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FZ42 5-AXIS PORTAL MILLING MACHINE Subject to technical modifications.

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FZ42 – 5-AXIS PORTAL MILLING MACHINE THE 5-AXIS MILLING CHAMPION: THE FZ42. Dynamics, strength and precision: The FZ42 CNC portal milling machine has a modular design which allows the combination of different operating ranges, travel distances, milling heads and CNC controls. The gantry construction with fixed side walls, fi xed clamping table and overhead portal that travels in the X-direction makes it possible to machine components of all kinds. The machine table of the FZ42 is firmly anchored to the machine base, which means that workpieces do not have to be moved. The milling process is...

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FZ42 – 5-AXIS PORTAL MILLING MACHINE AT THE HEART OF THE FZ42: OUR VH60 MILLING HEAD. The FZ42 compact is equipped with the dynamic 2-axis VH60 milling head (A-axis and C-axis). This extremely efficient milling head features a flexible MuST® spindle change system for precise execution of complex milling jobs. Roughing and finishing of various workpieces can be carried out without reclamping, which considerably reduces setup times. Different milling processes can be performed in a single setup. The VH60 can be fitted with three MuST® milling spindles. The drives, which incorporate zero-play torque...

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FZ42 -5-AXIS PORTAL MILLING MACHINE TECHNICAL DATA. FZ42 Working Ranges* X-axis Y-axis Z-axis Table Size Length Width Height Table load T-Slots (longitudinal) Pitch of T-slots Drives - Linear Axes Feed rate Acceleration Dimensions Required space (without peripherals) Accuracy Standard accuracy Special accuracy MILLING HEAD VH60 Milling Spindle - 63 kW (84 hp) Spindle power S1 (100 %) Spindle speed Torque Constant power Swivel axis -spindle nose Tool holder Tool clamping Tool unclamping Lubrication Coolant supply Minimum-quantity lubrication Air blowing Milling Spindle - 93 kW (125...

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