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F. Zimmermann GmbH product brochure FZ 30 FZ35

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F. Zimmermann GmbH Portal Milling Machines Goethestraße 23 – 27 73770 Denkendorf, Germany Phone +49 711 934935-0 Fax +49 711 934935-300 info@f-zimmermann.com www.f-zimmermann.com

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CL ssiC FOR MODEL AND MOLD MAKING Whether for a visit to the opera, moving house or vacations, minibuses are our everyday faithful companions worldwide. The champion in this class for over 60 years is the Volkswagen Transporter. The FZ 30 and FZ 35 have not yet been around quite as long, but both are already success stories. Learn more about these mature classics among the Portal Milling Machines from Zimmermann. Applications Advantages Technical details Milling heads Technical data CNC Portal Milling Machines FZ 30 FZ 35 | Zimmerma

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FZ 30 and FZ 35 Portal Milling Machines guarantee maximum efficiency The FZ 30 and FZ 35 Portal Milling Machines are the economical solution for a vast variety of tasks. For finishing, and with the FZ 35 even roughing of steel and cast alloys, light alloys and plastics, these machines can be used for all types of materials*. This model range satisfies the sector-specific requirements of many industries. n pattern and mold making for machining patterns, molds, I injection-molding dies and sheet-metal forming tools in all their variety. Outstanding capacity utilization, because different...

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The advantages of a remarkable design Dust-proof bellows on the Y- and Z-axes, Telescopic steel covers on the X-axis Reinforced cross-section of the Z-axis with larger cross-slide plate Reinforced portal, greater stability for extreme accuracy and fast machining Fourth generation milling head: Milling Head VH 20 for the FZ 30 Portal Milling Machine Milling Head VH 30 for the FZ 35 Portal Milling Machine The FZ 30, the best-selling Portal Milling Machine, with its versatile concept can be adapted precisely to your task. A vast variety of options for almost every conceivable application round...

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Modularity The FZ 30 and the FZ 35 are highly variable and individually adaptable both from the point of view of work area sizes, and also regarding accessories and equipment such as extraction and coolant systems, chip conveyors, toolchangers etc. . Measuring systems The three linear axes, X, Y and Z, have direct Heidenhain length measuring systems. The measuring systems are pressurized to protect them against dirt. The A and C swivel axes are equipped with high-resolution angular measuring systems. Worktable The worktable is securely anchored to the foundation, so that a clamped work­...

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Drives The FZ 30 U E FZ 35 are HARMONIC and W O R M TORQ MOTOR D R I V E D equipped for simultaneousR I V E 5-axis machining; and are driKopfantriebe ven on both sides on floor level slideways. As standard the X-, Y- and Z-axes have highprecision, preloaded, recirculating roller slideway bearings. Power transmission is by means of ground ballscrews. The slideways, drive and measuring systems for the Y- and Z-axes are protected against dirt by dustproof bellows, while the X-axis has telescopic steel covers as standard. Ballscrews Control systems The classic N E A R F I X The FZ 30T and FZ 35...

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VH 20 – the newly developed 2-axis Milling Head The VH 20 Milling Head sets new standards. In order to implement the idea of a universal Portal Milling Machine for large material removal volumes with a wide choice of working areas on all axes, a new milling head has been developed. The VH 20 combines high torque with high rotation speeds of up to 360°/s around the A- and C-axes. The A-axis drive employs dual torque motors with electronic HARMONIC forAbacklashA elimination. A R F I X E D pre-load B L L R C K & L I N E The TORQUE W O R M MOTOR D R I V I V E S C R E C-axis EhasDaRdirect...

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For pattern and mold makers who also machine steel and cast alloys on a daily basis, Zimmermann developed the FZ 35. In addition to the positive capabilities of the FZ 30, the FZ 35 is equipped with a reinforced portal and an enlarged crosssection on the Z-axis. The combination with the high-torque VH 30 Milling Head is a big advantage when taking roughing cuts on steel and cast alloys. Depending on the materials to be machined, Zimmermann offers the optimum machine concept. The Zimmermann Competence Team will be pleased to advise you. Daily routine machining in % Especially stable design...

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Milling spindle Working ranges X-axis Y-axis Z-axis Table size Length Width Height Table load T-slots (longitudinal) Pitch of T-slots Power S1 max. (100 % duty cycle) Torque S1 max. (100 % duty cycle) Speed max. Constant power Tool holder Swivel axis – spindle nose Tool clamping Tool release Lubrication HSK 63 A HSK 63 A 286 mm 301 mm spring clamp spring clamp hydraulic hydraulic permanent permanent grease lubri. ➃ grease lubri. ➃ Feed drives Feed rate on X-, Y-, and Z-axes Acceleration on linear axes ➂ Coolant supply Minimum-quantity lubrication Air blowing Both external Both external and...

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Equipment options Dimensions FZ 30 height 4075 – 5400 mm FZ 35 height 4950 – 5 880 mm Simultaneous A-axis Simultaneous C-axis A-, C-axis clamping Control cabinet air conditioning Enclosure Minimum quantity lubrication Toolchanger 15, 30 positions or more Measuring probe Tool measurement Chip conveyors Z-axis 1 000 – 1 500 mm Extraction systems Clamping devices Option All dimensions given are examples for the FZ 30 and FZ 35 in the minimum or maximum sizes realized to date. CNC Portal Milling Machines FZ 

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