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F-Tool stainless precision CentroClamp


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F-Tool stainless precision CentroClamp - 1

F-Tool stainless precision CentroClampManual precision centric-vise in stainless steel. Suitable for WEDM and EDM applications as well as milling. Adaptable for different interfaces (FTool PowerPlate/Erowa ITS/3R Macro/FTool Pin Palette FT 01792 * Assembled, aligned and centered

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F-Tool stainless precision CentroClamp - 2

FTool stainless precision CentroClamp Technical Specifications 80 Combination examples FT 02358 in combination with ER-Chuck 80 (FT 01043) and adapter plate ITS 50 (FT 02359) or adapter plate PowerPlate (FT 02360) FT 02359 mounted on Square Block Index-Table 80 (FT 01791) FT 02358 mounted on adapter plate ITS 50 (FT 02359) and ER-Chuck (02110) in Wire-EDM-Machine

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