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EDM tooling Wire - EDM tooling FT 00414 - Version 01.15 / English Clamping Solutions Innova t i ve Tooling S olutions

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F-Tool EDM tooling system F - Too l d e l i ve rs yo u fro m n ow o n pre f abr ic at e d b lank elect rodes and budg e t line EDM tooli ng sys t e ms of h ig h q u a l it y. EROWA EDM licence products EROWA link FT 01044 FT 01335 *H-link = compatible with Hirschmann *3R-link = compatible with 3R

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F-Tool WEDM tooling system Presetting and control outside the machine Palletisation of the work pieces Simple, handy manipulation and transfer into the machine. Clamped fast in reference position. F-Tool ruler set The F-Tool ruler set is an economic basis equipment for all wire EDM machines with basis zero table and hole pattern 50 mm M8. The set contains: 2 x FT 01349 FT basic ruler 230 mm / 2 x FT 01350 FT front spanner / 1 x FT 01352 FT corner set 85 / 2 x FT 01376 stopper / 2 x FT 01457 Spacer Plate 100 x 29 x 3 mm, with 2 x hole Ø 9 mm / 2 x FT 01947 FTool Spacer plate 60 x 29 x h3 mm...

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F-Tool clamping solutions Strong Design Convincing technology F-Tool Zero Point System (ZPS) Your partner All flyers and catalogues are just one click» away. Visit us at F - To o l I n t er n a t i o n a l AG • Be t t e nwe g 12 • C H - 6233 Bü ro n LU • S witzer land • Te l . +41 (0)62 739 00 30 • Fax +41 (0)62 739 00 39 • E -Mail: • M e m ber of t h e E ROWA G ro u p

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