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GirderMAX - 2

GIRDERMAX - The real giant

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GirderMAX - 3

With an experience of over 50 years, Faymonville is one of the biggest manufacturers of semi-trailers for special and heavy haulage. Faymonville provides their customers with optimal solutions and systems for any transport need outside the usual norms. Quality, flexibility, productivity, creativity and service are the company’s keywords. The range of products and services is constantly enlarged in tight collaboration with our customers. GOLENIOW (PL) since 2006 - 21.000 m² The high level of innovation and the excellent manufacturing quality of the products are secured by optimized...

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GirderMAX - 4

Main concept 20% less dead weight than similar products 550.000 lbs of payload in 2 x 10 Dual Lane West Coast configuration Compatible with all other brands of modular dual lane platform trailers Suitable for usage with conventional modular platform trailers Self tracking at the rear running gears Patented hydraulic widening system Suitable for mobilization in container View with Z-beams „low deck version“ GIRDERMAX - The real giant

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GirderMAX - 5

Special features of the GirderMAX ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Vertical lifting stroke : 2 000 mm (6’6”) Loading width from 2 850 mm (9’5”) to 7 950 mm (26’1”) Loading length from 5 800 mm (19’1’) to no limit Variable axle configuration up to 2 x 12 lines of Dual Lane west coast configuration Cross pendulum stabilisation 1. Cotter beams 6.700 mm 2. Couple able beams 4.000 mm 3. Couple able beams 5.540 mm 4. Z-beams 5. Couple able beams 8.000 mm 6. Z-beams

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GirderMAX - 6

Cross pendulum stabilisation Hydraulic swaying system in combination with a ball bearing race ring. Identical system at both sides – can be adjusted individually. Cross beams are hanging in a rocker bearing – this allows a save “free floating” of the bridge. Hydraulic slide enlargements Slide bearing move hydraulically on top of the cross beams. Can be enlarged by mechanically coupled extension elements. Schnabel version GIRDERMAX - The real giant

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GirderMAX - 7

Weather conditions and environmental influences as well as corrosion and stone chips are the biggest enemies of a steel structure. For the long-term surface protection of semi-trailers, FAYMONVILLE relies on MAXProtect+, a fully co-ordinated and meticulously optimised surface treatment system. MAXProtect+ is by far the best concept currently available in the industry. That is why it sets the benchmark in the field of surface protection. Our MAXProtect+ treatment offers a long-life surface protection. All stages and processes included in MAXProtect+ – from the painting to the metallisation,...

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