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CORRELATION PRELOCATING Universal accelerometer Wind protected ground microphone PIPE SEARCHING MONITORING LISTENING DEVICES In-house installations House connections Distribution pipelines Trunk main pipelines Transmission main pipelines Universal accelerometer with handle Intelligent geophone for leak detection Tracer gas functionality built-in Tripod big with magnets H2-Bell probe Central unit Tast rod with extensions Transport case SIMPLE AND RELIABLE GUIDANCE TO THE LEAKAGE 3-IN-1 FUNCTION: ACOUSTIC OR TRACER GAS-DRIVEN LEAKAGE AND PIPE DETECTION SUITABLE FOR ANY USER THANKS TO MANUAL AND AUTOMATIC FUNCTIONS ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 256 FREE SELECTABLE FILTERS LEAKAGE PROFILE RECORDABLE AS FILE, AND REPORTING POSSIBLE ON THE PC COLOUR TOUCH SCREEN, BATTERY POWERED Pelocating with a testrod or with universal accelerometer Pinpointing with ground pick-up or universal accelerometer Pinpointing with tracer gas and the H2 probes Searching the pipe with the PWG (page 60/61) STANDARD SOLUTIONS WWW.FASTGMBH.DE WWW.FASTGMBH.DE

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