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VERTICONE VPC 320 (patented) Conical Shelling Machine for Cereals and Beans Vertical shelling from top to bottom. The Verticone VPC operates with abrasive conical discs with air-feed openings in between. The small diameter of the conical shelling rotor is placed at the top, right underneath feeding section while the big diameter is placed at the bottom, before the outlet section. The product is conveyed to the machine by a vertical feeding pipeline. A conical distributor within the round inlet bin devides the product uniformly to the feeding worm which feeds the product into the shelling chamber. The counterpressure disc which is adjustable connected by three springs in the outlet section causes an uniform filling ratio and uniform pressure within the entire working chamber. This ensures a gentle and uniform shelling of the product. Air cools the product during the shelling procedure and supports the discharge of the husk. The husk is removed by a separate aspiration system. The shelling degree is influenced by the following parameters: Throughput capacity per hour Gap adjustment between stones and sieves Position of the brakes Counterpressure disc 1. Inlet slide 2. Inlet 3. Distributor 4. Feeding worm 5. Conical shelling silicate discs 6. Air-feed openings 7. Sieves 8. Counterpressure disc 9. Outlet 10. Aspiration 11. Main drive motor 12. Gap adjustment motor 13. Ventilator with motor 14. Air pipe 15. Air inlet

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■ New conical milling concept ■ Abrasive silicate discs ■ Diameter of discs 225 - 330 mm ■ Low speed on top for gentle starting ■ Variable gap-setting enabled by adjusting the height of the shelling rotor ■ New outlet design to avoid high pressure to the cereals Shelling rotor Technical Data Capacity Motor Capacity Air Capacity Required Net Gross Volume Refenrence of Ventilator aspiration Weight Weight Wheat Barley Soy- Main Ventilator beans Drive We reserve the right to deviate from illustrations and data as improvements are constantly being made....

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