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FZ100 - 3

With the new FZ 100 portal milling machine Zimmermann has managed to achieve 6-axis machining using the newly de­ eloped M3 ABC 3-axis milling head. This concept sets new v standards in the volume machining of aluminium, composite and model making materials as well as in the High Speed Cutting of steel and cast iron, where conventional 2-axis fork heads with A- and C-axis have long reached their limits in the 5-axis simultaneous machining. Performance: Machining four times faster is possible The machining time for typical operations such as the milling of pockets with sloping sides, for...

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FZ100 - 4

The world's first 3-axis milling head: M3 ABC Up to now 2-axis fork heads with A- and C-axis have been used for 5-axes machining in portal milling machines. This method has the disadvantage that there is a pole at the zero position of the A-axis, where the C-axis of the milling head is ineffective. The C-axis cannot swivel the milling spindle when the milling spindle is in the vertical position. Even the slightest change in orientation requires large rotation of the C-axis. This leads to the following disadvantages: Considerably reduced productivity and surface finish in simultaneous...

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FZ100 - 5

Great flexibility Similar machining speeds to the M3ABC can be achieved, in certain cases, using a parallel kinematic milling head or an A-/B-head on gimbals. However, these solutions have a restricted swivel angle and thus often require subsequent machining with additional angle heads. This does not apply to the M3 ABC: It has three degrees of freedom and large swivel angles, thus offering complete flexibility in the way it is used. Surface finish Machining is performed at all times with the optimal high feedrate and always with an optimally oriented tool. For the first time in 5-axis...

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FZ100 - 6

Overhead, weight-optimized and structurally rigid portal moving in the X-direction, for high dynamic performance and precision. Weight-optimized vertical slide with high bending strength for large Z-ranges. Backlash-free portal drives on both sides with rack and pinion mechanism well away from the dirt zone, guided on both sides. Compound-filled side columns. 3-axis M3 ABC milling head. The heart of the machine makes this the world‘s first 6-axis portal milling machine. Worktable made of cast iron with T-slots, permanently anchored to the foundations. Completely enclosed protective housing...

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FZ100 - 7

A strong portal design for perfect 6-axis machining Portal milling machines are very versatile, making them an ideal basis for the new 6-axis machining. The construction with fixed side walls and an overhead portal moving in the X-direction results in very low and constantly moved masses. Thus the machine has a consistent dynamic performance leading to excellent surface finish, even with very large com­ ponents. The large degrees of freedom in all axes are greatly enhanced by the 3-axis milling head, permitting optimal finish machining in a single set-up. Design of the side columns The side...

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FZ100 - 8

Drive system All axes have feed rates up to The FZ 100 is equipped F I X Every G A N60 m/min and anL accelerationN G with D B A L L R A C K & LINEAR TRY C ASSIC MOVI ASYMMETRIC S C R E W PINION MOTOR P RTAL TA COLU up P R T A L P O T A generously Odimen- P O R of L toO 4 m/s2 forRtheL highestM N dynamic performance during sioned mechanical compoMaschinenantriebe Maschinenbauweisen the HSC machining. nents in the drive system (double guides in X, up to 8 The FZ 100 is as a standard carriages, reinforcing the equipped with powerful rack dimensioning of drive system to Module 5). It is a...

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FZ100 - 9

Individual system solutions for every application As well as the standard machine, Zimmermann offers turn-key system solutions to satisfy all additional technical demands. We apply our technical expertise and tailor-made project management to the task: from the first idea to the very end of the project. Zimmermann supplies everything from a single source. Dust and swarf Whether to do with the health aspects of fine dust or questions of contamination with chips, from chip con­ eyors to v full enclosure of the FZ 100, there are a wide range of solutions. Clamping tables Logistical...

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FZ100 - 10

Working ranges X-axis Y-axis Z-axis Table size Length Width Height Table load T-slots (longitudinal) Distance between T-slots Feed drives Feed X,- Y-, Z-axis Acceleration of linear axes Accuracies2 Positioning accuracy X-axis 0,030 mm Positioning accuracy Y-, Z-axis 0,020 mm Repeatability X-axis 0,015 mm Repeatability Y-, Z-axis 0,010 mm  Other dimensions on request  According to VDI 230-2 / DGQ 3441, based on basic machine, depending on the length We reserve the rights to make technical changes Milling head Swiveling range A-, B-, C-axis Performance A-axis torque B-, C-axis torque A-,...

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FZ100 - 11

Simultaneous B-axis Control cabinet air-conditioning Minimum quantity lubrication Coolant system (internal, external) Toolchanger 30, 50, 100 positions or more Measuring probe Tool measurement Special clamping Special painting Chip conveyors Dust extraction Clamping fixtures Clamping table variants Partitioned work area Simultaneous C-axis Simultaneous A-axis Equipment options All dimensions shown are examples for the FZ 100 in minimum or maximum design configurations. Special sizes deviating from this are also possible.

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FZ100 - 12

F. Zimmermann GmbH Portal Milling Machines Goethestraße 23 – 27 73770 Denkendorf, Germany Phone +49 711 934935-0 Fax +49 711 934935-300

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