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FZH400 - 1

FZH400 HORIZONTAL MACHINING CENTER The machine type can also be manufactured in other variants. 3 700 mm The specified dimensions refer to the FZH400 variant.

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FZH400 - 2

FZH400 – CENTRE D‘USINAGE HORIZONTAL THE NEW HIGH-PERFORMANCE SOLUTION FOR THE AVIATION INDUSTRY: FZH400. The FZH400 Horizontal Machining Center is Zimmermann’s most recent milling solution and bears the „made in Germany“ quality label. The core technology is a robust, water-cooled travelling column. Conventional designs have the drawback that lever effects cause their deviation to increase as the slide extends. This is not the case with the innovative travelling column design of the new FZH400. With increasing depth of immersion into the material, the guide carriage distance grows and this...

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FZH400 - 3

FZH400 – CENTRE D‘USINAGE HORIZONTAL AT THE HEART OF THE FZH400: OUR MILLING HEADS. The FZH400 can be equipped with the VH30 2-axis milling head or the patented M3ABC 3-axis milling head as required. Both of these fork-type heads are designed as cast iron monoblock components. This design ensures outstanding temperature stability and possesses integrated oscillation and vibration damping for optimized surface quality and machining performance. Thanks to the zero-play drive mechanism, the VH30 2-axis milling (1) head permits high-precision positioning and repeatability in the A- and C- axes....

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FZH400 - 4

TECHNICAL DATA MILLING HEADS Working Ranges X-axis Y-axis Z-axis Clamping Pallet Length x Width x Height Pallet Loading Threaded Sockets Grid Dimension Drives - Linear Axes X-axis Y-, Z-axis X-, Y-, Z-axis Automation Y1-axis (Lifting axis) Z1-axis (Feeding axis) Number of Pallets Pallet Changing Time Connections Ports on the Pallet Safety Housing Rate of Feed Rate of Feed Acceleration Pallet Changing Concept Milling Head VH30 External Dimensions Length x Width 500 mm x 650 mm (20" x 26") Milling Head Torque Rotary Axes in control A-axis: min. 1 200 Nm (885 ft lb) C-axis: min. 1...

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