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Table of Contents The company The team The manufacturing plant Our experience and know-how Design methods Main materials and coatings Actuation and control units Production range Applications Our customers Air Valves Needle Valves Fixed Cone Valves Submerged Vertical Sleeve Valves Double Flanged Sleeve Valves Ball and Spherical Valves Non-return Axial Valves Gates, Penstocks and Stoplogs Multijet Rotative Valves Other valves Additional services Worldwide for over 45 years

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Initially producing air valves for water pipelines in pressure, we expanded our production to include non-return valves for pumping stations and hydraulic systems. Then we started producing large energy-dissipating valves for hydraulic power plants and discharge and butterfly valves for dams. Our manufacturing knowledge and expertise is reinforced by the deep understanding of cavitation and vibration phenomena. This engineering know-how led us to the design and manufacture of more durable and efficient valves. With increasing global demands for special applications, Nencini plays an...

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The team The success of Nencini would not have been possible without the dedications of all our team members. We are especially proud of our technical and production department consisting of highly qualified engineers, managers and skilled workers with high integrity. Our strength lies in the engineering know-how, in working with European materials while putting great emphasize on quality. The manufacturing plant • office area of 450 m2 • workshop area of 3100 m2 The workshop is equipped with vertical lathes, drilling and boring machines, welding machines with submerged arc and rotating...

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Design methods Our experience and know-how Research and Development is an important part of the company strategy and we pride ourselves in our ability to provide you with modern and effective design solutions. Depending on your needs, our engineers will work with you to design the right valves for your specific situation. We collaborate and exchange knowledge with the most important Italian and leading University Hydraulic laboratories all over the world. Ensuring absolute quality to our products, we carry out tests on all our valves, both installed on site and on prototypes. The FEM...

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• ductile cast iron • cast carbon steel • aluminium bronze • stainless steel (standard types, duplex and super duplex) • structural steel • special alloys (Inconel, Monel, etc.) • standard painting applications, FBE lining, Halar lining (in compliance with worldwide water authorities for potable, sea or raw water) • other on demand.

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Actuation and control units Depending on the technical needs of the project, together with our valves we supply several types of actuators : manual / gearbox electric actuators / gearbox servomotors, with or without counterweight hydraulic servomotors other on demand In addition to the above, we design and supply the full control system, composing of an electric control panel and when required, a PLC. Great importance is given to the process Control Philosophy of our customers. Every requirement and constraint are taken into consideration in order to design a system that Electric actuation...

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Our customers • engineering companies • construction companies • general contractors • designers of water mains • designers of hydraulic turbines • pump manufacturers, etc.

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We take pride in making good, efficient and reliable valves. That's our job, we like it and we know how to do it. Because we treasure our own experience, we develop, and progress to offer you the peace of mind. Trust that your project will be analysed carefully, and that we will come back to you with the best proposal in term of efficiency, price/quality ratio, easy operation and maintenance. A company who cares. Results guaranteed when you choose us.

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Air Valves We engineer and produce several kinds of air valves, based on different operating principles: • air release valves • vacuum breakers • combination air valves. Functions : • draw out the airwhen the main pipe is Filling • allow air into the pipe, breaking the vacuum forming while the pipe is emptying • release the air normally trapped into the water during operation • avoid damaging surges and water hammer (valves with anti slam device). Available for raw, potable, sea and sewage water. Customization on demand.

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Combination air valves (Al-Br) DN 200 ASME/ANSI 150 Saudi Arabia Vacuum breakers (Al-Br) DN 300 ASME/ANSI 150 Saudi Arabia ■Vs®v>av.v.vav.v. V,.V-■■ 1‘lliiEL M+ll|iM,*l '//..I ■ ■ rr' iV<vvr j,¥-    I ■v.v.w.wav. ■,,    <

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Needle Valves Pressure/Row control valves. Main features : significant reduction in turbulence, vibration and noise fine regulation of the entire range of Row, made possible by the customized trim high precision in the Row control high rangeability.

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Stainless Steel needle valves bodies DN 200 After partial machining in our workshop Needle valve : detail of special anti-cavitation trim

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The discharge of the Row is controlled by the movement of the sleeve of the valve against the fixed cone. The fixed cone valve discharges the raw water of dams to free air, chamber or underwater level. This valve is especially suitable to dissipate very high energy without any cavitation when discharge is made into free air. In the case when the water is discharged into chamber or underwater, Nencini is capable of designing the stilling pool or basin which are of primary importance for the effectiveness of the discharging and dissipation system.

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