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motion THE MAGAZINE WITH DRIVE Being able to walk again – not just a dream

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75 years of motion Every beginning needs drive. Our success story. ANNIVERSARY 20 years of FAULHABER motion Exciting stories from the world of drives. The next chapter. A U T O M AT I O N & R O B O T I C S Smart farming How do you feed 10 billion people? "Smart farming" is an important part of the answer to this existential question. A U T O M AT I O N & R O B O T I C S Fertilizer dosing system Aero fertilizer spreaders put the mineral fertilizer exactly where it is needed and in just the right quantity. MEDICAL SCIENCES "Autonomyo" exoskeleton FAULHABER develops an all-in-one component...

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Dear Readers, The first edition of our magazine traditionally appears in spring. This time of year is also a labor-intensive period in agriculture. For example, the crops sown before winter must be fertilized – a process that today is becoming ever more automated. In the new AERO fertilizer spreaders from the agricultural machinery Publisher / Editor: DR. FRITZ FAULHABER GMBH & CO. KG Schönaich · Germany Phone: +49 (0)70 31/638-0 Fax: +49 (0)70 31/638-100 E-Mail: info@faulhaber.de www.faulhaber.com manufacturer RAUCH, FAULHABER drives ensure precise dispersion and therefore the optimum...

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Every beginning needs drive Our success story began in the late 1940s. In 1947, the young engineer Dr. Fritz Faulhaber founded "Feinmechanische Werkstätten" (Precision Mechanical Workshops), his first company. His customers included the renowned camera manufacturer Voigtländer, for whom he developed the "Vitessa" in the early 1950s. The "Vitessa" camera could be operated with revolutionary simplicity: The camera could be triggered and the film advanced simply by pressing two buttons one after the other. At that time, he was already playing with the idea of using an electric motor to advance...

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Pioneering spirit requires freedom For 75 years, FAULHABER has been a traditional, family-run company. This independence gives us the freedom to make far-reaching decisions relating to the company without having to consider the interests of third parties such as investors. This is especially important because we invest substantial resources in fundamental research,thereby enabling us to stay true to our founder's philosophy of having new drive technologies ready for the trends of tomorrow long before our customers start asking for them! Our ability to identify potential new application...

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FAULHABER Switzerland We are celebrating our family 75 years of FAULHABER – we have come a long way, but we haven't traveled this distance alone. F AULHABER is now more than just a family-run company; FAULHABER has grown into a company family with many members all over the world. There are strong connections between us and we share our passion for precision when it comes to both the development of our products and synchronized production across locations. We are proud to be able to celebrate this anniversary together because every ne has plao yed an important part in our success in...

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In the Philae lander, 14 FAULHABER drive systems successfully defied the harsh conditions of its 10-year journey through the vacuum and extremely low temperatures of space. Where have we come from and where are we headed? This is a question that we naturally ask ourselves in our anniversary year, but also one that humanity has been considering for thousands of years. Finding out the answer was the focus of the Rosetta mission when the space probe visited the comet 6 7P/ Churyumov-Gerasimenko in 2014, but also of our team of developers, when the scientists of the ESA entrusted them with an...

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20 years of FAULHABER motion Exciting stories from the world The next chapter This year we are celebrating 75 years of FAULHABER and 60 years of our location in Switzerland. But that's not all – Our customer magazine "motion" is also looking back on 20 years and 40 issues. First released as FAULHABER info at the Hannover Messe trade fair in 2002, the company magazine is now beginning a new chapter: in future, motion will also be available as an online magazine. We look back, while also looking forward to the future. Getting under the skin First released just in time for the Hannover Messe...

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DRIVE STORIES Historie Histoires Historie związane z napędem Mobile, modern, multimedia From the beginning, FAULHABER info was released in German and English, with French added from 2008 and Chinese from 2010. Since then, these languages have been joined by Dutch, Italian and Polish, demonstrating the growing strength of our global presence. The reports, which are bursting with interesting details and rounded off by high-quality images, go one step further. We can say with full justification that motion is out of this world! After all, we have already reported on the various projects in...

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FAULHABER motion is going digital With the launch of the new website, our popular customer magazine is also being expanded with a digital offering. In future, under the menu item "motion", you will be able to find an online copy of the magazine, which will be regularly supplemented by new, exciting features such as application examples, product news, interviews, technical articles and background information. Using the filter functions, you can adjust the content to suit your interests and thus create a personalized version of motion – helping you keep up to date with the topics that are...

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Extremely high efficiency in food production through to this existential question: portant part of the answer the targeted use of the l atest technology, computer- supported and – where possible – fully automatic. Seeds are individually and precisely placed; fruits carefully picked by mechanical grippers; fertilizers and plant protection products applied in small doses and in a targeted manner. These operations require a large number of small electric motors that are both robust and powerful. Quantum computers, space tourism or hydrogen technology – the latest technological hype focuses on...

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