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 SPECIAL SOLUTIONS Gigantic and yet filigree – who has not gazed in awe at the enormous rotor blades of a modern wind turbine. These aero­ dynamic wings often machined in one piece are an example of the ultramodern, futuristic products of energy industry. Their manufacture requires laminating moulds of the highest quality and enormous size – ideal for portal milling machines from Zimmermann. Major challenges which are also to be found in similar form in the automobile, aircraft and boat­ building industries as well as in many other sectors. Learn more in the following pages about this very...

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Large, accurate and cost-effective –  three advantages at your disposal The 5-axis portal milling machine FZ 25 is a universal solution for the machining of highly complex and at the same time voluminous components. Model materials as well as composites through to light alloys can all be machined with this HSC gantry machine. This machine range fulfils the specific requirements of many sectors: In the automobile design where large models need to be produced (e. g. cars on a scale of 1:1). In pattern and tool making, especially in connection with very large workpieces with deep contours need...

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Portal design – the key to success Portal milling machines are masters of versatility. From their construction with fixed side walls and overhead driven portal in the X-direction result the very low and constant moving masses. Thus the machine has a consistent dynamic response, leading to outstanding surface finish even with very large workpieces. The 5-sided, 5-axis machining makes it possible to mill even very complex shapes in a short time. To achieve the ideal machine layout, the dynamically stiff con­ struction was optimized in several stages through FEM calculations. Continuous,...

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The special portal construction achieves the highest precision and dynamics through high structural rigidity and con­ stant moving masses. Decisive for the performance of the machine is the adaptation of the overall design to suit the materials to be machined – starting in each case with the appropriate spindle power. CNC Portal Milling Machine FZ 25 | Zimmerm

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The advantages of a remarkable design The combination of the robust design with very small moved masses (weight-optimized portal, Z-carriage and milling head), leads to unique dynamic performance in this class. The machine makes it possible to machine huge workpiece with very high cutting performance and extraordinary accuracy. The surface quality obtained requires little or no subsequent manual finishing. Overhead, weight-optimized and structurally rigid portal moving in the X-direction, for high dynamic performance and precision. Portal drives on both sides with rack-and-pinion mechanism...

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i I Modularity The FZ 25 is extremely flexible with regard to the work areas, make and type of control system as well as accessories and equipment and can be easily adapted to individual requirements. Drives The FZ 25 is designed for simultaneous 5-axis machining. The portal is driven on both sides. The X-, Y- and Z-axes are equipped as standard with high-precision, preloaded roller bearing guides. In the X- and Y-axes the latest rack-and-pinion drives (in the X-axis on both sides) are used, in the Z-axis ball screw drives. Measuring systems The three linear axes X, Y and Z have direct...

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Control systems The FZ 25 can be supplied with different control systems. Functions like “look ahead”, stick-slip limitation, spline interpolation as well as 5-axis machining are included as standard. There is an almost infinite range of options, for example measuring probes and tool measuring systems can be supplied on request. For optimal integration into your own production environment, we offer the flexibility of being able to choose between a number of control system manufacturers. Contamination The portal has been designed from the start to be resistant to dirt, since all the key...

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Milling head VH 1 –  designed for highest dynamic performance In order to achieve the vision of a highly dynamic portal milling machine for voluminous workpieces requiring huge working ranges in all axes, it was first necessary to develop a new milling head. Particularly for lighter materials, the VH 1 offers several important advantages. It is the most compact milling head in the Zimmermann range. Through its design it can achieve very high dynamic performance, leading to very large chip removal rates during HSC milling. On the other hand its relatively low weight means there is less...

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In addition to the machine itself, Zimmermann offers turn-key solutions which satisfy all additional auxiliary technical requirements. We bring in our technical expertise and customized project management from the initial idea to the end of the project. Zimmermann supplies everything from a single source. Dust and swarf Whether to do with the health aspects of fine dust or questions of contamination with swarf, from chip conveyors to full enclosure of the FZ 25, there are a wide range of solutions. Clamping table Logistical considerations, size, weight, part geometry, etc. - there are many...

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Milling spindle Working ranges X-axis Y-axis Z-axis Table size Length Width Height Table load T-slots (longitudinal) Distance between T-slots Performance S1 max. (100% ED) Torque S1 max. (100 % ED) Max. speed Constant performance Tool holder Swiveling axis – spindle nose Tool clamping Tool release Lubrication HSK 63 F HSK 63 F 135 mm 135 mm spring clamp spring clamp pneumatic pneumatic permanent permanent grease lubri. grease lubri. Feed rates Feed X- und Y-axis Feed Z-axis Acceleration of linear axes 2 Accuracies 2 Positioning accuracy X-axis 0,050 mm Positioning accuracy Y-axis 0,030 mm...

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