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EDM tooling FT 00311 - Version 04.15 / English Innovat i ve Tooling S olutions

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F-Tool EDM tooling system F - Too l d e l i ve rs yo u fro m n ow o n pre f abr ic at e d b lank elect rodes and budg e t line EDM tooli ng sys t e ms of h ig h q u a l it y. EROWA EDM licence products p. 5-6 EROWA link *H-link = compatible with Hirschmann *3R-link = compatible with 3R

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EDM tooling - 3

F-Tool Sets F-Tool EDM BeautyCase ERC-50 The EDM BeautyCase ERC-50 is an ideal, economic starter set for the EDM machining. The chuck ERC-50 can be used as a quill chuck or for the production of electrodes. The set contains: 2x FT 02110 ER-Chuck 50 / FT 02107 universal adapter plate with flush connection / 2 x FT 01073 chucking spigot / 2x FT 02139 prisround / 2x FT 02143 uniholder / misc. skrews and keys Article no. FT 02120 Article FTool EDM BeautyCase ERC-50 FTool EDM ER-StarterSet ER80 The set contains: 2 x FT 01043 ER chuck 80P / FT 01336 Adapter plate 120 x 82 mm chuck 80/PIN chuck /...

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EDM tooling - 4

F-Tool EDM basis equipment - EROWA link Square block Accurate grinded square block, rustless, for the assembling of one or two ER chuck 80P (FT 01043), chuck 80 IF3R (FT 01044) or PIN center chuck (FT 01716) in vertical or horizontal position. For the application with brackets on divers tooling machines. Spindle height at horizontal installation of the chuck: 75 mm Article no. FT 01483 Article Square block chuck 80/PIN chuck F-Tool ER-Chuck 50 ITS chuck system size 50, manual, corrosion-resistant. Fixing with 4 x M8, hole pattern 44 mm, from back side or with 4 x M6 with stud bolts and...

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EDM tooling - 5

EROWA Link F-Tool gets the point The new F - Tool AL U holder s are an economic alternative for clam ping electrode blank s. To clam p t he electrode blank s centric even more comfor t able, we of fer as s t andar d electrode holder s for t hree dif ferent shaf t sizes and two dif ferent slot widt hs. . The s pecial advant ag es for t he F - Tool AL U holder s are: - Ver y economic - Low weight, ver y easy in handling and tr ans por t - For t he manual or aut omatic application wit h our wit hout EWIS chip - Soil-resis ting and trouble-free, conical formed suppor ting foots Conical formed...

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EDM tooling - 6

EROWA link Prisround ALU 20mm Version: Square 21.0 mm milled. Including 2 stud bolts. Fixed stop X, Y from the centre 7.5 +/- 0,05 mm. Clamping depth 19 mm, Fixed stop hZ = 22 +/- 0.05 mm. Application: To mount electrodes and work pieces with a shank size of less than 20 mm. To fit blank: Insert and tighten setscrews. If necessary, center with spacer plate FT 01092. Article Prisround ALU 20mm without EWIS preparation Prisround ALU 20mm with EWIS preparation Quantity Set of 10 pieces Set of 10 pieces Delivered without chucking spigots. Prisround ALU 25mm Version: Square 26.0 mm milled....

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EDM tooling - 7

EROWA link FTool ER-plate EWIS made of stainless steel This adapter plate is overwinded parallel in the system and provides an insertion of electrodes, work pieces and appliances. Made of stainless steel. Hole distance with 2 x M6 screws: 40 mm Article no. Article Quantity Weight Code FT 01435 FTool ER-plate EWIS Set of 10 pieces 4.50 kg A Collet chuck holder with EROWA interface Specification: Parameter EROWA ITS 50 or on 3R basis element. Application: For collet chucks ETS32. Collet chuck Look at p. 21. Article no. FT 01085 Article FTool collet chuck holder ETS32 / EWIS Delivered with...

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EDM tooling - 8

F-Tool holder with EROWA interface Electrode holder, equipped with the repeat accurate ITS centering plate 50, assembled on the premium, stainless high-grade steel-basis plate. Incl. aluminium application for the shaft collet of divers diameters. Adapted for clamping of copper- and graphite blanks and for high-precision handling of electrodes in the ITS clamping system and for the following application on the EDM plant. The length of H = 66 mm has the advantage of an optimal sight when setting up and that shorter electrodes can be inserted, so the barrel chuck doesn‘t dip into the...

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EDM tooling - 9

F-Tool EDM basis equipment - IF3R F-Tool chuck 80 IF3R Manual chuck made by F-Tool for 3R collet. Stainless. Strong, floating gripping mechanism. Clamping force by hand with Allen key: 5‘000 - 8‘000 N Article no. FT 01044 Article FTool chuck 80 IF3R Quantity 1 piece 1 piece → Delivered with miscellaneous screw material and Allen key EDM adapter plate (details on page 3) Article no. FT 01236 FT 01829 Article EDM adapter plate Ø 110 mm chuck 80/PIN chuck EDM adapter plate Ø 110 mm without hole pattern Ø 96 mm Adapter plate (details on page 3) Article no. FT 01336 Article Adapter plate 120 x...

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EDM tooling - 10

F-Tool EDM basis equipment - IF3R F-Tool basic plate IF3R The F-Tool basic plates IF3R made by F-Tool are standard adapters for miscellaneous collets or for the direct clamping of electrode blanks. The reference slot for the IF3R chucks is produced in high-precision. Material: rustless steel Hole pattern: 6 x Ø 6.5 mm on reference circle diameter 40 mm Article no. Article Quantity FT 01135 FTool basic plate IF3R Set of 10 pieces Delivered without spigots. Recommended spigots, according to chuck: FT 01223 / FT 01224 / FT 01225 tighten and turn back 1/4 of rotation Collet chuck holder with...

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EDM tooling - 11

F-Tool EDM basis equipment - IF3R Electrode holder Brazen electrode holder with hole pattern 4 x M6 on pitch circle 40 mm. For the assembling of IF3R reference elements. Article no. FT 01912 FT 01913 Article Uniholder 20 D40 M6 with slot width 20 mm Prisround 25 D40 M6 with opening 25 x 25 mm Quantity 1 piece 1 piece F-Tool EDM basis equipment - IF-Hirschmann 50 Brass holder IF-H F-Tool brass holder for the collet of square blanks 15. Compatible with chucks of the system Hirschmann. Article no. FT 01999 Article Square 25 Brass holder IF-H Brass holder IF-H F-Tool brass holder for the collet...

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EDM tooling - 12

F-Tool UniClamp The F-Tool UniClamp reduces the consumption of electrode material Si m p l y sa w t he g r aphi te, clam p i t i nt o t he U ni Cl a m p , m a ch in e a n d erod e. Al l F - To o l U niCl a m p are from A li ke ali gnm ent t o Z l ike Z-s u p p or t id en t ica l . E l ect rod es ca n b e rem oved f ro m t h e U niC l a m p a nd re-clam ped i n reference posit ion . T h e s h or t cl a m p in g h eig h t red u ces t h e con s u m p t ion o f e l e c tro d e ma te ria l . L ess se t-up time , l ess consum p ti on of electrode m a t er ia l , l es s cos t s accurate alignment...

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