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Drum Groat Cutter TGS


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Drum Groat Cutter TGS - 1

■ Higher capacity ■ Newly designed precision knife basket without shims ■ Rapid change of the knives ■ Longer service life of the knives ■ Without shims! ■ More uniform cutting pattern of the grain kernels ■ Less cutting flour ■ Optimum aspiration ■ Fully enclosed design (encapsulated)

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Drum Groat Cutter TGS - 2

With proceeding development of breakfast and particularly oat products, both baby flakes and quickcooking flakes are becoming increasingly important. For this purpose, uniform and precisely cut grain kernels are required. The SCHULE drum groat cutter meets the high requirements. Operating Mode Via a continuously adjustable vibrating channel, the grain is fed into two perforated drums made of stainless steel which are mounted on a horizontal shaft. Buckets arranged in the drums ensure uniform distribution of the product to be cut. Excess quantities and oversizes are discharged by means of an...

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