Zimmermann brochure for the Aerospace Industry - 11 Pages

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Zimmermann brochure for the Aerospace Industry

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ZIMMERMANN FOR THE AEROSPACE INDUSTRY BORN WITH THE ZIMMERMANN DNA. A MACHINE IN THE IMAGE OF THE PEOPLE WHO MADE IT. Milling machines built with pioneering technology. And whose most important component is dedication. People who work tirelessly to achieve outstanding precision. That is the essence of the Zimmermann DNA. Because as a leader offering top-quality, high-performance horizontal machining centers and portal milling machines “Made in Germany”, the most vital elements are confidence and reliability. And this applies to the people just as much as it does to the machines. It is the...

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Whenever you want to go further and still reduce your consumption, you need a custom-built solution. For example in the form of Zimmermann’s upward-traveling portal milling machines or horizontal machining centers. CLEVER FULLY-FEATURED SYSTEMS: ZIMMERMANN FOR AIRBUS. “Nowadays, portal milling machines in general have reached a very high level. What provides genuine value-added is fully-featured systems equipped with application-specific clamping technology that permits the rapid changeover Vice President Assembly of large components. Zimmermann’s milling solutions provide this value-...

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OUR STRENGTH: YOUR MATERIAL. Carbon fiber Zimmermann’s gantry machines and horizontal With machining levels of up to 96%, the series When machining tough materials such as titanium, machining centers handle carbon fiber materials with production of structural parts from aluminum what counts is to ensure a rigid, stable machine outstanding precision. In particular when the task demands extremely high machining performance. structure. As a result, Zimmermann’s milling involves the squaring, drilling or milling of composite Zimmermann’s milling solutions are perfectly solutions are able, for...

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MACHINE CHARACTERISTICS HORIZONTAL MACHINING CENTERS 1 Increased rigidity through the innovative, water-cooled 1 Thanks to their maximized material removal rates, the horizontal machining traveling column concept 2 Stepped drive guide for centers are suitable first and foremost for the machining of pockets in perfectly constant geometry a huge range of workpieces and large structural components. In addition to their innovative traveling column concept, the pallet handling capability, along the Z axis. 3 Pallet handling as standard which is supplied as standard, is another great advantage of...

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AN INTEGRAL PART OF ANY ZIMMERMANN MACHINE: MODULARITY. individually depending on the area of application and the intended use. The three linear axes in Zimmermann milling Zimmermann’s milling solutions benefit from the machines have direct Heidenhain linear encoders most suitable clamping technology depending on with glass scales. These measuring systems have the batch size, machining variance or retooling a compressed-air barrier to protect them against cycles. Flexible clamping solutions and specific mechanisms for individual components are both equipped with high-resolution angular...

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MILLING HEADS “IT IS ONLY IF YOU BUILD THE HEART OF THE MACHINE YOURSELF THAT YOU CAN KNOW HOW IT BEATS.” HEADS WITH CHARACTER – AND A HIGH-PERFORMANCE DRIVE. Md [Nm] range from powerful and versatile through to lean heart of our machines. And they have a unique and compact. But that’s not all: Whenever our character if you look at everything they can customers purchase from Zimmermann, we give achieve. When you put together your custom- them advice and support that is just as precise as designed system concept from our range of products, the milling performance of our machines. The...

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OUR MACHINES ARE AT WORK WORLDWIDE. SO IS OUR SERVICE. With every Zimmermann solution, our customers acquire not only high-performance machines with a vast working area, outstanding dynamics, maximized material removal rates and unrivalled surface quality but, even more importantly, peace of mind and security. Their confidence is based on our impressive service capabilities. And not just when they buy their Zimmermann solution but for many years afterwards. Anywhere in the world. “THE MOST IMPORTANT CRITERION IN OUR CUSTOMERS’ PURCHASING DECISIONS: TRUST.” Quick, easy access: Optimized...

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Guaranteed functionality: Flexible problem-solving: Milling solutions with brains: Regular maintenance and upkeep of milling machines Do you have a malfunction to report and need rapid Our service does not end when you buy your minimize downtimes and stoppage-related costs support? At Zimmermann, we can access your Zimmermann machine. We actively accompany you and extend the service life of the machines. To meet machine via the Internet if necessary and identify in the commissioning of our machines and help the needs of these complex systems, it is necessary and correct any problems quickly...

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PRODUCT OVERVIEW PORTAL MILLING MACHINES MACHINE TYPES Proven Technology. COMPACT MILLING MACHINES HORIZONTAL MILLING MACHINES Characteristic Working Ranges1 X-Axis Milling Spindle HSK-A63 Spindle Power: 24/39 kW Torque: 39/49 Nm 20000 rpm Milling Spindle HSK-A63 Spindle Power: 24/39 kW Torque: 39/49 Nm 20000 rpm Milling Spindle HSK-A63 Spindle Power: 24/39 kW Torque: 39/49 Nm 20000 rpm Milling Spindle HSK-A63 Spindle Power: 40/53 kW Torque: 48/63 Nm 25000 rpm Milling Spindle HSK-A63 Spindle Power: 45/57 kW Torque: 67/85 Nm 25000 rpm Milling Spindle HSK-A63 Spindle Power: 45/57 kW Torque:...

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Bernhäuser Straße 35 73765 Neuhausen a. d. F. Germany T +49 7158 948955-0 E info @ f-zimmermann.com W www.f-zimmermann.com

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