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Complete Plants for Oat Processing


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Complete Plants for Oat Processing - 1

Machines, Plants, and Turn-key Factories for Cereals and Legumes Processing Complete Plants for Oat Processing SCHULE – your competent partner in oat processing, from raw oats to finished oat flakes SCHULE service: ■ Planning ■ Engineering ■ Development ■ Production ■ Assembly ■ Commissioning ■ Automatic PLC process control and visualization ■ After-sales-service SCHULE delivery programme: ■ Husking plants for all cereals ■ Hydrothermal plants ■ Turn-key plants for the milling industry SCHULE specialties: ■ Husking and whitening ■ Products for babyfood and the food industry All from one source. Made in Germany. F. H. SCHULE Mühlenbau GmbH This oat processing plant, delivered by F.H. SCHULE, has been in ope

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Complete Plants for Oat Processing - 2

Complete Plants for Oat Processing The machines and plants for oat processing developed by SCHULE deliver high-quality final products. The following types of flakes ■ flakes from whole kernels ■ oat flour ■ oats/muesli mixtures can be produced: ■ baby flakes ■ instant flakes ■ oat bran These types of flake can be enriched with liquid microcomponents such as vitamins, minerals, flavours, calcium and iron. SCHULE plants are characterized by their sturdy modular design, an energy efficient development, flexible application, ease of maintenance and very long service life. The following...

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