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Welding 4.0 – Multi-process MIG/MAG welding machine

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Welding 4.0 -Multi-process MIG/MAG welding machine 3 '“ // 5 Years transformer and rectifier ewm-warranty 3 shifts / 24 hours / 7 days 'For details visit vrww.ewm-group.com

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Titan XQ puls – Multi-process MIG/MAG welding machine Allow us to introduce: Titan XQ puls Welding 4.0 – the future of welding Conquer the new dimension welcome to the world of welding 4.0 by EWM. The future of professional welding is networked, digital and paperless. These are the challenges of “Industry 4.0” and every company must face these sooner or later. The EWM group delivers welding companies the ideal solution with the new Titan XQ puls multiprocess MIG/ MAG welding machine and the Welding 4.0 welding management system ewm Xnet 2.0 first-class future-proofability, for even more...

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Create paperless WPS -assign WPS to component parts and welders A Efficiently create WPS and conveniently assign from the office according to quality assurance Component management for efficient manufacturing step-by-step to perfection Minimised riskof welding defects thanks to conve-    '    ' nient and component-based allocation of WPS for each individual    ^ PM welding torch with graphic display information directly on the workpiece ■ Conveniently save time reading and acknowledging the current welding task according to the welding sequence plan via welding torch on the workpiece

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Titan XQ puls – Multi-process MIG/MAG welding machine, System overview System overview Contents Multiprocess MIG/MAG welding machine, Titan XQ puls ersions V Titan 350 XQ puls 350 A (100% DC) Titan 400 XQ puls 400 A (80% DC) Titan 500 XQ puls 500 A (80% DC) Titan 600 XQ puls 600 A (40% DC) ■ as or water cooled G ■ ith separate wire feeder W ■ mpact with integrated o wire feed drive eFeed ■ Titan Drive XQ wire feeder PM welding torches Standard and function torch with and without graphic display and LED illumination of the join area

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Practical, phased operation concept Innovative welding processes The optimum arc for every application MIG/MAG: ■ forceArc XQ / forceArc puls XQ – high-performance arc with deep penetration ■ wiredArc XQ / wiredArc puls XQ – high-performance arc with penetration stabilisation through dynamic wire feeding ■ rootArc XQ / rootArc puls XQ – for perfect root welding coldArc XQ / coldArc puls XQ – minimises heat for thin metal sheet welding ■ Positionweld – for positional welding ■ Pulsed XQ and standard XQ arc ■ Welding 4.0 – ewm Xnet 2.0 welding management system Options, accessories

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Titan XQ puls – Multi-process MIG/MAG welding machine, individually configurable Titan XQ puls – A perfect series Wishful thinking becomes reality Maximum operating convenience, long service life and all pulse, standard and innovative welding processes optimised and included in the machine at no extra charge. The members of the Titan XQ family are taking a quantum leap in welding technology. Here, perfect weld seams are already pre-programmed for low- and highalloy steels and aluminium in all material thicknesses and all positions. Titan XQ puls compact Thanks to the many options and...

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Titan XQ puls compact – with integrated eFeed wire feeder Consistently perfect results The Titan XQ puls compact, with its 350 A and 400 A models is ideal for welding booths, trade and training. In conjunction with the optional miniDrive intermediate drive, the action radius can be expanded to up to 30 m. Using our welding torch models with control function, you can operate the Titan XQ puls compact quite conveniently from your workplace. The integrated eFeed wire feeder increases operating convenience for every user and optimises results. Precise wire feeding has a positive effect on...

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Titan XQ puls – Multi-process MIG/MAG welding machine with mobile wire feeder Titan XQ puls – For even greater flexibility Ideal for demanding jobs If you are working on large components or in hard-toreach areas, the Titan XQ puls is the right welding machine for you. Its mobile wire feeder with integrated control gives you greater flexibility in application and range. This includes, for example, a wheel kit with large wheels, the heavy-duty set with a protective plate and stable crane suspension for even greater freedom of movement. With their wide range of options and accessories for the...

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Drive XQ – brings all functions to the workplace Wire feeder, available in three practical, phased control variants ■ More detailed information from page 16 ■ Protective cap – doesn’t give dirt a chance Protects the entire control system against contamination and knocks ■ Easy opening of the protective cap, even with gloves, thanks to its ergonomically shaped gripping surface ■ Option: Rotatable wire feeder Very practical handle Ergonomic design ■ For effortless gripping even with gloves and safe movement of the machine ■ The workpiece lead or torch hose package can be hung from the...

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Titan XQ puls – Multi-process MIG/MAG welding machine with two wire feeders Can be individually configured exactly to your needs Customised design: with or without gas cylinder holder for one or two cylinders, mains cable length up to 15 m, versions for two wire feeders and more. Option of two wire feeders – change welding tasks with no set-up time ■ Effortlessly change between two different wires and shielding gases, e.g. for welding solid and flux cored wires Safe crane transportation – levitation made easy ■ 4 rugged mounts (40 mm dia.) for easy hook-in or through connection of the crane...

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Gas cylinder holder on top – for a secure hold For single or double cylinders (optional) ■ Quick and easy securing of the shielding gas cylinder using straps with turnbuckles ■ Secure strain relief for intermediate hose packages using holders ■ Strain relief for intermediate hose package Gas cylinder holder for one shielding gas cylinder Gas cylinder holder at the bottom – a good position For single or double cylinders as standard Easy placement of the shielding gas cylinder thanks to the low, flat loading edge of the cylinder cart ■ ■ Torch cooling – large volume for great performance ■...

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