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Cleaning Machines - Destoner ST


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Cleaning Machines - Destoner ST - 1

heavy particles, such as stones, lumps of soil, mud balls, magnetic and non-magnetic metals

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Cleaning Machines - Destoner ST - 2

ST - 2 5 9.0 0.68 300 400 ST - 3 8 14.0 0.68 460 550 The ST Destoner is used to continuously eliminate stones and heavy fragments from a flow of granular product. The feed bin, with band-controlled dosage, allows the inlet of the granular product into the machine. The product, uniformly distributed by the vibration of the inclined selection table, is carried in suspension by an ascending current, generated by an external aspirator, which allows it to flow towards the lower part. The heavier parts, under the influence of the particular configuration of the selection sieve surface, move...

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