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Headphone Universal ground microphone Extension with tip Wind protected ground microphone Test rod microphone Magnetic adapter Tripod adapter Strap H2 probe H2 ground probe PC connection cable Software Transport case User manual Aqua M-300D Technical Specifications Operation modes minimal display (bar chart) frequency spectrum pyramid mode long term measurement tracer gas leak detection real time display Acoustic sensor sensitivity analog Chebyshev 48 dB / octave slope 256 freely selectable analog and digital filter stages automatic function Acoustic sensor protection manual: > 60000 times automatic: shut off hearing protection buttons / encoders / touch active assistance daylight readable color display with LED backlight 480 x 272 pixels 4 x LR14 1.5 V or rechargeable batteries Operating time Power supply aluminium powder coated Operating temperature *Technical changes reserved Intelligent Geophon for Leak Detection Pyramid mode 256 analog and digital filter stages Automatic function for filtering and amplification Long term measurement Tracer gas leak detection F.A.S.T. GmbH D-74243 Langenbrettach Bössingerstr. 36 Telefon ++49(0)7946/921 00-0 Telefax ++49(0)7946/71 53 eMail Acoustic sensor weight Acoustic sensor operating > 1000 pC/g universal microphone ground microphone test rod approx. 870 g approx. 2300 g approx. 1250 g universal microphone ground microphone test rod Gas sensor response time Gas sensor weight Gas sensor protection Gas sensor operating temperature hand sensor: ground sensor: hand sensor: ground sensor: operating: storage: data storage 10 per modus data export ABS plastic hard case

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Aqua M-300D Acoustic Leak Detection with Geophon A clear and concise displaying supports the leak statement effectively. 256 free and automatic adjustable filter settings achieve effective reduction of noise pollution and best results. Thru the automatic adjustment off amplification and filters the displaying off smallest leaks is certain. Tracing Plastic Pipe with PWG Even the most advanced filter cannot suppress any interference noise, because this some leak is only partially audible. For this instance the Aqua M-300D is fitted whit the ultimate tracer gas technology to locate the leak.(...

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