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EXAIR Mail Summer 2018

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Companies expect that these outdoor use primarily to protect against Automation Demands Cooling electronic components will windblown dust and rain, splashing water, As U.S. manufacturing continues and hose directed water. NEMA 4X function no matter the to provide a catalyst to our economy, enclosures offer the same protections surroundings and have little automation within our manufacturing patience - or down time available - as NEMA 4 with an added protection facilities continues to expand. The against corrosion by using corrosion to handle the costs associated electronic components necessary to with repairs and lost production. resistant stainless steel materials. automate our machines and processes Maintaining these NEMA ratings also require a cool, clean environment requires little more than installation to operate. The surroundings we typically through the cabinet's existing knockout. set these components in, however, subject them to high ambient temperatures, dirty Another unquestionable attribute ambient air, high humidity or wet and of our Cabinet Coolers is reliability. corrosive environments. It is obvious that With no moving parts to break down, electronics in these environments are the lifetime of these products can be vulnerable to over-heating and failure. 20+ years. Operators and personnel who Companies expect that these electronic have installed this type of cooler can rely components will function no matter the on consistent, low-maintenance cooling and surroundings and have little patience - or down stay focused on the priorities of their jobs. A time available - to handle the costs associated with source of clean air is required and most manufacturers repairs and lost production. Proper protection and cooling integrate the necessary compressed air filter into a cooler of these electronic components is paramount for maintaining system. Filters prevent any dirt or condensate from the a smooth operation. compressed air source from entering the cabinet. Cabinet Components themselves are also part of the problem because Cooler systems also provide a slight positive pressure within they release heat into the control cabinet as they operate, which an enclosure which aids in keeping dust, dirt and debris creates an internal heat load. External heat load is the second outside. A built in air exhaust designed into the coolers part of a heat problem. Many of these controls are placed in construction prevents any additional need for a vent. Vortex compressor rooms, near furnaces and ovens, outside in the sun, tube technology is not the same as heat exchanger technology in hot non-air-conditioned factories and other unfriendly and will not be affected by fluctuating ambient temperatures. locations which demand cooling. Vortex tube cabinet coolers are also very reliable with the temperatures they produce. A cooler system using a bi-metal Vortex Tube Cabinet Cooling contact thermostat has a typical tolerance of +/- 2°F. These Vortex tube based Cabinet Cooler® Systems thermostatically controlled systems are the most efficient provide a low cost, reliable way to cool and way to operate Cabinet Coolers. The thermostat will turn purge electronic cabinets. These coolers the cooler on and off only as needed to maintain a specific provide cold air from a source of compressed internal temperature. The internal temperature can be air and have no moving parts, which makes adjusted to decrease the amount of time a cooler will be them extremely reliable and low maintenance. running while still producing a comfortable temperature for These coolers can provide Btu/Hr capacities your electric components. When customers have seasonal heat up to 5600 BTU's per hour. problems, this cooling solution is noted for turning itself off Providing relief for your cabinets with EXAIR Cabinet Coolers in the cool winter months and turning on at the first sign of has significant advantages to combat today's heat producing summer, preventing those emergency heat related problems. electronics and harsh conditions. Cabinet Cooler systems Many facilities require something to cool down the are CE compliant and UL listed to maintain the existing NEMA integrity of your current enclosure. NEMA 12 coolers electronics within control cabinets. Vortex tube Cabinet Cooler systems are the choice for users who require are intended for indoor use primarily to provide a degree a fast solution, ease of installation, tight temperature of protection against dust, falling dirt, and dripping nontolerances, durability and reliability at a low cost. corrosive liquids. NEMA 4 coolers are intended for indoor or Corporation Manufacturing Intelligent Compressed Air® Products Since 1983 11510 Goldcoast Drive • Cincinnati, OH 45249-1621 • Phone (513) 671-3322 FAX (513) 671-3363 • E-mail: techelp@exair.com • www.exair.com

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Application Spotlight: Durable and efficient Safety Air Guns Application Goal: To find a more durable, more efficient Safety Air Gun for general clean-up use in a bakery. EXAIR products solve a variety of problems. Please call our Application Engineers at 1 (800) 903-9247 or e-mail them at techelp@exair.com for assistance with yours. The Problem: Existing air guns were failing frequently. Specifically, the trigger handle pins and extension pipes would break. The Solution: Although the primary concern was to get durable equipment that would hold up under their use, they were also curious as...

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