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SCHULE – Your Competent Partner for Rice Processing Technology - 12 Pages

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SCHULE – Your Competent Partner for Rice Processing Technology

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Machinery, plants, also on turnkey basis for processing grain and pulses

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2 The famous inventor, F. H. SCHULE was granted Patent No. 77,786 in 1892 for a Table Separator for use in the rice-milling industry where it proved highly successful. Since then, the SCHULE Paddy Separator is the most popular item of all our equipment programme. Our policy of continuous development and improvement of our product ensures our position as one of Cover picture: Cut out from an oil painting on linen, Denge 1973 SCHULE is a member of the KAHL-Group the foremost companies for the manufacture and processing machinery grains and pulses. All our machinery is manufactured accordance...

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Paddy Cargo White rice Scope of Supply Cleaning, Selection Cleaning Machine GTR, Dry Stoner ST Shelling, Separation Rubber Roll Sheller SH A Verticone/S. Conical Shelling Machine for Cereals and Pulses Separation High-Capacity Closed Circuit Husk Separator HUS 1260 Separation Compartment-type table separator Whitening, Polishing VERTICONE VPC, Rice Polishing Machine RPM Rice Polishing Machine RPM W Grading, Sifting Plansifter PLS, Indented Cylinder Unit, Centrifugal Sifting Machine WSM Examples of SCHULE plants installed worldwide Address

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Our pilot plant is at our customers disposal for at any time Pilot hydrothermal cooking. The cooking permits treatment to ¡ Oat mills as well as machinery for processing of barley, millet, sorghum, pepper and pulses ¡ Plants for production of baby food, instant food, special flours of rice and oat ¡ Plants for hydrothermal treatment of rice (parboiled), grain and pulses ¡ World-wide service and agents 4

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Sectional view of the GTR Cleaner GTR ¡ Support and aspiration chamber all-steel design ¡ Feed roll for uniform product feeding ¡ Effective pre- and post-cleaning aspiration system ¡ Optional working screening system ¡ Adjustment of screen inclination is possible ¡ Robust and quiet running eccentric drive Dry Stoner ST High-capacity machine for separating heavy particles, such as stones, lumps of soil, mud balls etc. ¡ Suction-type system with vacuum deck ¡ Precise adjustment of air volume ¡ Automatic feeding ¡ Air-cushioned separation table with inclination adjustment ¡ Easy-change screen...

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6 Highest operational reliability ensured by patented gravity actuated control, exclusively pneumatically operated ¡ Patented linear slide for movable rubber roll ¡ Intensive cooling of rubber rolls by two fans ¡ Shelling and drive section as separate units ¡ Patented double v-belt drive maintaining proper belt tensioning throughout the range of roll position ¡ High husking capacity and shelling degree with lowest amount of brokens Rubber Roll Sheller SH A Verticone/S Conical Shelling Machine for Cereals and Pulses ¡ To control the shelling of cereals ¡ Pre shelling in flour mills ¡...

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The HUS 1260 operates exclusively on the closed circuit system. Additional aspiration systems are not required. Husk and light grains are separated from the paddy-cargo mixture: ¡ High degree of separation ¡ Robust all-steel construction ¡ New separating chamber concept ¡ Cross-current fan working over the whole aspiration width ¡ Illuminated separating chamber for observation of separation The HUS 1260 is employed whenever light and heavy particles are to be separated HUS 1260 Soyabeans Field beans Moong dall Cocoabeans Wildrice Barley Urid dall Red lentils (raw product) Red lentils (final...

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8 Compartment-type table separator TH3 of precision separation machines. Compartment-type Table Separator TH3 The new design achieves a better separation effect with a high capacity. ¡ All-steel design ¡ New design of feeding trough ¡ Direct drop channels with large cross sectional area, uniform loading of the individual compartments ¡ Three-point stroke adjustment ¡ Fine adjustment of table inclination ¡ Speed regulation by frequency converter ¡ Precise longitudinal table guide ensuring smooth running ¡ Compartment section in torsionfree construction, mainly in stainless steel ¡ Feed...

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Rice Polishing Machine RPM Rice Polishing Machine RPM W The RPM is available as a dry as well as a water polishing machine. A combination of both is possible ¡ Horizontal, working chamber ¡ High-pressure blower to enhance the bran removal and cooling the product. ¡ The water polisher RPM W is supplied with the water atomising system, which ensures a uniform moistening of the product. Polishing Machine The Verticone operates with abrasive conical whitening discs. The whitening effect is influenced due to the adjustable gap distance between the stones and sieves and by the adjustment of the...

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10 applications. For sorting of: ¡ Whole kernels ¡ Mixture (whole kernels + big brokens) ¡ Small brokens ¡ Tips / flour Different screen boxes depending on capacity, product and sorting. Plansifter PLS Indented Cylinder Unit Length grading is performed on indented cylinders with a high degree of precision. They are available as single or multiple cylinder units. The cylinders are made out of special steel plates with pressedin- pockets. Centrifugal Sifting Machine WSM They are widely used for the separation of powdery from granular material as well as control sieves. ¡ Quiet running ¡...

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Continuous Parboiling Plants in Greece (Large and small capacity) Verticone in a Rice Mill in Spain Verticone in a Durum / Hard Wheat Mill in Italy

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F. H. SCHULE MÜHLENBAU GmbH Dieselstraße 5-9 D- 21465 Reinbek / Hamburg Phone: +49 (0)40 7 27 71 - 0 Fax: +49 (0)40 7 27 71 - 710 schule@amandus-kahl-group. www.schulefood. facilities Reinbek Hamburg. The the comprises 40,000 including built- production and building, abt. AMANDUS KAHL GmbH & Co. KG Complete production plants for the feed, -food, nutrient and cereal processing industries NEUHAUS NEOTEC Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH Production of coffee/cocoa handling roasting plants and individual coffee processing machines F. H. SCHULE MÜHLENBAU GmbH Production of plants and machines for...

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