW BEDS - HIGH PERFORMANCE

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Technological aspects of the VarioMAX 5. Goosenecks Front bogies The VarioMAX allows for 1-3 axle bogies to be connected directly behind the gooseneck, Thanks to its central beam construction, the gooseneck can easily be (un-)coupled and enables safe loading from the front. The front Pendle-axle bogies can be disconnected from the gooseneck if required and can be transported on the lowbed when driving empty to minimize the total length. MEG/MAX - GIGAMAX - VARIOMAX - LOW BEDS - HIGH PERFORMANCE ti

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Low beds are available in many different shapes and payload categories. The customer can either select from a wide range of standardised beds or a custom-made loading platform to suit the individual requirements. ■ KBV: Hydraulic widenable vesseldeck The vesseldeck offers maximum flexibility with an extendable loading floor by using hydraulic widening. These low beds are available as single or double telescopic units. The high load-carrying capacity creates the ideal solution for transporting industrial vessels, transformers or boats. ■ KBX: Rat vesseldeck The extremely flat version of the...

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■ BB: Excavator deck Heavy machinery can be transported by utilising an excavator deck with minimum ground clearance (hanging). Such low beds can also be telescopic, which makes them versatile for many applications. The reversible outriggers enable loading on 3 levels. ■ ATV: Widenable outer beams The hydraulic widening enables this variation to be adjusted to suit the width for the loading platform. Full loading-capacity with maximum widening is therefore guaranteed. A simple extension is also possible with this low bed. Ideal for transporting heavy, wide construction machines. MEG/MAX -...

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7. Bogies u Stub axle steering (Z) Depending on which application area and loading weight is required, the pneumatic or the hydraulic version of the stub axle can be chosen. The steering angle between 42° and 45° is useful for optimum manoeuvrability. Hydraulic swing axle (PA) Swing axles are especially suited for applications on particularly difficult routes and under hard topographic conditions. A maximum total lift of impressive 600 mm as well as the maximum steering angle of over 60° characterize this type of axle. The swing movement enables the optimum axle-load compensation...

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8. Application areas for the MegaMAX ■ Bulky goods and heavy Loads ■ Construction machines (excavation and road construction, recycling, road grooving machine transport, crushing equipment, screening equipment) ■ Wind power plants (tower segments, generators, rotor or turbine blades, hybrid towers] ■ Forestry machines (harvester, skidder, forwarder) ■ Farming machines (combine harvesters, tractors, farming tractors, beet harvesters, silage wagons, liquid manure tanks) ■ Industrial parts (crane-loaded goods, vessels, ring transport) ■ Yacht transport ■ Precast concrete parts

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